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  1. Make sure you have it set to use authentication when doing SMTP
  2. Try Foobar, or iTunes. Even if this works, I know it doesn't "fix" the problem it just circumvents it, would be curious to know what is really going on if you find out.
  3. It would've been "round" if it was done... Watch Clerks (1994) and you'll see what I mean above anyway...
  4. ROFL @ "its the only trilogy" I never got into LOTOR... One ring to rule them all... You know when the rebels destroyed the 2nd death star, they probably killed more civilians than bad guys? I mean, it wasn't built yet, and so the Empire was using contracted workers...
  5. Red light camera's are a scam. I know in DFW, the cameras are run by a third party, the "court" you go to is not a real court, but run by the company with the cameras, so it is near impossible to win a case. AND they shorten the yellow light times when installing the cameras, so you think you have time, then blink, its red, instead of like 5 or 6 seconds, its now 3 or 4. But that's the automated one and not the police's fault. Why are you so obsessed about proving him wrong, police risk their own lives everyday for people, and having kids obsessed with making a cop look bad is disgusting IMHO. Ok, he was wrong, don't see why you're so excited you proved him wrong and now you are rubbing it in by gloating online.
  6. Not to nitpick but CPU usage from 5% to 4% seems trivial, like perhaps just standard variance, I wouldn't attribute less CPU usage to an HD cooler, especially such a small change, margin of error? Well written and organized though, good read.
  7. Just wanted to update, a few weeks ago, I took it to the Apple Store, went to the "Bar" thingy and told the guy what was wrong, he just flipped it over, pulled the battery out, put a new one in and said if that doesn't fix it, come back. Even though the warranty wasn't under my name, they still did it. I was very impressed, he didn't even turn it on, just switched batteries. After pulling my jaw off the floor, I thanked him and went on my way. It fixed the problem and it was free. This even on its own has inspired my first notebook (whenever that may be) to be a Mac. Thanks for the advice.
  8. April 1st sucks since there will be no decent news today And maybe some funny stuff who knows
  9. As prince so nicely put it when evangelizing to Kevin Smith: "A big snake has a baby, what will that baby grow up to be?" "Uhh... A big snake?" "Right, and that snake has a baby, what will its kid grow up to be?" "Uhh... A big snake?" "Right, you have to know who you're father is." Religion is good for unifying and giving you a sense of purpose if you lack one, and it teaches basic morals, but just because I don't go around robbing convience stores doesn't mean I'm a Christian, you can get morals from other things, as well as senses of purpose, and common ground for a group. Oversimplification? I don't know, it seems to give a very detailed description, I mean would you say that your filing cabinet in your computer is a slate gray color with 3 drawers, and the desk is an 8ft Mahagony corner desk? Besides, what about the contradictions involving the order of creation specifically where man fits in, and because it was written by man and is the basis of bleif for many today and back then, why not just say what really happened, is it that hard to write "and the monkeys changed to men" or something similar to that.
  10. Well up until a year or so ago I totally believed in God, and that his Word was 100% true, totally infallible, "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work." Then I became a little pissed off at Christianity, and Christians themselves. I go to church every Sunday still (not by choice), and its even more clear now, ask almost anyone on the street, what is their religion? First thing people will say is "I'm a Christian." But are they really, generally no. What do they do that seperates them from the world? Nothing. Most don't even bother with church. By this point, everyone is nodding their head's to the pastor, and everyone is thinking, "Good thing that's not me, I'm glad I'm not one of them." I had one Sunday School teacher tell me I could become closer to God by being like him once. Christians are taught to set themselves apart from the world, to be in, but not of the world. EVERYONE has their own interpretation of what this means, drinking, smoking, ., language, rigidity of their beliefs, etc. I really had no problem with Christianity at that time, just the self-proclaimed followers. By now, I was feeling like a 5th wheel at church, God wasn't giving me any inspiration from the message, I never felt Him "move" through the congretation, while everyone else would hold their hands in the air, and cry or whatever (not speaking in tounges and fainting, they aren't that luny ). Whenever I came to church, I started taking a critical look at what was going on, how the service was set up, the things the pastor would say, even the specific order of the music, and came to a seemingly obvious discovery, its all just a big production. Music starts out happy, "Woo-hoo we're worshiping Jesus!" the slows down once in your "praise God" mindset. As the music slows, you began think of the words you sing... The best way to describe the feelings Christians feel during worship is like when you're driving to work or whatever, maybe in a depressed mood and hear an upbeat song, you start tapping your hands on the wheel or whatever, it brightens your day, but if you hear a sad song, you somberly listen to it, and it can become your mantra for the day. Christians get the same emotions from worship music, just apply them differently. Oh yes, and the pastor was preaching how EVIL homosexuals were and how terrible this was and that was, and how you should keep any non-believers as close friends (Ironic because the next week, he talked about how important missions were and how we should reach the lost, how do you reach people you aren't allowed to get to know?). The Bible: Not all that reliable in simple things such as numbers, why should we trust it for creation? 800 or 300? Prophecy? Where's Solomen's Kingdom now? 2 Samuel 7:16 And thine house and thy kingdom shall be established for ever before thee: thy throne shall be established for ever. Sorry, I don't put much faith into God, or his Bible anymore, Agnostic, or Atheist, take your pick, either way, my parents say I'm going to hell, so I have to go to church every Sunday to be exposed to the "truth." If I say no? Goodbye car, computer, and anything else I decide to hold dear after those things are gone, like my job (no car, no job, no need for a job since I wouldn't have to pay insurance). And my dad looks at pr0n and thinks no one knows, "God" Christians piss me off . Oooh, re-reading this I put a lot of extra BS I didn't need and its all totally OT, mod can edit it up if they like. On topic, Creation OMG Reading Kash's post reminded me: Matter does not come from non matter. Just as christians like to say about crazy evolutionists, you can't get something from nothing. God was obviously bound by the laws of physics, bring the grass out of the earth, creating man from dust, and using his rib to make Eve, etc. Pretty sad when an all powerful God is bound by simple laws of physics.
