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  1. Hmmm I'm not sure...the computer is vacant other than 03, 05 and Norton Corporate Edition (off when tested). It scored 15,333 on its first run on 03. These are the free versions so I can't actually mess with many settings. I was playing with the GPU a little earlier and had it north of 500 and 1100 with varying degrees of success. I really haven't had a lot of time with it yet as today my girlfriend had an asthma attack during her morning shower...so that threw a wrench in my plan to sit in front of it all day. My last rig was scoring like 3500 in 05 so this is really great for me. :thumbs-up: edit: thx borg! good to know mine is in the ballpark it should be.
  2. Sorry to upset everyone...didn't realize I was violating the rules. In any event...system is up and running with no issues at all. XP doesn't seem to want to activate but I'll figure that out. First run completely stock on 3dmark 05 free: 7181 marks. I am happy.
  3. Bah...I was just saying what stepping I got. It's a shame people need to "Call others out" for nothing really. Anyways...spec is Opty 148 Abit KN8 Ultra xFx 7800gt Seagate Sata II 120gb 2gb G.Skill extreme I got it all together now...hoping my next post is from the other rig!
  4. Mobo, CPU, RAM all in...system powers up. So far so good! The suspense is killing me.
  5. http://www.samsung.com/Products/Monitor/LC...=Specifications I have that 21 inch LCD and I think the response is 25ms and I've been gaming on it for probably over a year now. The only time I notice anything annoying is when I pan the camera as fast as I can...then I get trails. But it almost looks like it does when you pan your head in real life, so its never bothered me. And uhhhh yah that was quite expensive when I bought it, and quite worth it I think.
  6. Decent gaming rig? I think your rig is better than about 95% of people who play PC games. Hell maybe more. I would guess it would be the huge textures (with the 2 gig req) that gets in the way. It would suck if it was just made crappy and won't run well on any machine. Looks pretty cool though.
  7. For sure...got some nice gains there!
  8. http://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merchant2/m...gory_Code=amdop I just bought that. $207 for a 3700, 148, whatever you want to call it seemed like the best deal to me.
  9. Just got my new chip and Mobo but don't have the cooler yet so no results. 148 is CACJE 0546 LOOKS LIKE HE'S GONNA BE A SOCCER PLAYER! Mobo is Abit KN8 Ultra looks like it will be good to work with, well made and actually decent manual etc...
  10. See my point wasn't that WE (people who are excited about their computer) can't game, or can't keep up with technology. My point is that the entire market has shifted TOWARD us. They are going to alienate people who just do not see the point in spending 200+ dollars just on the video card of a system. I'm not worried about me, I'm worried about companies looking out at the market who plays PC games and saying "Geez I dunno, not too many people are going to buy our game if we make it too bleeding edge." It will happen if the hardware market continues as it is going. I plan on playing DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online). The forums on the game has tons of people who are older and just have really minimal PC gaming experience. I can't tell you how many people how NO IDEA what cards, processors, ram whatever they need. Read this thread: http://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php?t...=computer+specs Look at the card Dell is telling him to get. I mean, people just don't have a clue, and when they get their new computer and the game runs like crap...bam, the PC is just a dang interweb box again. Years ago, you could log onto Gateway.com and buy a gaming computer and it would come with an FX5200 and you could run games fine and life would be good and it would be like $1000 (I know cause my roommate back then bought one). Now, their gaming computer STARTS AT $1200, COMES WITH 512MB RAM AND INTEGRATED GRAPHICS. Gaming on the PC has become a way for people to make a shedload* of money building for people who don't know shed* about computers. (* lol, moderated for language)
  11. Verran I swear you are the "best" poster on this site heh. I agree with most people in this thread who said PC has its own features. It just got me going when I ordered my new rig. My old one was a P4 2.4 6600gt 1gig combo and personally I think it was really starting to show its age when BF2 came out.
