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  1. Home depot will have everything you need (you should have one in Toronto) with some good quality stuff. Although I'm failing to see why you'd need gigabit let alone 10gbit unless your running a pretty good size client/server network in a business or something.... You'd need some pretty heavy local network traffic to make use of that. Cat 6 is already future proofing enough. Otherwise check google maps or your phone book - you'd be surprised how many mom and pop network/business/electronics stores are around.
  2. Topic cleaned. Let's try not to use that word in every other sentence. <_<
  3. More intel chipsets means more money for intel... that's all it is... kinda bites.
  4. Cleaned. Let's stick to the topic at hand please <_<
  5. Allelujah heading out! Anyways - mine. Actually stole the wallpaper from a guy in this thread
  6. I've killed a faithful P4 3.2C removing the IHS... which removed the core with it Never actually had one die however.... and I've worked on all kinds of computers on and off the job. Usually motherboards, power supplies, HDDs, and supporting cards. Kind of funny that Intel and AMD can get 99% of their processors made up of hundreds of thousands of tiny transistors, if not millions, to last at least 15 years but motherboard and power supply manufacturers can't even properly build some relatively simple power circuits
  7. Since everyone else is doing it - the Ruger 22.
  8. Amazing pictures! I can't believe I missed this thread!
  9. Argh... curse corporate SyFy... If you liked Battlestar Galactica and it's ultra magnified MTV/VH1 pansy character struggle drama style then you'll like Stargate Battlestar Universe. Depressing Humorless Gloomy And maybe it's because I've always been around military but jeez... all the 'soldiers' are just insubordinate melodramatic sissies... I can't stand to watch it <_< Why!? I refuse to believe people would rather enjoy watching soap operas than SG1, farscape, firefly and shows of the like...
  10. http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Insur....aspx?gt1=33009 There's two videos so make sure you don't close the video out as the second one will follow. Anywho, the old Chevy crumpling was just crazy... would not want to be riding in that! And the Smart Car crash was to be expected - it had some airtime! Yeah it's physics but it's still pretty remarkable how undamaged the cabin is on that thing.
  11. What's the name of the mag? I've got a pair of 30 round ram-lines (aka jam-line) that won't feed worth anything and looking for something better lol
  12. I don't see you I've been sitting in top ten for awhile though... with only two machines
  13. I like to see individual topics anyways rather than open up a whole thread for "cute bunnies jumping around."
  14. romeo55

    xfx 9800gtx

    Yeah expect about 5000-6000 ppd... CUDA folding is great.
  15. nVidia CUDA folding rocks! 7k ppd with a 9800 and an e6700
  16. Scoped Ruger 10/22 with a bunch of mods for cheap shooting... always get belittled at the range - until I hit nail golf balls 100-125 yards out Mossberg 12 gauge Need to see if I can find a Mosin Nagant or an SKS for cheap at a gun show....
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    Did it freeze trying to open it?
  18. http://www.100mb.nl/ If you wantto see the whole thing you may want to zoom out (ctrl and -)
  19. Study a lot of the memorization type terminology... I'm bad at memorization and Net+ was a total pain for that unlike MCP/A+... which is pretty much common sense/trouble shooting.
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    More like non-fiery closed minded people.
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