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  1. Another plus for the new Ford Fusion - drove my buddies awhile ago and was completely shocked at how nice a drive it was! That thing has some guts for a car that size (it was the V6) and I dunno if it's only on the fusion but the dash/instrument panel is pretty darn cool... it's built pretty dang solid too... You know, that feeling you get when you sit in the car and start pulling/opening things and it actually feels substantial. He's a pretty big guy and he hasn't complained... I believe they make a hybrid version of it too... But I'm somewhat confused here as well - when you say sport do you mean compact? And the majority of even full size cars get at least 20 mpgs nowadays... Course, new cars like that aren't my thing... I can never imagine myself buying a car brand new or even a few years old like that. I can pick up a great used car for 5 grand.
  2. I know right and they also make suppressors for the thing! The FBI is going to grab a couple to test... Neat concept though, suppose you could stop a runaway car or something from a distance just by shooting at the engine or something.
  3. I've wanted an Anzio 20MM Rifle for awhile now ($9 a shell!)... for the sheer wow factor anyways. Isn't going to happen for awhile. I'll stick to my SKS for plinking... ammo's dirt cheap.
  4. Agreed @Slick: I dunno about you, but when RAM has issues it's usually: 1. Dead (which happens quite a bit, DOAs) 2. Working 3. Throwing up errors due to OCing the memory (which is thrown out in this case... unless the poster is inadvertently OCing by improperly setting his RAM). Mind you, I've never had an experience where memory would not run at what it was rated for.... Kingston has somewhat of a bad rep around enthusiasts only because they tend to be more focused on your typical pre-built consumers AKA high prices. And it's not like Kingston manufacturer the actual chips anyways, all the memory distributors use the same little ring of manufacturers... Hell I grabbed a corsair stick that still had the samsung sticker on the back... They all have their bad apples. It's easiest to blame the component than to double check correct settings. And based on what everything the original poster said, he has given no confirmation that he has manually set the memory in the first place other than it shows up as the standard JDEC settings...
  5. Oops, http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?sll=53.80065...993032&z=18
  6. Last I checked Cowboys got slaughtered, humiliated, trampled, KO'd by the Vikings... Vikings must've dipped there hands in molasses the way they were fumbling last game... and they still went into overtime. So meh, don't care for the Colts or the Aints.
  7. http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?sll=53.80065...888506&z=14
  8. Fairly sure your average PC pump would have issues moving the higher viscosity fluid... you'd probably have to find another heavier duty pump with appropriate fittings. And I wouldn't think it's worth it... may offer some more heat capacity/resistance.. but it sort of like adding a bigger battery to an over taxed car. Yeah it'll run longer but you're still going to outrun the rate you can recharge and run out of juice...
  9. You can grab the attackers IP easily enough... if it's not behind a proxy anyways. If the computer itself is *still* being attacked, there's all kinds of freeware that'll record all inbound/outbound connections. "Trace" the IP online and get the approximate location and ISP and send it off to the police and have them write that ISP. Most likely though... they're out of the country.
  10. As mentioned four times before - you'll need to manually set it and run a divider to allow the memory to run at a faster clock than the CPU. EPP and that auto crud does not work all the time. That motherboard (and most midrange gigabytes) tend to be pretty good about giving you some elbow room as far as your standard CPU/RAM controls... speeds, dividers, multipliers, voltages etc. So if you're saying you actually went into the BIOS and actually set RAM controls to manual and typed in 533 as an unlinked divider along with the corresponding latencies and voltage... then: A: Your motherboard is broke. B: You haven't done this correctly. Check your manual. ------- You didn't set the timings/speeds/voltages correctly and wouldn't post... running itself in a safe mode. I'm thinking the latter.
  11. Couldn't you run Linux on the early versions of the PS3? And he's just trying to break the new models?
  12. Depends on the AC, but with ~5% I'd say about 5. I stick to the so-called crud american ices normally... $10-11 a case .
  13. Marines... going to be a Tactical Network Specialist.
  14. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16824009125 No dead pixels, no scratches. Perfect. Leaving for the military and need fast cash. $180 shipped to continental US. Next cheapest monitor on the egg is $90 more.
  15. Seriously, how old are you? You have got to be younger than 14.
  16. If someone would like to restart this thread into a more civilized discussion instead of one that reeks of childish and ignorant remarks... be my guest.
  17. I started back in early october but I have such a big head and such a small body it looked kind of weird... so I quit
  18. haha at the skunk I er... "saw" a tailgater/reckless driver run off the road a couple weeks ago. I was calmly passing a semi going a little below the speedlimit and all I see behind me is the roof of a gray Hyundai Elantra so I let her pass... I don't get angered easily and she speeds off rather recklessly. Well some miles later (after watching her swerve every which way) I end up in front of her again (you know those people who switches lane every second to pass but end up picking the wrong lane anyways) and I decide to not switch over... due to er... mechanical difficulties (I'm in the left lane). And I tell myself "You know what I bet she'll try and pass both of us using the exit ramp off that exit." Lo and behold she does... and I calmly switch lanes to get in front of this camper van to "obey highway code"... just so happens that when I did this that she couldn't find a wayback on the highway and I guess was going too fast and panicked.... watched her in the rear view mirror run off the shoulder into the grass the wrongway around
  19. http://www.dmv.org/nc-north-carolina/suspended-license.php
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