  12. First off, I have to start this off by saying I love PC gaming. I love PC's, I love the interweb and I always have. I remember the days of the bulletin board systems and 2400 baud modems. But, I have to say...gaming on the PC is slowly but surely being killed by the manufacturers. I always kind of saw it coming, but it has really gotten out of hand. I realized this two days ago when I put my order in for the parts to MY new rig. Here: Opty 148-$207 Abit KN8 Ultra-$99 xFx 7800gt-$299 Seagate Sata II 120gb-$89 2gb G.Skill extreme-$195 Asus CD/DVD RW-$49 Antec Sonata II w/450psu-$99 Asus X-Mars CPU cooler-$49 Ok. Now...this cost me a grand total of $1128 with shipping. I tried to pick and choose the best way to build a rig that would last me as long as possible and still keep me under $1100. In reality, the only parts I would NOT consider "budget" are the GPU, RAM, and CD/DVD player. I couldn't afford a Raptor, I couldn't afford a dual core CPU, I couldn't afford an AN8 or a better board from a different manufacturer...I had to skimp. Yes it's a nice computer now, but in probably 8 months it'll be a "good" rig and in probably a year it'll be nothing special. In a couple months one will be able to go out and buy an Xbox 360 for what is it? 399 I believe. 400 bucks. 400 bucks and I can play MORE games, in some cases BETTER games...and I can play them on a 52 inch tv instead of a 21 inch monitor. Hell I can pay like $600-$750 right now for one if I want to. And that system will be GOLDEN for what? 3 years most likely...maybe more? If I wait for a PS3 I will probably get a system that is even better. Parents these days are not buying their kids super rigs to play games on high res...they are buying them consoles. I go to the mall, I come home with Xbox, I buy games, I don't have to worry for a long time. There are less and less people growing up PC gaming and in the end it is going to kill it. Lets face it, PC gaming was at it's peak probably shortly after Everquest came out...late 90s early 00s when people had money and ebay had big money Everquest toons out the butt. People could buy the rigs, buy the cards etc...Now, top end video cards come out at LIKE $750. WTF IS THAT? And not only that, the high end cards (think 7800gt) are STILL selling for MORE THAN THE GPU. That is crazy...they are making waaaay too much at the expense of the entire PC gaming world. Not only that, but what most people consider to be the best card they can actually buy (7800gt) can't even play games on the highest setting and the best resolutions! World of Warcraft did a lot more for gaming than people realize. It brought people back to the PC...even the "cool" kids were/are playing an MMO. The PvP brings the punks, the PvE brings the old schoolers...life is good. It plays well on a decent card and a low-mid end system. But people get bored and the number of people will no doubt start to decline as people get tired of the same ole deal. More may still join up...but I see it being less successful than Everquest was in terms of longevity. Why? Because EQ was the first MMO for like 95% of the people playing. I mean, the game kind of sucked....lets be for real....it was the people aspect that kept people there. Now there are so many other games and ways to interact...it's just different. So the 7800gtx is out now...$750. Good deal. I know it's for the top 1% but the fact is...every new card gets more and more expensive. They need to watch out before console goes right ahead and pulls the market out from under their feet. I want more people to play on the PC. I don't mind spending the money on a new computer...I know what I am doing, what I am getting. I just think it's getting to the point where they are going to shut entire generations out because it just makes more sense for them to buy a console. I also feel it's only going to get worse as ATI and Nvidia continue to pump out big money cards while consoles provide a bang for your buck that is 10x what PCs are giving right now. Ok I'm done. I'm not even sure where that all came from...it's just what's in my head right now. My case and my ram/hd/dvd just got here so I'm going to check it out.
  13. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814150108 That's the card you want...not the one that is commonly called the "Black" xFx. You want the green one. The black one has been known to have phantom issues with it, probably has something to do with the molex connection in place of the pci-e...which is more stable. It does come with a full version of FarCry, and 2 other crap games. As far as the fan running 100% issues...it is a common 7800gt problem...you can go to evga.com or whatever it is and read about people with it there too.
  14. So I just ordered an Opty 148 from Monarch (OEM $207, not bad) and I grabbed one of these because well I dunno, I liked the name of it. Muaha...anyone ever seen one? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835193002 http://www.asus.com.tw/products.aspx?l1=16...599&modelmenu=1 I guess we'll see.
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