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  1. I'm looking for any old hdds you guys may have laying around in your computer graveyards. Anything 9gig or more, I just need a little cheap one to throw in this junk computer for my mum so she can get online. Let me know what you've got! Thanks
  2. Though I can't comment on the quality of Westinghouse products I can say you'll LOVE the widescreen! I can confidently say I'll never buy another full screen again... The only possible problem you'll have is that some older games don't fully support widescreen resolutions and consequently the games may be stretched. This wasn't an issue for me as all the Steam games (CS, CSS, HL2 etc), Everquest 2, and so on play fine, and the games that don't technically support it like BF2 still look great.
  3. MMORPG's I go with characters from my favorite literature, Male it's typically Ahoshta, Female Aravis
  4. The paint looks good! I really like the black on the inside... What I can recommend for ya is first and foremost clean that case up!! Buy some duster and get some of the dust out, wipe the rest out with cloths or what not but cleanliness goes a long ways Second, get rid of that loose grey wrap. Go to walmart and buy some simple wire loom, or even get some shrink wrap online and really work on hiding and wrapping all the wires you can Third, paint your drive fronts red or black or grey or whatever color you want and Lastly take DEC's advice and cover up that front fan with some classy material Keep up the good work
  5. Well I've decided the root of my troubles lie in the drivers, but the only ones I can find are from Diamonds site, and.. they suck I've read that the Detonator 6.31 Drivers work well with this card, but can't find a download for a set that old lol,... any help?
  6. I've got my 366mhz running all the time doing nothing.. would it be worth folding? haha
  7. Well I've decided it has to be the drivers, but the only ones I can find are from Diamonds site, and.. they suck I've read that the Detonator 6.31 Drivers work well with this card, but can't find a download for a set that old lol,... any help?
  8. Thanks for the help.. I've got the video to show now, it's just extremely laggy, the sound is the right speed the video just isn't keeping up I swear I've watched vids when I ran my 2mb onboard so I don't think the 16mb card should be a problem..maybe I'm wrong and yes I'm using win98se sorry
  9. Well I have a fresh format on my Amd K6-2 366, now shes on an 80gig seagate, 16mb pci viper card, with 256mb ram.. I got it running again so my mom could use ebay while I'm off to college with the main computer... as a side note I modded the case up real nice I'll have to get some pics later.. but the main problem I'm having is that I can't watch any movies or visual media All the drivers are current, and I know this system is hardly a beast but I figure it should be able to run a simple movie! I think my problem is that I can't find any media players, winamp, quicktime, divx etc that are supported by this old of a system.. Anyone with any ideas or input please help! thanks in advance
  10. Wow really good deal, I actually might have to grab one!
  11. I'm fairly confident, no I'm certain, you have no link between Kia and Acura. If you do, I'll slap myself. I hate to say it, but just like the computer world, the paintball world.. any other worlds I'm familiar with, a LOT of automobile problems are caused by the owner..
  12. 95 mustang gts, springs / shocks, ud pulllies, intake, sfc's, tri-ax, flowmaster catback, and a few other minor mods.. cant afford anything more right now but stop by Stangnet.com's forums and say hello!!
  13. Not exactly MY definition of style OR comfort but if you like it, I'm happy for ya.. feels good getting a new toy doesn't it! and because both kia and acura make suv's doesn't mean theyre the same at all? why would anyone think that?
  14. I've got a $15.00 shipped price range.. really bottlenecks things but please respond if you've got it, asap .. Thanks
  15. I'm scared to put my comp in tiny places! But I agree with the consensus that Boggs' setup is bearable
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