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  1. Saw that on one of the things on my Google homepage, so cool!
  2. If you have SBC, make sure you get the PPPoE settings right. Might want to call your ISP and talk to them about the correct router configuration.
  3. How can you judge Vista on its RC1 version? Last time I used Konfabulator on XP, it was running its own program for every widget, and parts of it were Java based (memory hog). Vista is much more polished now than it was then. I would say, if you haven't bought Vista yet, don't, prices will probably go down, stick with XP, but you're going to have to switch sooner or later, might as well learn how to use Vista the hard way so you understand it more...
  4. Why should it be your choice? Let her do what she wants, its really none of your business as long as she respects people around her. If she comes over to your house and lights up and no one smokes there, then you can talk to her, but what hat she does on her own time is her decision, show you care about her by telling her once, but don't pressure her about it.
  5. I've used 3gp converter before without any problems. Check out HoFo and see if they have any suggestions there: www.howardforums.com
  6. Norton Corporate is good, they used to use it at school, but its expensive because its corporate. AVG, NOD32, or Avast! are all good choices. I don't use a firewall so I don't really know what to suggest. ZoneAlarm annoys the hell out of me though .
  7. No that's not the problem, for sure. The Macbook says the battery isn't even plugged in. It won't detect the battery at all. And, when the battery reaches a full charge, there's a chip that cuts power to the battery to prevent something like overcharging it. I have no idea what to do, I tried booting into XP through BootCamp, and it won't see a battery either, so I'm starting to think this is hardware related. I was hoping maybe someone like Kashk would have a suggestion as to what I could do to fix it, or if the Apple store would help me even though I'm not actually the owner of the Macbook. Thanks so far
  8. 20 crashes sounds like a personal problem to me... I've had 0 in like 15 days.
  9. Only indent if its more than one line. Paragraphs should be indented. Little notes underneath images should not be. Center the notes underneath images to tie them to the centered image. Indent the things that stand alone from pictures, eg. the paragraphs.
  10. Please answer the "What kind of router do you have" question. Also, quit with FTP, its like jumping into the middle of an ocean when you've never swum. And you want the spectators to tell you how to swim instead of trying to do it on your own. What you need to do: Get the program to keep your domain/IP info updated. Do it through your DynDNS provider. Make sure it works. Ping/Tracert your domain name from a comp. Make sure it goes to your real IP address. That's all DynDNS names are are redirects. Try something simple, eg. UltraVNC, or RealVNC. Get that working. You do realize that those funny numbers like 21 or 5900 after the ":" are ports right? Get those working well. Then consider reading more about FTP. And MAYBE trying to work with an FTP server.
  11. You don't need a key to install Retail Vista. I'm doing the 30 day trial and I love it so far. Nothing illegal about downloading the Vista DVD, its using a key that's not yours. I got the DVD off the internet and burned it. Now I have like 13 or 14 days left on my trial. Hopefully some money will fall from the sky soon and I can buy it.
  12. So I've been thinking of getting a Macbook for a while, and my friend was leaving for Basic Training, I said hey, you won't need a notebook during USAF Bootcamp, let me borrow it. So fast forward a few weeks, I have it, I love it, and its cool to learn new things every day that OSX does. He bought the notebook back in June with his HS graduation money and soon after that developed RSS (Random Shutdown Syndrome), took it to the Mac store and they replaced the Mobo. Then it started happening again, and he just kind of dealt with it, and finally Apple released a firmware update that seemed to fix the problem. Back to the present. He leaves it on sleep mode all the time, sometimes for days on end, so I've been doing the same. Now though it won't detect the battery at all. I plugged it in overnight and the moment I unplugged it, it turns off. I was like what the heck so I plugged it back in and then turned it on, in the upper right hand corner where the battery power should be is a battery with an x in the middle, saying there is no battery. I hit the charge button on the battery and its one green blinking light. I tried taking the battery out and puttting it back in and nothing happens. I'm at a loss as to what to do, especially since this isn't mine. Can I take it to the Apple store (which is a 45 minute drive, one way) and they'll trade me batteries even though I don't have any warranty information, or is there a way to make it detect the battery? Please HELP! Thanks
  13. I didn't like homeschool very much, personally I would NOT recommend it. No problems with my school, I mean, looking at it realistically, their hands are tied, its the district and the state's problem... (I went back to public school)
  14. Will you please try doing some research, like at least visiting UltraVNC's website. Of course you have to install the server to your comp, and the client just runs from the EXE, no isntallation. Or you can go to a web address and access it through FF or IE. Download it and look at it, no spyware, and its on sourceforge. And don't tell anyone but I put myself on DMZ for simplicity and haven't had any real problems. A lot easier than opening up 50 different ports
  15. Like I said, I found UltraVNC to be great for file transfers. No ISP blocking or router issues since its not done through FTP. www.ultravnc.com
