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  1. Okay, then thats probably the issue...thanks a bunch, I'll let you know if it works.
  2. Ah, sorry, forgot to mention that yes, I have a winfast 6800 gt with a molex connector. I did not unplug the connector but I suppose it could have come loose. I will check that out one more time after I get back from work, but I thought it was in place. Any other ideas as to what might cause this issue? Oh, and with your 6800 gt, did you get the same symptoms? Thanks for the quick reply.
  3. Okay, yesterday I got my SI-97A for my athlon xp 2600+ mobile that I have overclocked on an abit nf7-s v2 mobo. I have 1 gig of corsair xms ddr 400. I install the heatsink with artic silver 5, and go by the instructions exactly. Installation seemed to work out, and I put the shim on correctly (with teh "up" stamp facing up and towards the raised plastic portion of the chip mount). Put the fan on properly and everything, and the heatsink is in contact with the chip I am sure of this. So I go to boot up, and I get a loud beep. Loud and long and it keeps going. It doesn't shut off, so I don't think its due to a cpu issue (I thought one long beep and shut off was the code for an improperly installed cpu). It stays turned on but keeps beeping (just one long beep that doesn't stop) and no image on the monitor comes up. I checked the code for this on the nf7 and it seems that its because of improperly installed ddr ram. At least that is what I found on google, correct me if I"m wrong. I didn't even touch the ram and it worked fine before I installed the heatsink. Just to be sure i took out one of the sticks and put it back in snuggly and the other one felt just as snug. Still the same long beep. Any ideas as to what is causing this? Or anything further I can do to diagnose the problem. Thank you for your help, this is really frustrating.
  4. thank you! duno why I didn't find it on sidewinder...:-\
  5. know where I can find a theralright SI-97? I've been looking everywhere
  6. Okay, so I have an athlon xp 2600+ mobile on a abit nf7-s v2 running at 176 fsb x 13 multi. Right now I have a dr. thermal extreme heatsink with a tornado fan that is just way too loud for me. I'm looking for a quiet air cooling soluting that provides aggressive performance. I was thinking the Aerocool HT-101, but does anyone know of the most effective heatsink for socket A athlon xp's that would allow me to run a quieter fan? Thanks!
  7. okay, well I did switch teh memory and now its running in dual channel mode, but I didn't get a chance to flash the bios. So I guess first off I'll try it at 200 x 10 now and see if that'll run...thanks.
  8. Excellent, thanks so much... I will try this out tonight and will let you know how it works out
  9. that would be much appreciated (CPC off is another version of the abit bios or another provider's bios...?)
  10. Like the title says, I have a question with overclocking an Athlon 2600+ Mobile on an abit nf7-s v2 motherboard. I cannot get windows to even boot past about 185mhz FSB. Right now I'm using 176mhz with a 13x multi at 1.75 vcore to get 2.3ghz, but I'm trying to get to 2.5 with at least a 200mhz fsb. I just realized something though: I had put my memory in dimm slots 1 and 2, and to get it to enter dual channel mode I need to use dimm slots 3 and 2 (or 1). So I'm gona try switching the memory around tonight and see what I can do. My question is will this help me get a higher FSB though (putting the memory where it should be, ie/ so it will enter dual channel mode and use the 128 bit controller)? Here are my specs: ABIT NF7-S V2 mobo AMD Athlon XP 2600+ mobile 1gig corsair XMS dual channel DDR400 memory winfast a400 6800 GT 256mb @ 401/1100 western digital 7200 rpm SATA 120gig hd Antec 420 watt psu thanks all...
  11. interesting, because I have it at 133 x 14 right now and it runs. and I can get it to 15 x 133 for stock speeds. I thought the whole idea with the 2600 Mobile was that it was factory unlocked. I duno though.
  12. Okay, so I just finally got windows xp pro up on this machine after building it and reformatting my new SATA HD and having it reject my cd key like 15 times :-\. Annnyway, I'm trying to OC my athlon 2600+ mobile to 2.5 ghz and get it stable around there and I have a few questions before I start. First off, here are my system specs: ABIT NF7-s v2 motherboard athlon XP 2600+ mobile processor Dr. Thermal Extreme heatsink/tornado fan w/ artic silver 5 1 gig pc2700 ddr (2x512) 120 gig western digital SATA drive etc. My first question, will my overclock be extremely inhibited by my ram? I've heard of people getting 2.5 ghz without problems with similar setups and pc2700, but I'm not sure if I should go with some corsair XMS ddr 400 (what I'm considering buying in the near future). On that note, I have the general idea of overclocking by dropping the multiplier and stepping up the fsb gradually (right now its at 15 multi with 133 fsb to get stock speeds, but for some reason it goes back to 600 mhz when I restart and says "cpu changed/check settings in [bios chip settings menu, whatever its called]"...any clue as to whats up with that?). I hear 200 fsb with a 12.5x multiplier is a common oc for 2600 M's, so thats what I"m shooting for. What I'm not sure about is messing with the memory timings. When and how would I have to adjust those? (I didn't see too much in the oc faq, but if I find it I'll edit this out.). I'm just trying to get an idea of what to expect and how I should start to go about overclocking this thing. At any rate, I think I'm gona set the multi to 12.5 and start the fsb at 166 and go up from there, sound like a good start? btw, an nvidia system utility came with the mobo, is it any good or should I use something else/do it from the bios? Thanks all for your help and patience in advance, I'm new to OCing...
  13. ASUS nf7-s v2 is just as good as the DFI's for these chips from what I hear, thats what I am using to build my xp 2600 Mobile machine
  14. http://forums.overclockersclub.com/How_To_...ard-t41725.html there ya go, enjoy
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