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  1. what!!!!! I agree with PuckDragon, those should be fine.
  2. Ah, now I see what your saying . Correct me if i misunderstand, so your saying that if the source is DD encoded(IE: dvd movie) it will pass the raw encoded signal threw that Digital miniplug port to the speakers which will decode the signal into 5.1 surround DD. If the source data is NOT encoded it will just come up in regular 2 channal stereo(IE Games) which then I switch to analog surround. Now I see why i should blow $100 on the HDA Digital X-Mystique 7.1 Gold. Well sadly i doubt i'll be able to afford it within the next 3 or 4 months after i get the z5500. I have quick question tho, does it matter if I use the Audigy decoder and send signals through the analog cables or use the speakers decoder and bypass the Audigys decoder and send it digitally to the z-5500? or is the difference so small that it doesn't matter? Logitech doesn't no there own products
  3. Can you post some specs? Intel or AMD, dual channel, mobo, etc. TCCD chips tend to work better on a AMD platform and Amd is more sensitive to timings. On the other hand Intel isn't as sensitive(Dat why they use DDR2 even tho they have the worst timings in the world and amd didn't) but tend to like more bandwith. Try and get some ram with BH5 chips if you got intel (These overclock Great )or try and get some tccd chips with super low latencies for amd(lowest possible latnecies are 2-2-2-5) If you got amd system then that one there is good If you got Intel try these http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820218062 the twinmos chip overclock all the way up to 250 fsb(i know it say DDR 400) with timings of 2-2-2-5, these chips OC better with tighter timings
  4. Just found something on the Logitech forums that WILL allow you to have surround on digital output. Guess I won't need the really expensive hard to find HDA digital thing, well thanks anyway.
  5. I am about to blow some moolah on the Logitech z-5500(revised edition now uses speaker wire instead of RCA plugs) and I want to use it digitaly. But i noticed a very common problem to many peoples, this wire won't fit I know how to do all the settings and stuff but absolutly no where tells you how to hook it up. Help me Please.
  6. Just found this on the egg, XFX now has a 256 mb 6600GT. LinkNewegg. It says the ram is rated for 900mhz or 450mhz but I think they are rated for 2ns so we can OC to 1ghz+. Correct me if i'm wrong. I might just RMA my MSI 6600GT to get this one.
  7. I know i even found a mac 9800 pro for AGP pro...
  8. I'm just wondering what is agp pro, I've have it on my Asus P4c800-e and i've seen it on the Abit Max II.
  9. wow, at first i thought that was 03 but 10k in 05! I can only dream of scores that high Nvidias going to have a tough time against crossfire, in sli two 6800s run really hot and suck a humongous amount of power. Not to mention that Nvidia has to make a new driver for each and every single game for sli. In comparison the x800s don't use as much power and run cooler espicially the PEs. Go Ati!!!!
  10. I thought that noting would be bigger than my Cooler Master Hyper 6 but man thats overkill. Imagine if that were real.
  11. Alright thanks for the help
  12. I uploaded my case yesterday and its still not there
  13. Er, are you sure thats Celcuis, i think that is in fareiheit. If it is theres something wrong with temp. software or your HS is not seated right make sure you got some cpu grease on it . There is absolutly no way a semphron can do that when everything is working.
  14. Well i just wanted to see if i could OC my 9600 more and well... I fried it I got a spare vid card (9200 LE) in my comp now and now i can't play notin, I can't live without my games guess i'll order a 6600 GT from the egg then(Hey greg the x700 is pci-e and I got agp, i wish Ati made it for agp though), thx for the help
  15. Hey well someone posted that BF1942 needs more than 1 gb, they're right,i've seen bf1942 use more than my 1gb of ram at max settings, i can't even think about what BF2s going to hit. You don't want to lose Dual Channel(i'd say 3 sticks will do more damage than good), I say get another 2 sticks of 512 and make it 2gbs and get maximum bandwith between your Cpu and Memory if you got the moolah.(I'm not sure if this works with amd or not but i got 4x256s on my intel and that gives me a super 6.4gbs of bandwith )But if you don't your fine on just 2 512s if you plan to play it on med to high settings.
  16. Yes like Zigen said why not 512x2. The 1gb dimms have really really bad timings compared to smaller capacity dimms and also 1gb dimms are more expensive. Here is 2 512(=1gb) here This one has the same latencies(3-3-3) for less moolah or if you want somethin with even lower latencies click here They both are a better value than a single 1gb dimm.
  17. Well I need a new Agp vid card for my rig. My current vid card is a Ati 9600 pro 256 :angry2: and is just now cuttin it on new games like Half life, battlefront, and espicially Doom 3. I am leaning towards nvidia since Ati has a huge gap in their agp lineup (9800s then x800s). I am able to spend around $200. Two cards I'm looking are the xfx 6800nu and the MSI 6600 GT. If you have something better than these two please tell me. My specs are in my sig.
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