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  1. Me and a few of my zombie pals have decided to dabble around in the commands for bf1942: accidentally, we banned a few...er....ALOT of my friends. any idea of how to unban them? I only seem to pop up whem I'm in trouble....: Mr Black Cat
  2. I need a game (preferably a fps) That doesn't need to be verified online. Call me a noob, but I just can't find any good ones. please help.
  3. did i ever say it has to be agp? Oops. My Bad: Mr Black Cat
  4. simple question: is there that much of a difference between gddr2 and gddr3? My budget only extends to $230, and i was curious if 512mb ggdr2 is that different than 512mb gddr3. my friend is rambling on to me right now, as i write this, about how much better it is. adios: mr black cat
  5. well, yet another dillemma has arisen: what power supply to buy? here are the links. please help! 680 watt echo star 550 watt power up
  6. My friend says that the diablotek 6800 is better than the 8800. Of course, i don't believe it. help? mbc: mbc
  7. Great. just the feedback I needed! But I would like to hear more, i'd like to take a majority on this.I'll be setting up a poll. Holy polls, batman! Mr Black Cat
  8. I'm in a bit of a pickle; I want to buy a new video card, but i've found two of them with great stats. One choise is the {BFG GeForce 7600 GS OC / 512MB GDDR2 / AGP 8x / DVI / VGA / TV Out / Video Card} and the other is the {XFX GeForce 7600 GS / 512MB GDDR2 / AGP 8x / DVI / VGA / HDTV / Video Card}. Personally, the choice isn't gonna make that much of a difference, but i wanted to see if you guys have any preferences.....
  9. Well, from what psycho active is posting, it seems that old school is a matter of when you were born. He must be in his thirties or sumthin. anyway, old school still rox. alot. and the sad part is, when our kids are playing ut2k4, they'll call it old school. Freaky....: Mr Black Cat
  10. I know alot of people here play some old school games, and I don't mean pong. I'm talkin' old Half-life, Half Life's OP-Force, and CS original. I LOVE old-school games. To me, they're whay better than any other games, save for UT2K4....which rox. Old school games don't get enough respect anymore. Just curious: what's your favorite old-scool game? No school like it: Mr Black Cat
  11. Everyone says it's pronounced POWN!!!!! why!?!?!! just cuz someone hit the p instead of the o in wow, now everyone thinks the o is part of the pronunciation.it's pawn. thatnk you. Catch ya later: Mr Black Cat
  12. Lo Siento! I will get the pics if i can, i have a friend of a friend. Pics may come soon: Mr Black Cat
  13. I have no digi cam. sad, huh? i'm planning on getting one come june, but it is a long time to wait for pics....sorry for the incovenience! Blabber blab blab: Mr Black Cat
  14. Anyone remember awhile back when i need to know how to paint a case? Found an easiewr solution, A spray paint called fusion. Went on sale at wal-mart, and i bought a few cans, thinking that eventually it would become yet again out of my financial reach (thanks to the latest purchases i just made ..). I took it home and went to work, and 15 minutes later, i have a beautiful case! high gloss black, actually! Now to the people who will say: "it'll chip!" it doesn't. I mean, after alot of wear and tear, it might, but so far, it hasn't. after i finished painting it, i dropped it and thought i was gonna die from the untold scratchy damage! But nope, not one scratch. It says somethinbg about bonding on a molecular level. i doubt it. but won't question what works. Nice to be back: Mr Black Cat
  15. first, I waannasay i'm sorry to nagash. So: sorry for yelling, i thought you typed the name of a nothercard, so my bad. secondly, Rellly? no difference at all? wow. Well, i guess i'll stick to the 128mb thing. cheaper and same perormance. Grazi!: Mr Black Cat
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