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  1. I was playing Halo 2 the other day on my PC and little did I know my video card fan had stopped turning. Well, of course my computer crashes hard, and since I was downloading in the background, some files corrupted on a drive I use only for storage. I go to reformat (I'm downgrading to XP because of game performance on my lower-end machine) today, and it says that one of my drives are corrupted. I shut down and unplug it and began installing XP, finish the install and plug it back in. Well now it says its not even formatted. I have been searching for recovery programs since this drive was a full 300GB drive, its a lot of stuff to lose, 60 gigs of HQ music, most of my movies and TV series, painstakingly ripped, named and categorized. I can't afford to buy new hardware right now, and so I have been searching for a recovery program that's free, and so far nothing has come up, well A LOT of stuff has come up, too much for any results to be reliable. What programs do you guys suggest for undeleting formated drives? Thanks. Oh its a 300GB Seagate SATA drive, so if it is failing I can send it in and get a replacement since its under Warranty, maybe I would get an upgrade to 7200.10 if I did that. Other drives on my system include a 160GB split in half, 80 for a boot drive and 80 for files (SATA as well), and an external USB 80GB Enclosed IDE drive, also for files.
  2. Well with gaming, IMHO wireless is a bad idea, when I played Far Cry on wireless, everyone else would sit still for a few minutes and then I would warp somewhere on the map and people would start moving, narrowed it down to packet loss. A simple netstat command in FC let me watch my packets and the uLost would skyrocket anytime this happened. I switched to wired and haven't had any problems since (I finally ran wire through the attic).
  3. I like the Ipod for how thin it is, the wheel makes it easy to navigate through music quickly while multitasking, and the number of accesories out for it are great. The Zune is also an excellent choice, it has a growing number of accessories, a more durable outside, nice wide screen for movies, and an excellent quality headphone jack. Try them both, buy one from somewhere with out a restocking fee and gives you a 30 or 90 day return policy, try it out, then try the other. Happy Hunting
  4. Is that an English accent? Sounds a little weird. HAHA, I'm going to remember this next time I find a friend sleeping/passed out.
  5. Mine is always happy to take my money, the only time it takes 3 days is if they're putting money in the account The Mastercard logo, like a Visa or AmEx logo means you can use it as "credit" but it takes the money out of your account instead of building your debt. We had tons of people want "debit" where I was working, and I would tell them its credit and they would freak out, "This is a debit card, I guess it won't work. only a few times did we have "bank cards" or "ATM cards", whatever that people would try to use, but obviously they didn't work.
  6. Crap! I was going to go to Six Flags Over Texas this weekend! Now I know to skip Superman...
  7. MARINE: My . Rides In Navy Equipment
  8. The 8525 is sweet, I want one so bad!
  9. Well, I really only plan on being there 3 years at the most, probably no more than 1 1/2. It's to get me through highschool, then hopefully I can leave Texas and go to college somewhere out of state (don't hate me Lo and Roadrunner ) With a retail job for a large corporation, I can transfer to their store in whatever region I move to, that way I get there with income, then I can seek out something better. Without trying to sound full of myself, I can honestly say I was the best employee at my old job in fast food (I knew how to do every station EXTREMELY well, I was friendly, fast, and worked the registers like lightning, heck, managers gave me their card to do over rings for other people even though they weren't supposed to. They didn't even care I had a key that would open the register, that's how much I was trusted), so transferring would not be a problem after I graduate next May. There's not really that many mom and pop stores around Fort Worth either. Oh Circuit City uses FireDog for PC repair and if its anything like Best Buy, you have to apply specifically for that position for them to even get your application. Right after I turned 16, I applied for Best Buy's Geek Squad, got there for the interview and they couldn't even find my app. Turns out it was on Geek Squad's stuff, the guy sat down, looked at me funny and did a courtesy interview, I knew I didn't have a chance. Maybe after a few months on the floor, I could "get hired" by FireDog or whatever at CC and work there. The thing is, I don't mind the fact that employees aren't treated great since this isn't a career. My last job, we were treated like crap, after a year and a half I was making only .50 more than what I was when I started, the only reason I stuck it out was so the next place I went to would be like "a year and a half and you're only 17, nice." It's simply income to pay for a few small bills, and the rest would be disposable, plus all that expensive crap that's going to come with being an HS senior next year. I do have a question though, how do they know who sells what percentage of protection plans if they pick the item up and go to the cashier?
  10. nan0click

    Staying Safe

    Nothing. It just slows stuff down and while it would suck if everything was corrupted by some hacker, I can always get it back. Identity theft isn't a big concern either.
