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  1. i seriously thought that windows wasnt going to let me have a network so i named my computers; PC1 and PC2.... Incredibly, somehow it worked. and the names never changed. At least i got creative and used numbers ok!! unlike those that used "server, computer, laptop"!!
  2. i'm studing at uni atm. one of my modules on my course is "visual communication". i've been taught that there IS colours that complement each other! basically, you need a "colour wheel" you've probably seen this before but didnt know the reasoning behind it.. as in it's title it is a wheel with all the colours we can see. colour wheel there is things known as "complementary colours" these are colours that are completely opposite of eachother on the wheel, you will get some amazing effects. hope this helps. search more on "colour wheel", "complementary colours" etc.
  3. keeping wild animals as pet is illegal in UK. if there an indangered species.. EVEN MORE SO! lol i think you can in japan... wouldnt suprise me... they love animals, especially small ones because of the whole "cuteness" craze.
  4. ok. thanks for replies! so nobody thinks that the Sis chip can be oc'ed? nooooo lol.
  5. this is my first non-amd rig; p4 prescott 530 3.0ghz MSI MS-7082 (Sis 661FX chipset) 2 gig's ram @400 ddr ok i had an AMD before and it was a piece of cake to OC. i did it in windows with some progs. this time i cannot change anything in BIOS even tho i've updated to latest version (all voltages are locked). is there progs to use in windows for my hardware?? or, do i have to go the hard way and flash the bios with an altered bios version by "some dodgy geezer" also i dont want comments about for good/bad my rig is. i just want to know purely about oc-ing it. i know she can go further!!!
  6. LOTR trilogy are well made and interesting films but i still rate the book (original) much higher. all the detail is in the book!
  7. you can get a nice tweat program for firefox called "firetune" you should check that out too.
  8. thanks for your replies. well i'm answer in order of post replies; LoArmistead: when it DOES boot and reads form CDROM it starts the XP setup succesfully but then before you get to choose to do some formatting it restarts with no explaination! then once it restarts it boots past the part where bios identifies HHDs the stops.. white flashing under score. CmpFreak88: i've tried resetting CMOS. i will admit here.. it's my first P4 and motherboard.. so i dont know EXACTLY what settings i should have enabled/disabled. is there some crucial ones?? it doesnt seem to be to disimilar to AMD bios settings. but if you could let me know of any, then i'll check them. CmpFreak88: it is not that new (only 4 months), but has run very successfully in an AMD rig. when SMART enabled it read as perfect. Mangar: i'm really sure it is not the hard disk! EXTRAS~ since my last post..... 1/ new error messages.. "CMOS checksum error defaults loaded" this i believe is due to a weak or empty battery. i have changed the battery, i dont see this anymore. 2/ "Missing operating system" when trying to boot after attempting XP setup CDROM it occasionally says this 3/ "internal setup has occured, could not find a place for swap file" this happed when trying to install win98 so.. some positives.. 1/put in a floopy drive, used a win98 boot disk, formatted 80gb hard drive. ran win98 setup very nearly sucessfully! untill i got loads of errors and illegal operations. like the ones you get when windows is actually running!! but this was the setup!! - says a lot about windows really.. well trying to keep a smile. but pretty fed-up. decided i am going to send it back the shop monday morning! but i'll carry out more work on it if anyone can suggest something! thanks again! EDIT:: problem solved. i guess persistence just payed off.... managed a half install of win98 but.. you wont believe this.. but (see the microsoft website for confirmation) win98 cannot support processors above 2.2 ghz!! LOL so it locked me out of windows. i decided to try another format of the HDD and another go at the XP disc.. then as luck would have it, it worked.. i dont know officially how i managed to solve this problem. but i did replace the motherboard battery at one point. well... 25th time lucky...
  9. rig: p4 3ghz MSI 661FM3 mtherboard (mirco ATX) 2 x 256 DDR RAM 2 x IDE drives (80 + 20) - NTFC on both and already windows installation on one Gforce 2 AGP 350 watt psu problem: set the bios to boot from CDROM, with XP disc in. starts the setup from CDROM, then just before you get to the screen that gives you options it restarts the comp and then instead of starting again and reading from CDROM it does nothing. (blank screen and flashing white underline character) possible solutions: faulty motherboard? other? HELP! other info: using a win 98 cd i used "fdisk" to discover that neither of my partitions on the IDE's were being identified. is this because 98 can't read NTFC or my bios wont read my IDE drives??? but i can see when bios reads that it identifies the names of the IDE drives. if someone could help me load win XP i would be very grateful. thanks!!
  10. i concurr (with the above).
  11. no recent computer incidents but i frizzled my amplifier (apporpriate terminology here: the sounds it made were definatly "fizzles") all smoke and sparks. quite spectacular actually! it was OCed with 6 speaker outputs in only 4 sockets~ was fun till i realised how much it was going to cost to replace it
  12. After following the guide, and when it said i should have enough chakra in my hands i pointed and opened my palms at the same time also shouting "RASENGAN!!" at my sister.... she laughed at me...
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