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  1. If a drive returns bad data (and this does happen) your files are hosed even with duplication. True. This occurs with any RAID. I haven't tested it but the same company makes a program called DriveScanner. When paired, Drivepool will automatically "evacuate" drives throwing SMART errors and such. A complete catch-all? Probably not. But it's interesting. But regardless, the only traditional way around that I know of around this are some sort of backup.
  2. Other: DrivePool Combines any type/size drive into one drive pool (like JBOD). Except you can tack on more drives without having to rebuild the array or move data. You can also lose a drive and you only lose the data on that drive. If you want redudancy you can turn on file duplication (turns it into a RAID 1 basically) or run another program like flex or snapraid to turn one drive into a parity drive if you don't want to lose 50% of your space. Very Simple. Runs completely behind the scenes. But future expansion at the click of a button sold me. I'm too cheap to buy exact same size HDDs. See sig for the old/new HDDs I use for 5.5TB. Only con I can think of is that it only performs as fast as the one drive allows... but I'm not too interested in speed. 45-100MB/s is plenty fast for my needs.
  3. Sapphire HD7970 OC Has 3 months of use only which is why it looks new. It is a Sapphire RMA replacement and spent most of it's life sitting on my shelf. Was going to use as a 4th or 5th GPU on my folding farm but the heat was too bad and sold all but two. I kept this card with the intention of using it as a 2nd crossfire card but I just don't game enough to justify keeping it. Includes: Original Packaging/Box CD, manual, sticker, crossfire cable Has never been mined with. Has been folded on for about a month. Mild OC. This will be coming from an APO/FPO so it will take 7-14 days to get to you. Works great and just want to be up front with you. SOLD shipped to a USPS address only.
  4. "Waist" of money haha But that's a definitely a good point bluepanda, Nerm, and el_capitan! I've never factored in the "where." Definitely not looking for working for an upper level job at a big company in the short term.. or even mid-term I think. Honestly I don't think I'm even close to being ready for that. But you guys have been a huge help. Hard to get some good words of wisdom from people actual living that life outside of my social circle/area. It's scary transitioning between jobs and I've always had that nagging feeling I'd get stuck with tech support or something Definitely good to know not having a degree would be a career killer and some of the other paths of moving up. Think I'm going to try working for a small-medium company, gain some experience, and go for some upper level certs (CISSP perhaps) on my own, and work my way up from there. Thanks guys
  5. So I'm at a crossroads. My basic question is: If I've already got 5 years experience as a mid-level+ System Admin, is it really worth going back to school for 3-4 years for a Bachelors in IT? I'm aiming more for the management/business management of systems rather than programming or anything else. I see that I qualify for more than a few jobs with just the experience and no degree. I realize that I'd get more money for the same job with a degree but I'm not exactly in IT for the money alone... but would it really that detrimental to not have a "real" 4 year degree? Working full time and going for a degree on the side at a community college for long term employment gains is looking rather attractive. I do not enjoy school as a full time gig in the least nor going back at the age of 24+ especially if I can make almost the same amount now. If you're curious I have MCSA, Sec+, Net+ under my belt and soon to have CCNA. I also have a a wide skill base in VMWare ESX, NetApp FAS/SAN, Cisco IOS/Catalyst routers and switches, ACLs, network firewalls/proxies (ISA/TMG), Active Directory, GPOs, WSUS, SharePoint, basic Unix/Linux administration, several uncertified courses etc. With all that, I've got the references and the extraneous non-IT technical experience to back it up (good references/awards, customer service, fielding/emplacement, 200+ clients and what have you). I don't think I'm any slouch in the current job market..?
  6. Anyone play? Could get an OCC clan going
  7. romeo55

    Back Again

    Oh! And I was pleasantly surprised to see this
  8. romeo55

    Back Again

    The usual story. It's been a few years since I've really been active but I'm slowly getting drawn back into non-work related computers again. So figured I'd start this thread rather than drop out of nowhere
  9. 3 x HD7970s seems to have netted me about 350k at close to stock speeds. I've got a 4th waiting for a home on my shelf as well. The heap *nerdgasm*
  10. I've gotton a lot of different opinions from the non-computer dum dums just looking for work.. looking to get some other opinions from the non financially motived people. I've got the entry level A+, Net+, and Sec+ certs. I have the ability to go for CCNA.. But I've also got the upper tier MS server certs (particularly MCSE) available to me among others. What are some other mid-upper tier certs that you'd reccomend? I enjoy IOS and the MS domain server aspects pretty equally. Any advice on what to chase after?
  11. @ Slick: L67 H bodies are awesome cars... the ultimate sleepers for cheap. My uncle has a 97 SSEi... 370k mi on the original engine, rockers, mystery mods he won't tell me, and a built 65 HD. Runs high 13s. New belated pics of the Cobra. Supercharger to come...
  12. 98 Ford Mustang Cobra Pretty much stock minus some work on the LSD and your standard intake. I'll get some better pictures up tomorrow. Not the fastest thing in the world but it looks good and goes pretty darn good. I'll eventually throw a blower on it down the road once it's built up a bit.
  13. Dual layer DVDs are just like regular DVDs after they're written. Almost all movies or games are written on dual layer discs (8.5gb). Verify the space on the disc with my computer.
  14. Meh, valve says the same thing about Half Life 2 Episode 3... yet it's been almost three years since the release of the Orange Box. Yet they've released two L4Ds in that time.
  15. Actually I can vouch for the Ram... the Sports came with the 360 magnum (Correct me if I'm wrong)... yeah back in the day they had the most power in it's class out of the big 3 but god dang did it and the 318 have horrid horrid terrible mind shatteringly awful gas mileage lol
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