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  1. Well if it's alright - I want to see a laptop with the OCC homepage displayed.
  2. Uhh, my camera can't take pictures that close... It's a 1965 quarter you can sort of see it in the last pic... can I get credit?
  3. Nice! So did the shop just replace all the body work?
  4. ^Is referring to a person who does not know it is hardnrg day.
  5. This thread took me a good 20 minutes to clean up and is one of the worst I've seen in a long while... Please make sure you understand Section I, Rule 2 any time you post on OCC: If someones makes what seems a useless post please just ignore them unless they are breaking a rule - in which case report them. It's that simple folks. If you decide you want to make completely inappropriate, rude, and immature then please refrain and post on some other forum - OCC will not tolerate such behavior. Thanks
  6. I does that for me sometimes (actually this morning). It'll take a few times for it to go through for some reason... I guess heavy traffic or something?
  7. I'll be getting a Filipino sun on my back here shortly It's been done to death but oh well.
  8. Yeah it's up to you - but I'd like it is a sign to be read by actual people from a distance - so 8.5x11 would be a good size. And yeah the first time I had a Guiness I hated it... but it grew on me and I like it now (except the price). No carbonation and it has a sort of roasted bitter taste to it. ... that and I enjoy watching my mates attempting to drink it
  9. No it's just AVG being a protective mother
  10. Coil whine And I find it's hard to pin point high pitched sounds (I know as I play remote mosquito sounds all the time in class and they can never find it )... the only place where a PC could emanate this from are (in order of greatest to least probability) PSU, Motherboard (around CPU area), GPU.
  11. Googled the IP and it looks like the source for an ad.
  12. Yeah I thought I rotated them but I guess I didn't and my name's up there I'm running low on all my drinks but it's normally stuffed full to keep the door open I want to see an OCC sign posted outside publicly somewhere IE: Front door, on a stick on your lawn etc.
  13. I want to see the inside of a refrigerator.
  14. I want to see a legit Windows OS disk (IE: XP/Vista/2000/98se/DOS).
  15. ^Must have transformed his e6600 into a Xeon by way of magic powers or Sagittaria has horribly bad memory.
  16. I just walked outside and I guess we do have some
  17. It's not as simple with solids (and I kinda doubt that locals will have anything other than ceramics or electrolytics) - they don't have much capacitance but they are much faster/reactant at filtering (ripple?)... You'd have to get find an equivalent spec solid cap and mail order it.
  18. Ouch, that's the first time I've seen solid state caps do that
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