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  1. Why not a steady paying job? 2 months after I turned 16, i got a job at a fast food restaraunt making only $6/hr, but it was a steady reliable job. I got the hours I wanted (some weeks I could work 50hrs, regardless of labor laws, and I got plenty of days off when I requested them. I hate working at a fast food restaurant but its the only thing you can get early on, and its easy to get hired, easy to learn. A year and a half later, I am about to move to retail and get $8/hr
  2. When you open your browser of choice, what's the first website that pops up? Mine is www.google.com/ig
  3. Centrino is a standard I think, consisting of certain power usage, WiFi features and some other things, probably including the automatic stepping. It being a Dell, there should be a setting in the BIOS possibly under power management or something, so yeah, while its booting pop into the BIOS and look around.
  4. I wish they had a 13in MBP, but I guess space is an obvious issue. Since its going to be for school work, hold out while you can, it can only get better. I personally would want to wait until the regular MB's get LED backlighting and Santa Rosa CPU's since AFAIK they weren't updated. Leopard will be nice too, thinking of holding out on a new desktop PC and just buying a MBP since I don't really play many games anymore. Parallels 3 kicks . I hear too!
  5. What kind of budget do you have, and '08 ftw!
  6. I would like to buy a ticket to ride on "Air Akon"
  7. Late, but sometimes at night, I hear the gremlins fighting in my PC, with an AMD CPU, an Nvidia chipset, and an ATI videocard, sometimes it sounds like all out war inside my case, complete with screaming and possible bloodshed, if any of these gremlins bleed on my carpet, their getting thrown outside
  8. Even though they know something is going on, its not "real" to them until they see it, so if they don't have to see it, then its much less crushing. I had a talk with him for a while tonight and we wound up mostly discussing religion, he said he was glad that I respect them enough not to smoke around my family, he is more concerned with me going to Hell for being Atheist than he is dieing of lung cancer to put it simply.
  9. Not weed, cigarettes. Yes I know its bad, without criticizing my choice, is my approach to my parents ok?
  10. Recently my parents and I have had some communication problems and it feels as if I no longer know my parents. We used to have a strong relationship but as I progress through adolescence, we are becoming further and further apart. I have plans to move out within a few months of me turning 18 even though I will still have at least a semester of high school left to finish. Why am I posting something so personal like this on an overclocking forum? Because I don't know you. Things I say here will most likely not get back to anyone I know in real life, and even if it does the people reading this board, I don't care if they know or not. My mom confronted me, well, confront is not the right word, she simply asked me if I smoked (cigarettes), I told them honestly yes. She said I have to tell my dad by Friday, so this is the email I sent him. I emailed him because I don't know how he will react and hope maybe you parents and possibly those who have gone through something similar can give advice on the next steps after reading the email. I am sure there is going to be some family conference type thing between me and my parents in a few days where they will give me a "talk" and I was wondering what can I say to them without sounding disrespectful to them. Keep in mind my parents are hardcore conservitive right wing evangelical Christians (Souther Baptist to boot). Here is the email - I have a minimum of 5 months left to stay at home assuming I am making enough money to afford somewhere else to live, possibly more time until I can afford to move out. I will be a senior in high school starting next August and will be 18 at the end of October.
  11. The reason why OSX and Linux are "more secure" is because no one really bothers exploiting them, the user base is too insignificant. And that's not a slam on Macs, I loved my friends Macbook and if I get a laptop one day, that's my first choice. Not a slam on Linux, I'm man enough to admit I'm not willing to put the time and effort to learn an OS that the only use I personally would have for it is bragging rights. And what, I brag and my friends look at me funny and ask me what the hell is Linux.
  12. To be honest, with a laptop, especially one so cheap, she is going to spend more time rendering/encoding than actually editing on a laptop, take that money and buy her a c2d system, make it a SFF (Small Form Factor) computer if space is the issue, if its portability and such you want, you really can't mix with power, especially for so cheap a price. You can find something that will get the job done, but it will take F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Get her a desktop, maybe consider a $500ish laptop later if she really needs it, I found pen and paper notes make things stick better though for note taking and as I mentioned before Video Editing should be left for desktops.
  13. Lets hope SSD drives gain space quicker than Hard Drives, I mean, 32GB isn't really enough now days, especially for Power abUsers like me, I honestly have too much crap and would like a minimum of 80GB of space. I haven't really researched SSD, but since they use such little battery, why couldn't one RAID 2 or 3 SSD disks and have upwards of 96GB?
  14. They didn't use the monkey enough, I thought the funniest part in the 2nd one was where Jack was like "Where's that monkey, I need to shoot something!"
  15. If XYZHardwareReview.com gets funding from nVidia and Intel, enough to pay the bills, but XYZHardwareReview only reviews items from AMD and ATI, do you think that Nvidia and Intel will continue to sponsor the site? Positive or negative, reviews are advertisments on their own, with pictures, specs, and performance information. Its common courtesy to review your sponsors hardware first, after all, they pay the bills right? This is all assumed the company does not practice the same shady practices Alienware does, sending a unit to be reviewed, if the review is not ultra-positive, they won't ever send another unit to the reviewer.
  16. Honestly, I thought that was a really boring movie, seemed to drag on and on even though it wasn't terribly long. But I never got into the whole "PotC" thing anyway. 2nd one was OK, need to watch the first as a refresher, but At World's End was crap IMHO, definitely not buying it when it comes out.
  17. nan0click

