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  1. Staples, officemax, office depot all should have them in stock now because of the liquidation. Lexmark already got rid of that exclusive agreement. Though Lexmark isn't really promoting this too hard... guess they want people to buy more printers.
  2. The Cleveland 351 I'm assuming? Or the windsor?
  3. Congratulations guys :thumbs-up: Hardware Video/Monitor Help - ccokeman Cpu/Motherboard Help- roadrunner Modding/Case Help- hardnrg Software Help/Programming Help- markiemrboo Overclocking Help- roadrunner General Help- Verran Member Coolest Member- bosco Geekiest Geek- injijagwalaafq Most Bannable Member/Staff- l33t_p1mp Best Rookie Member- The Smith Most Committed/Dedicated OCC Member/Staff- bosco Best Spammer- l33t_p1mp Most Annoying Member/Staff- l33t_p1mp Funniest Member/Staff- hardnrg Worst User of English Language- abid Best Photoshopper/Graphics Designer- jammin Most Improved- thewacokid Best/Most Forum Pwned- bigred abid and QueenzPCFreak Best Political Debater- Verran and Loarmistead Best Gamer- krazyxazn Worst Gamer- Claymeow Overclocking Most Extreme Overclock- roadrunner Most Extreme Cooling- HitandRun Coolest Cooling Solution- The Smith Mods Best Case Mod- The Smith and Fueler Most Ghetto Mod- ben333 Best Avatar- hardnrg Best Sig- jammin and suchuwato Best User Title- Silverfox, Claymeow, suchuwato, and CompXpert Best Username- kingdingeling Coolest Rig- ccokeman Best All Around Member- hardnrg and bosco And here's this years insane free prizes courtesy of our very own Claymeow ! :thumbs-up: Please thank him, he literally went through hell to get them for you guys Please see the link to claim and ship them There is even some stuff for those who did not win too! >> Awesome prizes << As always, please comment in this thread. Thanks
  4. Yeah, those wireless ones need to be hooked up before they can be installed... then unhooked. I bet they did that so customers won't get mad when they open there box and find they need a cable to install their wireless printer... that'll be used for 5 minutes. And yeah, most standard printers haven't come with USB cables for ages.... not just Lexmark either. Stores make money off cables. Four wires, a sleeve, and some gold plated connectors = $20+. Though, I have yet to see a printer without some starter cartridges either.
  5. I'm awaiting the word on a few prizes
  6. NC doesn't have a specific length law... but my city does... 3" <_< I vote illegal unless you live out in the middle of nowhere. Check here for reference: http://www.handgunlaw.us/documents/USKnife.pdf
  7. I tried it just to have a set and marked routine and started the 3rd hard column... worked really well until I hit about week 3 where the number skyrocketed... and gave up.
  8. 96 Toyota Camry 5SFE "gas saver." Great condition for the age (75k!) but gets about 20 city 25 highway... Then there's the 96 Honda CMX250 w/ emgo turnouts, air horn (schweet), tach, and polluting 28mm carb off the 80s Rebel... also a 1972 Honda CB100 completely rebuilt with some modern electrics... still scary as hell with front drum brakes.
  9. I've been wanting to do the same thing myself honestly :thumbs-up: Paints already starting to come off my trunk anyways.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1UPMEmCqZo Cool :thumbs-up:
  11. We had the same laptop here at Circuit City and it was one of the most popular for awhile. No real complaints really. Don't know if it's a big deal for you, but it does have a full size number pad due to it's wide screen... you really only see those on the 17 inchers. Overall design is good and inline with the midrange HP laptop. Beautiful widescreen makes it long and not as bulky as the standard 15.4. It does have an HDMI port. Although I'm a wee bit mad that this model didn't come with a remote like the other slightly more expensive HPers. But most importantly... It comes with a 320gb HDD... in that price range, 250gb seems standard I've seen very few come back (unlike some other HP models cough cough TX1xxx/2xxx)... So it seems to be a very well rounded laptop.
  12. I've had one of these things for a little while. I actually bought it for mischievous purposes... but it was highly useful at work (Circuit City soon to work at Best Buy). At opening we literally have to power each TV one by one (climbing to get to the "second story" ones). With that thing I can stand and turn on an entire wall with a press of a button. Though, their were a few that I had to wait on slightly to power.
  13. PM me if you see something wrong.
  14. Go on and vote! Please comment in the main thread.
  15. Go on and vote! Please comment in the main thread.
  16. Sigh... Alright, due to the way the IPB polls are setup... I'll have to delete both topics and manually recopy them into new ones.... Give me another hour...
  17. Polls were reset. The coolest member category was consolidated due to the confusion. Again if I messed up, post here or shoot me a PM.
  18. Just an update. I do have life. In my haste I did not seat the main connector properly the first time (after which I gave up and walked off). Looks like the PSU took itself and only itself out, which makes sense... these things should have some sort of protection right? Anywho, it's no biggie. I'm just happy my stuff works. In all honesty it's probably my fault after reassembling it a couple years ago.
  19. Indeed it is the Etasis. I checked the inside of the connector (which is the mains) and it does not look like it sparked inside, seems to be on the outside - however, the component definitely feels scarred. Argh!
  20. Pretty self explanatory... Came home and hit the power button and... BZZZT! Tripped the circuit breaker and got a strong whiff of smoke. Smelled like it was coming from the PSU, so I ripped it open and found this. I'm not sure if it's from the connection or the component next to it (capacitor?) which does have some scaring. Anywho, hooked up a new PSU and I get nothing... crap. <_< I wonder how much damage this is... I know I'm out a motherboard at the very least.
  21. Alright, I'll delete and redo the polls again tomorrow night for fairness. I'll see what I'll do for the coolest member nominations as there were a number of posts with two staff members in a category purposely split to give non-staff members a chance. But I'm not wasting anymore time on it tonight - spent too much time sorting through all of it already
  22. I just went and double checked it - half the nominations were of staff not members (even when the STAFF category was right underneath it). If you see one specifically that I might've missed let me know.
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