  11. I can tell you primer goes before painting, and the amount of sanding and clear coats at the end is dependent on how smooth/shiny you want it. http://www.wizdforums.co.uk/showthread.php?t=5355
  12. Just wanted to point out for those that have cell phones, Opera Mini 4 Beta has been released, and it is SLICK. It's got a nice zoom feature and seems to be much more adept at displaying websites such as the desktop version of iGoogle. Smooth scrolling and all that, very nice release. www.mini.opera.com/beta I like this so much better than the default WAP browser on my W810i. Just to point out though, some other software: GMail - http://www.google.com/intl/en/mobile/mail/index.html And Google has some other mobile apps - http://www.google.com/intl/en/mobile/index.html My only beef with Opera is they changed from Google stuff to Yahoo, now everything accessed on Google reads opera like its a desktop sized window, yuck! :/ But yeah, Opera apps and Google apps are good stuff on a phone, what other kinds of Java apps do you guys use?
  13. Mmm Far Cry at Lans, me and like 3 other friends used to do that all the time, good stuff. Whenever we played RTS games, 1on1 it takes a minimum of 3 hours to complete, not a great choice for mini-LANs that end before the night is just getting started, never gotten into the overnight stuff though.
  14. I've looked around on retail forums, and I have been hired to work at Office Depot but am currently going through the interview process at Circuit City. Which one is better? Circuit City laid off their higher paid hourlies to get cheaper labor in, which is a really dirty thing to do. But Office Depot on the other hand is constantly cutting benefits. Basically they are the same, sell product protection plans or whatever with accessories. Circuit City would have more stuff I would prefer using a discount on, but OD is growing in its electronics. I would be a tech floor sales guy if I worked at OD and a sales guy for something at CC, anyone had experience at either of these two places? OD is offering $8/hr, I don't know what I would get starting at CC yet, but even for $7/hr starting, I would rather be at a dedicated electronics store. I have no idea which to go with, I'm torn between them.
  15. What about a fan, a window, or shutting it down/putting it to sleep at night? The thing is, the heat from your hardware has to go somewhere, and since your room happens to be around it. Voltages is definitely a good idea, but there is certainly nothing wrong with hibernating at night. edit - 500th finally after 2 years
  16. Is it a hybrid tuner, or a dual tuner? Hybrid's can't switch, dual tuners can. Both have two connectors on the back for antennas, one for ATSC and the other for NTSC. Since you gave the wrong product name in the original post, asking if you meant 650 instead of 6500 wouldn't be too much would it? Since I actually have an HVR-1600, and its a hybrid also, it should simply show up as one tuner able to detect both ATSC and NTSC channels on one card. Oh, and it works. There ARE problems setting up ATI cards with Vista Media Center. Try Googling "Vista Kram" and see what pops up, if you actually read the reviews you referenced you would see one reviewer stated, "I purchased the TV Wonder 650 for my HTPC upgrade which included Vista Media Center. Was concerned from some reviews about difficulties setting up and utilizing both digital and analog tuners within Vista Media Center. Once installed, the TV Wonder 650 was instantly recognized and the drivers installed alongside the latest Catalyst drivers (Ver 7.3). I fired up Vista Media Center and set up the tuners according to hdtunerinfo website (google "vista Kram") for setup guide. Worked like magic! Switches back and forth between analog and digital tuner, allows recording and EPG controls like a single tuner would." Maybe that helps, and please drop the attitude, you come here for help, its offered, and immediatly you insist people are wrong, pointing at certifications, Vista Certified, regardles of Premium status or not, simply means this item will work with the OS, its a driver certification more so than a "software that comes with your Windows Vista install is guarunteed to work with this card" certification.
  17. I think getting told to wait is a clear enough suggestion on what you should(n't) get. Save the money, lenses can be very expensive, if you wait and master the camera, you'll hopefully have even more money and can buy a nice lens instead of a budget one.
  18. Apple could theoretically release a V2 that's CDMA depending on the stipulations of the contract because even unlocking an iPhone won't let it work on Verizon. Cingular/AT&T use SIM cards on a on a GPRS 950 band (that's close right?), and Verizon's phones are CDMA, meaning they don't take SIM cards, its all set up by the carrier. Nextel/Sprint is CDMA too I think, and correct me if I'm wrong, but T-Mobile uses SIM cards. I wish carriers could get their act together and standardize frequencies, then competition would be focused on the quality of the plans instead of simply what phones they offer. That said, I love Cingular/AT&T, great coverage, at school, when we are downstairs, everyone with Verizon and MetroPCS complain about little or no service, but I am rarely without signal. Now all I need is a phone with 3G My problem with the iPhone is its lack of features, 3G, expandable memory, and a lot of other stuff. And personally I like feedback when I hit the keys, makes blind texting a lot easier, try texting and not looking at your phone when you cant run your fingers over the buttons. Oh $600 is too much for a locked, crippled phone, regardless of its "innovative" touch screen.