    Do you wish

    [sarcasm] XP is terrible, I'm never moving from Windows 2000! XP is just 2000 with a prettier interface and higher demands, what's so special about XP anyway, and what the hell does XP stand for, experience? Because XP is like a playskool version of 2000, for children and people with no "XP" Might as well call it "Windows No-XP" because it babies you the whole way through. I'll go to Linux before I use XP, even if nothing is cross platform, I'll write my own programs! [/sarcasm] Vista is not that terrible, sure its not quite ready for prime time, but was 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP ready when they were released (Well nix Me, it was never ready)? Vista has only been out a few months now, and while Microsoft should've waited, they're here to make money and by waiting that's $ down the drain. As hardware becomes cheaper and people like me who can't justify 2GB of RAM on a crappy system become able to afford new hardware, Vista will begin to make its mark. Developers must change and update code for compatibility same as they did for XP. Drivers didn't always work on XP as they did on previous Windows and such is the case now. I had some kind of proprietary drive that would only work under 98 that a guy wanted me to pull data off of, and I had to tell him no because drivers were incompatible with XP. Updating an OS forces users to upgrade hardware eventually, and then hardware out grows the OS, meaning a large update is in order to take advantage of this radically faster hardware, hence the need for a "new" OS. In a year, many nay-sayers to Vista will in fact be using the same OS they bash today, same as before, convieniently forgetting the OS they hated is now the one they love, luckily for them, Vista won't remeber all the mean things its user said about it in the past either. I tried Vista, but my computer couldn't use it to its full potential and keep it smooth, so I am on XP still. Doesn't mean I hate Vista, just means that its time I upgrade my 3 year old machine. Short: I'm tired of the blind Vista-Bashing going on, even though I can't run it as smoothly as I would like on my rig, I have no problem with Vista, and I am still on XP.
  18. I think they will market this as an accessory to home theaters, not as a television replacement, kind of the end all and be all of universial remotes, pick a TV show, show your pictures, etc. that are then placed on TV. My biggest question is wiring, with something so sleek as that how are they going to handle communication even between something as simple as speakers. Wireless sucks, perhaps fiber to a controller box with the rest of your Home Theater Equipment with all the proper inputs and outputs and such. How are you supposed to route the cable(s) so they are not seen. And the thought of plugging in my coffee table is not appealing. Restaurant use is a great idea though, put it on the tables, offer some games to play while they wait, menus, drink selections. Takes the headache out of ordering for waiters, when the person says "THIS IS NOT HOW I ORDERED MY FOOD!" the waiter can calmly show the customer the print out of what they put in, helps with people scamming free food too. What about corporate environments? Maybe in conference rooms, dynamic notes on the table with a presentation on the wall? My only concern is specific input on these, I mean grabbing a picture with your finger and flinging it around is all well and good, but what about typing, you can't "rest" your fingers on the screen and just push harder to type things, these will not be replacements for your basic PC anytime soon, and speech recognition is not appropriate for a business standpoint, just think a loud cubicle farm where everyone is yelling.. erm, dictating at their computers what they want to write.
  19. +1 for widescreen, my friend said it was a waste of money when I bought mine, but a few months later, he had one for himself, an inch larger than mine of course I have a 19in Wide by the way, and 1440x900 is ok, but I would rather have larger, nothing is ever fast or large enough lol
  20. If you're at a friends house and wake up the next morning and try to help him clean up, don't use Clorox Clean-Up on his blue couch. Fluffy throw pillows don't fare well in the washer either. When you are going to throw up, try to keep it all together, or use a can WITH A BAG!
  21. The other day in psychology, the teacher gave us each some pink lemonade to do an experiment similar to Pavlov's dogs (she rings a bell and we dip our finger in the lemonade powder and lick it off). Well this girl took her powder, put it out in lines on her desk and when the teacher wasn't looking, she snorted it. Said it had a good drip too. Talk about people with problems lol.
  22. LOL at the farmer with the wheat thing sticking out of his mouth
  23. nan0click


    Ping plotter maybe? Or is that too much, and I don't know if it can do batch testing. Might be a pain to use, but could be a shot, I wonder if its different here in the states when using OpenDNS...
  24. Freedom of speech on forums is a joke. Not in a negative way. You chose to sign up and join the forums, if the staff doesn't like what you post, they have every right to delete it. Period. No if's and's or but's. But wait, you exclaim, that's not fair! Oh but it is, now the reason you don't really experience not having this right is because then we would have forum nazi's who warn at the drop of the hat, but staff is very leniant here on what gets by, but it is their discretion what gets posted and what's not and they have every right to do what they feel is necessary, or even just do whatever the hell they want. If the owner of the site said, hey, I want to delete nan0click's account because I'm feeling frisky today, he can. What could I do? Nothing. Its his forum, its like going into someone's house, they try to be a gracious host, but if you go to far, they will say get the hell out. Don't even know what this whole thing is really about, but that's my uneducated and ignorant .02
  25. Verran: How does my analogy not work? People who get shot with guns don't always have guns on them (Domestic disputes, robberies, etc.) and the people hit by drunk drivers aren't usually drunk. So guns kill innocent people, so does alochol. But wait, the person chooses to carry the gun, the person chooses to drink the alcohol. So people kill people right? Or do you want to make cars illegal since Ford and Dodge, etc are providing weapons to drunk drivers? And just as prohibition didn't work (people were still drinking), gun control won't work either (people who want guns will still have them). The average Joe with a gun may not have one anymore, but robbers and (the stereotypical) gangster will still have them. Just as the average working man may not have partaken in drinking when prohibition was in effect, but mobsters and seedy characters still drank every night if they wanted.
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