  16. Basically it goes like this: is your computer's INTERNAL IP address. This means that only if you are sitting at your machine, can you access it, if you are sitting at another computer, then will go to that computers internal IP. 192.168.0.xxx is a LOCAL IP. Local means that only people you are directly networked with (eg. through a router). 70.xxx.xxx.xxx (or anything else basically) is an external IP address. Whenever someone on your network (your mom, your brother, any computer really) goes to a website or plays a game, their IP is shown as that. That's the purpose of your router, it acts as a gateway, everyone on your network goes to the router and then online, and the router makes sure any traffic you generate goes between you, the router and the internet instead of sending it to the wrong machine. Scenario: Local IP is:; LAN IP is; External is DHCP is basically where the router gives you an IP address, so who ever connects to the router first may get, then person number two would get 101 and so on. You need to bypass DHCP on the router, so you want to give your computer an IP address, OUT of the DHCP range, something under 100 is good. So you would to to your TCP/IP settings under properties and fill in the boxes: IP: (Make sure the 3rd digit is the same as your old one, you should only have to change the last number); then Subnet should automatically fill in as; then Gateway would just be your router's IP, (or .0.1) Next you have to fill in DNS settings, just put your router's IP address for one of the boxes and that should work. Now go into your router and forward whatever ports the FTP (or VNC, or whatever) require to your computer's new, custom IP. Ok, when testing out any remote service, like FTP, or VNC (which is a good beginning step to learning about remote stuff). You first test your computer, or locally. So that's when would work. Then you go to another computer in your house and to test out your stuff you would use the IP If both those are working its time to test remotely, either writing down your external IP and going to your friends house and trying it really quickly, or signing up for a Dynamic DNS name, through someone like DynDNS.org or no-ip.org. From there, they will have you download a small program that can(?) run as a service and sit in your tray. This will periodically check your external IP and update it to reflect with your domain name. Basically it takes nan0click.dyndns.org and sends it to and if changed to, the DynDNS program would update your dyndns domain with that change. Also, from experience, I've had problems with FTP, either because of my WRT54G router, or because SBC/ATT is "t3h ." A solution is to use UltraVNC, it supports HTTP access and file transfers, both to and from. Its easy enough to set up too. A lot to read, and this is probably really jumbled too, but I was in the same boat as you once, and even now I frequently read stuff and I'm like whaaa? Good luck Oh yeah, what kind of router do you have? What kind of internet? Does your school do any filtering? They may block ports, be careful, don't break any rules
  17. I wouldn't say great, but I enjoyed it, it was fun to see with some friends, that's for sure.
  18. So do you do the coding by hand? Or just download modules and copy and paste them into your config then customize certain aspects? Its almost overwhelming, makes me want to just stick to the Windows Sidebar Ohh found something maybe, some kind of editor with a GUI... wow Overwhelming seems like an understatement, maybe I need sleep
  19. Southern Baptist? Down in the center of the Good Ol' Bible Belt
  20. Outcast was fun when you turned up the gore. I remember me and my friend would go to Best Buy and turn up realism or whatever, and just start chopping up Stormtroopers Academy rocked too, especially with that JK+ mod (or whatever) I hate RPG's as a rule, but KOTOR1/2 were great. Never got into BFII, but I've played it, and Shadows of the Empire was the only console SW Game I played, and that was the . back then. Looks cool, might be a good excuse for a 360 + HDTV after the summer
  21. The SI 120 is surprisingly lighter than what I thought it would be... My vote goes to that, easy to install too.
  22. I love my w810i, but since I'm with Cingular, I don't have any CDMA issues. What about switching carriers, then you can get a new phone for cheap a la w810i, debrand it and have an "unlocked" phone with all the features and be able to use the more common SIM based phones.
  23. I just use the UXTheme patch from neowin... Works great and takes no extra resources
  24. nan0click


    Grados and Sennheisers have two different sounds, some are for one type of people, and the other is for a different type. Grados are VERY open headphones, so they're really only good for private listening. Also, Grados are VERY accurate, so it will make any imperfections shine when you listen to music. Senn's have a good sound to them IMHO and I prefer them over Grados (I have my friends HD650 and RS-2 going through his Darkvoice THA336i Amp). I own a pair of 485's and they sound OK for what they're worth, but don't expect great sound from any $80 headphone, especially one that's only driven by an Audigy 2ZS
  25. After much soul-searching, sitting and deciding what I believe/don't believe, I think I have figured it out. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apathetic_agnosticism That's right, another religion topic. Can't really tell anyone else, my parents get pissed off whenever I say I'm agnostic and no one else knows what the hell that even means... I was a Christian, but I always felt left out from these "religious" experiences people at church had (and I was there twice on Sunday and every Wednesday). I came to the understanding about a year ago that it was all just an emotional experience. Ever listened to a sad song? It makes you sad. Ever listened to an upbeat song? You feel happy, call that song a praise song and its gotta be Jesus. And why aren't people more opened minded? Christians are told to be "fishers of men" and then told how EVIL non-believers are and how to "deal" with a non-believer like they're scum. Then I thought, where is God? I knew it could be a problem just with the church, but have I ever really seen anything God's done before? Nature? Possible to happen on its own, not really miraculous. Creation? Again, maybe we were that one in a trillion chance of happening by chance. What about walking on water or parting the Red Sea? Can't find real documented proof other than in the Bible. But I couldn't get my mind off of creation, it seemed like we were dumped here and left alone which spawned the whole Agnostic choice rather than an Atheistic choice. Than I had an epiphany, why does it matter? If there is a God and he doesn't care, why should we? If there is no God, why should we care? Most of man's basic values are still the same, but the Christian values have changed, dramatically. With a change in my core belief system, I had to then question my thoughts on "moral" issues, for example - homosexuality. I thought that was evil, and the people who were homosexuals were evil. I "knew" they were going to hell. But then I stopped, if the bible really doesn't hold the same weight it used to, what do I REALLY believe. The same applied to other aspects that govern a Christian's daily life. At long last I have found something explaining almost EXACTLY what I believe and I haven't felt this at ease with myself for over a year now, and let me tell you it feels good. Just wanted to put that out there, depressingly enough, I have to resort to posting online to a bunch of strangers to tell anyone, but I fell much better now. If you stumbled through that, congratulations
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