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  1. I was saying in other countries, say Russia, dissidents should be thrown in jail. I totally support the liberal left's right to say what they want, even if I disagree. And here's another classic one for you Verran: Even if they take away guns, the criminals who want them will still get them. Alcohol kills many innocent people each year, why don't they make that illegal too?
  2. I'm sure most of us are very proud of the country we live in, otherwise we wouldn't really be living here right? Gun control should consist of having guns registered to people and possible background checks run to verify that person is trustworthy based on their history. Other than that, Americans have the right to bear arms, it is written in our constitution, it has nothing to do with "Anything being possible" It has been possible for over 200 years. And I am proud of the freedoms we have here, as much anti-government garbage is on our news today, you would think these people would be thrown in jail. And you can stand on a street corner and yell "Bush lied, kids died!" if you had some urge too. Age restrictions should be set, possibly at 16, but remember: It's not the guns that kill people, people kill people. And the only way you can take my gun is by prying it from my cold dead fingers. I am getting a concealed carry license as soon as I'm 18, thanks.
  3. I really liked your style none the less, it was like reading a review from a human rather than a robot, many reviews out scattered around the web sound like it was written by a computer. You know, since [H] Consumer is no longer up, maybe OCC should try something similar, generally review units are of better quality than something you can pick up at a store...
  4. Wouldn't the master control unit being disabled be a good thing? It means the headphones aren't being amped by something to designed to amp speakers. I would much rather have a straight through connection rather than having the headphones amped by the built in Logitech amp. Overall a great review, but I would see this as a feature rather than a con, and find something else for "crappy" please, just not really that professional, think about it, how many reports have you written using the word crappy? Great job none the less, Makaveli
  5. Lol, maybe it was the programmer's last day or something hehe
  6. QFT And don't post links to things on a public forum if you don't want people criticizing you every once in while, if I stand in the middle of a busy street make a controversial statement, and someone disagrees, I wont say they're stupid or lame for disagreeing, but they have every right to say what I am spouting out is an utter waste of time.
  7. If Bush has his way regardless of whether you are in the privacy of your own home when you do him, you both will be fined/go to jail Balance of power ftw! One party in the white house, another in congress.
  8. I am racist, as in I see in color. At work, when black people come in, we have to be extra courteous to them, even more so than whites. Why? Because I have had the race card pulled on me before. A woman comes in, orders food, I ring it up, go back to make it, pull a fresh patty off the grill for her burger, make the burger, and pull the fries up. I am done in under a minute - thirty. Give her the food. She asks, "Is it fresh?" I reply with a respectful Yes Ma'am, thank you and have a good evening. I walk away, I had to check on meat I had put down and clean up a little bit, we were almost closed. She pulls another kid I work with aside, tells him she wants me to make her a fresh burger with a fresh patty, because I made it too fast. And I was being racist because a white person would have gotten better food, but everything was fresh, while we pre-cook our meat, I had none made and had put a few patties down just in case, and they happened to be finishing when she ordered. So I re-make her order, take my time (it takes 6 minutes to cook from frozen to done with a 1/3lb patty). Give it to her, apologize for the inconvienence and say thank you again and walk off. How the hell was I a racist? I don't know, but I have to see in color to cover my ., not to offend anyone, but IMHO as a white, we are becoming victims of race more than anyone else now because the minority's mentality is we deserve it. I have never owned a slave, why should I owe something to anyone?
  9. As long as Crysis stays on track, it will be OK A bunch of new games coming out, so many being delayed, more time to upgrade, and I'll still buy this stuff when ti comes out, but dang this sucks
  10. That's the most annoying thing about my w810i is you can only hold a certain number of TXT's, not until they fill up space. Other than that, check it out, something like $75 with contract through Cingular.
  11. Go to radio shack, tell them you need a dual RCA Male/Male cable, and you also need an RCA to 1/8th in F/F converter. Should be a long cable with Red/White on both ends and then a short, Red/White with female (hole) on one side going into a "headphone plug" on the other side (also female so it has a "hole" ) You run the RCA cable from your dvd player to the converter, then plug in the Connector for the L/R speakers, then turn on matrix mode, that's your fake stereo, you could also make your own cables too, its not that hard, just buy some wire, some kind of casing (like shrink wrap tubes or something) and some connectors, and just solder everything together.
  12. Make sure you keep peanut butter on when you go see her, girls dig guys with peanut butter on their face.
  13. As long as they don't make their own future deviating from what all the post RotJ books have been about, I guess they'll be OK, but I'm not at all psyched about them like I was about any of the other movies (EPI, II, and III in my time )
  14. "Hell yeah, I agree, take a hit of some high quality purple marijuana (purp), calm down and learn how to ghost ride. I like Northern California Rap. You can't blame this song because someone killed themselves ghost riding." That's easy to read, try coming down to Texas, or pretty much any intercity area. And the ones that mix Spanish are even harder to understand, Spanish + Eubonics + English = Verbal Puke Beastie Boys is as hip-hop-ish as I ever got, I'll take Tool, Cake, Burden Bro's any day of the week over a bunch of heat packin' metal strappin' bit*h slappin' wannabe's.
  15. What happed to the Pirate lego?
  16. What brand? Because we sell Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream where I work, its pretty good, but Dulce de Leche is better.
  17. I noticed it shut down the other day when I mis-clicked the link to OCC, the "Unamed Site" is sitting right next to OCC in my favorites W/b, now if we can just get a few others back too...
  18. Mine used to do that, but now I have IE7, it stopped (I don't use IE7, just updated).
  19. I'm loving my w810i, in fact, just ordered a white case for it, going to be doing some cool halfway case change on it when the case comes in. Music is a key feature, but I hardly use it, games run nice and its got a D-Pad instead of a joystick (Joysticks wear out sometimes). It's candy bar, which is preferable IMHO, and its got a 2 MP camera, not to mention awesome menus.
  20. foobar for music, MPC for videos
  21. 3 or 4 years on the same XP format?! You are suffering from the placebo effect my friend. And, you could build a complete gaming system for $2000 that would run everything extremely well. Oh, Seagates have 5 years on their hard drives by the way
  22. Ahh those were the days, maybe I'll get around to reinstalling CSS, maybe.
  23. Why not? If one person had a gun, many lives could have been saved.
  24. Same week as Waco, same week as Oklahoma, creepy. And the death toll is 33 now. Its amazing though, the best of people shine through in situations like this, like the Professor that sacrificed himself for his students, he was a holocaust survivor too, to go through so much when he was younger and still be selfless enough to sacrifice is just amazing. Shame people with qualities like that usually die And what's up with the gun control BS, the people doing the killing usually don't have the licenses or register their weapon, generally its the responsible ones that go the lengths to get a CHL and such.
  25. Can you find the folder with the briefcase files in it and just search there? They have to be somewhere, maybe in Docs And Settings or something? I don't know anything about Briefcase...
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