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  1. What are you eating, or just ate... Had a bowl of Braum's Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Now drinking some water...
  2. Check out any CompUSA's around your area, prices may be a bit more, but even with sales tax, they're closing discounts more than cover for that.
  3. Why did you shell out so much money for brand spanking new tech, DX10 specific GFX cards, and now you don't want to spend money on vista? Buy Home Premium, its not that bad, and neither is Vista in general, most of the hate is from beta testers and those who walk into Vista disliking it already. EDIT: And saying that its wrong to force people to upgrade to take advantage of newer technology?! What the heck? Basically I read your sentence as: they should keep everything backwards compatible so we can all play it, and if the code is dramatically different between newer hardware and older hardware, well screw the new hardware, lets just keep things at the same level of quality it is now, don't make it better because than I can't play! I have an x800GTO, I know I have to upgrade to play Crysis, but Crysis is built on a NEW engine and therefore requires the NEWEST hardware to take advantage of it. Cutting edge gaming can be a very expensive habit (one which I personally do not have the funds to always keep up with).
  4. Just FYI, packet sniffers only work when the network adapter is in promiscousus (however its spelled) mode. Most WiFi cards can't do this and the ones that can only work in Linux. So, if they're going to sniff his packets, they're going to do it anyway. Just turn it off and when the GF comes to visit and you need WiFi, go into the settings, turn it on, use WEP for simple protection, and when she leaves turn it off.
  5. headphone.com gives you a 30 (I think) day 100% (less shipping) return policy, so if you don't like them, send them back and try something else. Though, even investing that small amount in IEM's you're probably going to want a LOD and an amp later on... Try www.audiolineout.com for LOD cables and then look around at the FS thread at head-fi for a pocket amp.
  6. For under $100 I would suggest a pair of the cheaper UE's, the Super.fi 3's are a good set (they're what I use). Check out www.headphone.com
  7. It's like Evanescence and Trans Siberian's buses ran into each other and this came out It sounds OK, but not my type
  8. The manual?? Isn't the key printed on the back of that? If you lost your key, then you wouldn't have the manual... What about bank statements or something, you could take a bank statement from back when you bought it to the store you purchased it, and ask them to reprint a receipt... I know its a lot. Or I may have my key I would be willing to part with and I would ship you my BF2 stuff in the mail as well. PM me if you're interested.
  9. Sweet, I'm going to go see it tonight with some friends, can't wait!
  10. CPU is shipped, thanks Dave! Should be there in a week or so.
  11. Sorry, I had pretty much given up selling things here since no one had replied, but it should be up to date now. Thanks for looking.
  12. And laser is spelled with an S not a Z... +1 for the G5
  13. It could also be crappy soldering on the plug of whatever headphones he uses... If its crappy headphones, they can break fast when they're constantly being moved around.
  14. I'm loving my Senn HD650's on a Darkvoice amp that my friend loaned me Seriously though, look at the Sennehiser HD485's, those are the pair I own and they're nto bad for budget cans.
  15. Just bought a cold plate for like $18 there tonight, 20% off lol
  16. It would be a line in your .htaccess file, not a PHP script... At least I think....
  17. B12 is supposed to be fun if you take a lot... But that's all I know
  18. Meh, Compusa was cool to just go and walk around when there's nothing else to do. If I need a computer part RIGHT NOW I'd just drive over to Arlington and pick it up from Fry's though. Good prices (on some stuff) and HUGE store...
  19. Not a solution, but for your downloading problems, try a download manager, FDM works well, and its free (Free Download Manager). I think that's what its called, try googling it.
  20. Its definitly a learning curve... Even just moving around My Computer is slightly different. A lot of ascetic(sp) changes and such. But also, I kinda like the sidebar, it doesn't seem to be the resource hog Konfabulator is. Also, it works out of the "box" I haven't really had to install any specific drivers, everything has been PnP and performs decently too. Games suck on it, but I'm sure that's my fault
  21. I only have one with a friend, if we get a break together at work, we'll go out to one of our cars and sit there and chill. I understand the laws, but I also think that smoking sections should be allowed anywhere as long as its in a separate room. That way those who don't can sit in the non-smoking and those who do sit in the smoking area. Smoking is a personal choice and whether you like it or not, its your decision to make and the government passing smoking bans left and right is an invasion of our freedoms IMHO. Next thing you know, you wont be allowed to smoke at your own house. I do not "smoke" by the way. I have less than one a day, maybe 4 times a week, we'll just go sit in his car, chill and talk or whatever for 30 minutes on our work break, no big deal. I do my best to make sure we sit in his car and not mine and such. Though some girl I work with keeps telling me she would never go out with someone who smokes, and I think its a subtle hint, but you know how us guys are, 2x4's are subtle...
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