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    P4C 3.06Ghz
    Corsair PC3200Pt Dual DDR400 512
    A9550GE 128MB Display
    Creative Audigy LS
    Abit AI7 865PE Mobo
    Cooler Master Hyper 48 Heat Sink
    80GB SATA Drive Barracuda
    120mm Suction and Exhaust Fan
    2xFan PSU
  1. will u do 120USD plus DHL to Malaysia? if u r willing then the money is in ur account within the week.....but u gotta come back to me soon....got not much time....
  2. thats another issue....something happened yesterday which made me think that it might actually be a problem with the amount of amps going into the card... since i installed the card i get a lot of garble right..and this is with the power supply plugged in....yesterday however, i forgot at one point of time to install the cable and therefore the display was a lot more worse than normal..... when i plugged the cable back in the there was some improvement...... just to update all u guys who have been so kind to reply to my query....i tried to plug the card into some1 else' pc and still the same probem occured....so ultimately i called the shop and also sapphire distributors and asked to RMA the card....since the shop gave me a one to one replacement for the card i had the card couriered yesterday evening...i should be able to receive a replacement by friday morning..... thank a lot guys....
  3. already took the whole thing apart and tried reinstalling it all and still i get the same crap out of it there is extremely good contact between the gpu and HSF...... am at the end of my wits right now..... i have never even used it.... just swapped the HSF and tried to start and thats the first thing i get..... what crap!!! could i really have shorted the gpu? even when i opened it up the original thermal paste was already all over the gpu....cleaned that up and applied AS5... come on guys.... i am desperate here... its a lot of money the card.... u know.... and i have on my table splinter cell pandora tomorrow waiting to be played....also star wars.... what the hell could the problem be? btw, if the core is damaged or the cards been shorted....can windows still continue booting coz i can see on the monitor that the comp is running and booting as usual but only the display is crappy....
  4. ok...i will try to do that but just for ur info the heatsink seems pretty cool to the touch and now that i think about it... the card does seem hot though... let me try this approach and see what happens....
  5. just tried it and things got worse.... now cannot see anything....all i get are vertical color stripes.... HELP ME!!!! i just tried plugging in my asus ati radeon 9550GE and it seems to work wonderfully... but y would'nt the radeon 9800 pro work? anything to do with the clock speed? or mobo bios maybe? or monitor setting?
  6. i really really need help here..... i just installed a new ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB 256 Byte card after replacing the stock HSF with a ThermalTake Giant III.... now when the computer boots, the display is garbled....everything looks corrupt.... already tried reseating the display card but no improvement at all can some1 plz help me out.... my monitor is Samsung SyncMaster 765MB with magicbright.... help plz....
  7. u some sort of engineer rabbit? u seem to have got the whole concept right.....and this is how even industrial coolers work....one primary cooler with an auxiliary cooler for support.....
  8. what slaver said is absolutely true....it never is a direct translation between rating of a pelt and the heat production from a CPU.....you have to consider heat losses and also the heat transfer coeeficient..... also the temperature of the water IS (exiting the CPU) going to be high....but its going to be about 2 to 3 degrees lower than that of the CPU temp....this is so since if the water is any hotter than the CPU its not going to remove heat but rather add on to it.....
  9. what do u mean by reseating fire? do i hve to like remove and reinstall the card or what? is that really the problem? or could something else be causing it the problem? any ideas ppl? hey!!! can some1 help here? either my question and problem was too flimsy to justify a response or most ppl have gone 2 sleep....ANYONE...someone.... help me out here willya....
  10. hi ppl.... how r u guys....i have a problem here for which i would like to have a quick solution without thinking too much about it..... just bought a Sapphire ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB 256Byte card..... dumped the stock HSF and threw in a brand new ThermalTake Giant III after applying a generous coating of Arctic Silver 5 everywhere i should....(followed the instruction to the letter for the first time in my life.... ) problem is.... i fix everything in and then proceed with the grand finale of switch on of the cpu..... asndijsndjdvdjivnenjn the dislpay shows me a lot of garble and garbage and nothing else.... system continues to boot regularly like it didnt have a care in the world..... but on the display there is only crap and more crap...... maybe something wrong with cycle time of the monitor? but the monitor is relatively new (about a year at the max) 17" either Samsung Syncmaster or Philips monitor.....sorry guys really dozy now and dont remember that well..... what could be the problem? can someone help? any ideas ppl?
  11. seems like i really cannot get a pci express card can i? i am so sad.....what can i do? listen guys i dont mind forking out more money...but what is the best agp card available in the market currently? and from who? any ideas ppl ok....just realized that for 100 usd u cant even buy peanuts let alone tickets to a movie....i am revising investment costs to between 200 to 300 usd....what cards should i be looking at guys? dont tell my gf...she'll fry my butt on the sizzling p4....
  12. well.... i sure didnt know whether my mobo has a pci express slot though i was thinking that i might have some prbs with that thorny issue..... anyway, my pc specs are as follows; P4 3.06GHz Pressie @ 3.3GHz Corsair PC3200CPT DDR400 Dual 2x256MB Abit AI7 865PE Mobo Asus A9550GE 128MB Creative Audigy LS 80GB Barracuda SATA 7200 Hyper 48 Cooler Master HSF 2 x 120mm ThermalTake Smart Case Fan (Front In Rear Out) let me know soon guys b4 u all fall asleep...i need some answers fast to get started and do some of my own research... any ideas ppl
  13. hi ppl.... just looking for some opinions here.....i have a Asus A9550GE 128MB DDR display currently...i am in the process of trying to overclock it and have downloaded the drivers from omegadrives and also ATitool.... but then i am sitting down and wondering about it all..... y overclock this card? every1 seems to say that this is one lousy piece of work...and guess i made a mistake when i bought it... frankly speaking i would love to make it up to my lady.... what i wanna know is... which is the better card? an Ati or Nvidia (i have used both and found the Ati better) especially for PCI Express.... and which manufacturer? Asus?Sapphire? Leadtek? my budget is about 100 to 200 USD....but i am willing to up the budget a bit more provided i can get a dang good card for the money... my requirement is the card must be danged good in terms of capabilities and i can still find it in the market after 6 mths....and more importantly the card must be overclockable..... already system running at 3.3 instead of intended 3.0 and will be pushing to 3.8 before the end of the week.... can any1 advise? any ideas ppl
  14. i am guessing that your system cooling is out.....asus has always made good boards which should last well to the edge....however, your msi boards are generally quite good.... but take it from me man, paying good dough after good dough is not the smartest thing to do....just stick to what u have and most importantly improve your temps.... what sorta HSF you have now? and what sorta temp u getting? make sure u install at least a 92mm fan on the suction front of casing and the same as exhaust fan at the rear.... that itself should do wonders.... i feel that you should be able to easily hit at least 3.8 to 3.9GHz.... dont forget the thermal paste though.... any ideas ppl
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