  11. Try net limiter, or maybe a limited account and key logger. Ground whoever was doing it...
  12. I think I'm up to 40GB of music personally, but a lot of that is in FLAC. Backups, what are those again?
  13. DFI makes very good boards, and yes, Veran did see a post about selling a DFI board. I'm trying to sell my friend's old DFI board (he's at tech training now, no real time to sell off his stuff). Also, MSI makes pretty good boards, even though I'm about to throw my k8n-Neo FSR out the window (skt 754). And Gigabyte makes excellent boards as well. Check out eBay, maybe a larger forum with a highly active FS section to find some good 939 deals.
  14. I have the HVR 1600 It's dual HD TV and Analogue. Very nice, but make sure you have a high-end-ish computer. I will be downgrading to XP so I can actually use this, I don't have the power to run both Vista's Media Center and decode digital television at the same time.
  15. Maybe they're happy with where they're at? Ok probably not, but seriously, its not like you have to have a diploma to go far... Join the service, they'll pay for your school. Go to community college, transfer to a university, its the degree, not the school that matters to a certain extent. And, someone has to pick up your garbage and make you burgers and bag your groceries don't they, just think, them messing up makes it all that much more easier for you to go far. And get a blog, or we could make a "KB's Rants" section of the forum...
  16. I got every single joke, but it honestly wasn't funny, let the Late Show and such make fun of politics, something like Mad shouldn't take sides like that. Seriously, that's enough for me not to ever even consider watching MadTV. I've seen a skit with a party and Kim Jong Il was there, that was funny, but then again, Bush bashing, and making fun of their own government isn't humorous to me. BTW Borat was hella funny.
  17. A switch does not replace a router. From what I can tell, your cable modem is just a modem and not a router also, so you need a router connected to the cable modem to establish the internet connection, the cable modem is like the tool, but the router is the means to get online. A switch will not talk to the cable modem and make an outgoing connection. That's the most basic explanation I can give. You shouldn't have given your brother the router, you still need it. And the proper order should be Modem>Router>Switch
  18. Its really not that bad, its snappy on my AMD 3000+ with 1GB of RAM even with Aero. Turn off the fade effects and it will "speed" up. The animation that looks like your computer is crapping out windows where it zooms from the middle makes things seem to slow down, just turn it off and they'll appear right away, old-school . I am pleased with Vista thusfar, and to everyone who complains about RAM usage, the whole idea is its prioritizing, you don't have anything else demanding that bit of memory, so Vista might as well use it.
  19. You sure are making a lot of "me" posts for even though "this forum is dead"... I mean, come on, "tell me mine is better than his, and if you don't agree with me, I'll argue about it and not listen to sound advice" is a little dated, and you already bought it, so what's the point, its like those threads "Look! I just bought these parts, are they any good?!" when the should've posted before the bought anything to get the best deal/quality. All that crap aside, yours is 2" larger, has removable speakers and 2 HDMI ports. The Sony is name brand (and they make danged good HDTV's), on sale, and has 3 sets of composite inputs, 2 S-Videos, good connectors for today's hardware. Nothing you couldn't read on your own
  20. That was stupid, not even funny...
  21. Aren't you supposed to be 18 to even use PayPal? TBH I just signed up when I got a debit card/Checking account, but I vaguely remember something about age being there too, but in all honesty, stay away from "credit" period. People buying on credit is what helped cause the Great Depression way back when, and we're due for another depression sooner or later...
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