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    Mobo: MSI MS-6712
    Chipset : VIA KT400
    CPU : AMD Athlon XP 2600+ Thoroughbred A @ 2088.1
    RAM : Kingston DDR-SDRAM 512 PC2700

    Its cheap, but it works...
  1. Yeah i suppose it does, Scotlands cool but as with every country there are the minority groups who ruin it. I dont wanna single myself out with a SOO maybe ill go BOO/SOO
  2. Hello guys thanks for the welcomes... Never played the bagpipes im not full of hot air!! BOO or SOO?? whatcha think!?!?
  3. I usually only really play Counter strike, havent made the move to source yet because im too cheap to buy HL2! I played C&C general to its death before, have yet to play it online, i get the feeling id get owned thou! :S
  4. Hello guys an thanks for the welcome! Ill put a BOO in my sig someplace... I see some of you have replied to my CPU query, its much appreciated! Its funny how i spend 4 years at university doing an honours degree in computer science and do they teach you ANYTHING about hardware? do they heck! Aww well, self taught stuff is usually best anyways! Tony
  5. Hello guys and thanks for the quick responses. Theres alot of ideas there and im quite liking them. Ive got a cheap PSU to go with my cheap system and i recon it causes alot of hot air. Im defo going to check if i have the latest bios. i will also reseat my heatsink and fan. The fans ive got seem pretty decent and theyr only just new so im kinda edging away from buying new ones. Heres the fans ive got.. ( i believe they work at 34cfm) My casefans Ok ive aquired some new thermal paste now. i know my heatsink has one of those pad things on it, should i take that off or just add more paste ontop?! :S And if i should take it off whats the best way? sand? or can i just scrape i off?! :S also does anybody have an idea of the ideal operating temps for this CPU?? thanks again Tony
  6. Hello all. Apologies if this has been covered before, ive search on both the whole internet and this site and couldnt find what im looking for. Heres my set up... CPU: AMD Athlon XP thoroughbred 2600+ @ 2088.1MHz FSB 167, Bus speed 334.1, Mobo: MSI MS-6712 Chipset: VIA KT400 Mem: Kingston DDR-SDRAM 512 PC2700 (166MHz) I know its not the most expensive set up, but it suits me fine! Now my problem is that my CPU Temp and Case Temp both seem quite high.. CPU @ 55C and Case @ 33C, (both at idle/low load) I have two antec 80mm case fans, one sucks cold air in(front of case), the other hot air out(back of case). I cant see my Heatsink and fan type, but they both look way bigger than necessary! Just wonder if anyone can confirm that these temps are too high or if they are correct or whatever?! Sorry for the long winded post but i thought id give u guys/gals as much info as possible! Thanks in advance Tony
  7. Hello Just thought id come say hi, there seems to be alot of american/canadian users on this forum. Just wondered if there was any brits or indeed scots! B:) Cheers... Tony
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