  19. Might go to the Dallas show if I can find a friend or something... And if I have money
  20. Didn't Maximum PC explain their system as a 1-10 scale, and if a product got a 10, it was an automatic editor's choice, and if it got a 9 it was reviewer's descresion? Other than that it was simply numerical rating scale. Keep it simple, perhaps cut back on the number of badges used at the end of a review. Just my .02
  21. With all the big fuss about the Sopranos being over, I've started watching all of them, just made it through Season 1, and its a really cool show. No judgment on the final episode yet though, but the show itself is really good.
  22. I guess we see things from different perspectives, it is necessary for me to have a steady paying job to take care of my responsibilities, while your responsibilities are different and do not necessitate a steady, reliable income, perhaps you mostly want a disposable income, that's great. Outright refusal to work somewhere simply because of the job type is not something anyone should ever say, when you have expenses, you need a job, even though money is just paper, you can't pay for insurance by offering the people some of your chickens, or a motherboard or something, you need "paper", flipping burgers is an easy fall back when nothing seems to be going your way. Never say never. Is your problem with dealing with the volume of people you would find in a day, and possibly their attitudes, or soemthing similar? What specifically don't you like about retail or food service? And at work keeping silent about what you believe is not being a coward, its being tactful, so perhaps its the thought of being rejected for who you are, I'm atheist, I wouldn't go around bragging about it at work since it has such a negative connotation these days. Atheists have stereotypes centered around us as being deviants and trouble makers, especially since I live in the heart of the Bible Belt (ugh). I told a customer I was atheist once after he tried to invite me to church, and his face changed from loving to disgust, he took his receipt then left. I fixed computers a few summers ago, for a few people I knew personally. It got old fast, and finally no one calls me anymore for help. Most of your customers will be old people, don't expect companies and business to hire you to do their work unless you know the owner personally. Go find some collection of business, like an office building, go and meet some people in there, make connections give them a card. Raise your price by $5 or so and offer a senior discount and a business discount for $5 each, make your clients think they're getting a deal. They don't realize you're still getting the money you want and they're you're target demographic anyway. These people are STUPID just so you know. And old people will have you set things up while moaning about how confusing it is. You have to be willing to put in the time to train them as well, it won't just be plug -n- pay. Plan on 2 hours more than what you expect, something will come up. Training an old person is hard, I suggest getting an idea of what they want ot know, then type up a DETAILED step by step. Make it simple, use pictures, make sure you're computer is on the basic Windows theme, everything needs to be exact, they cannot fill in the blanks as well as you or I can, they need it spelled out. Good luck, hope you don't get fed up as fast as I did doing this work, pay is nice, but the frustration of being called at 8o'clock at night with a guy who is pissed at his computer and taking it out on you is not fun. Especially when you want to have a life. Oh and don't give too much help over the phone, if you do, they'll call you with every single question, if you do, charge them for it, keep a time sheet, and keep it exact. Tell them all this before hand as well. Be upfront. That's all I can think of right now, have fun.
  23. Please, why don't you join the real world. I guess since you are "too good" to have a job, you're going to have a tough time getting money until you get out of college, or if you can't afford college since you refuse to get a job that's so beneath you, then what. Seriously, you get a whole new perspective on people. I have exponentially more respect for customer service workers than I ever had before. Its a tough job putting up with asshats like you who think you're social economic class makes you superior to Jose making your hamburgers. I hate people, can't stand how stupid they can be, how self concerned they are, but now I deal with it, and its easy as hell to pretend you care about them. Just because its fast food doesn't mean lower class. A lot of other people there are high school students, so if you find a job close to home, you work with friends from school. One of my managers liked computers somewhat and so we were always trading CD's and DVD's of stuff. A bunch of us hung out outside of work, we actually became friends instead of coworkers. Get off your high horse and realize you have to do some things you don't like in order to get to places you enjoy. Fast food sucks, I probably won't love retail, neither I can see me doing for the rest of my life, but realistically, its a teenagers only option. Or I could mow lawns in Texas' heat/humidity but I'll let other friends of mine do that. Its reliable too. I have bills, I need money to pay bills, mommy and daddy don't pay my car insurance, they didn't pay my car payment when I had one, they don't buy gas, clothes, or food when I'm out on my own, so if I don't have a reliable income then what? Once you start having regular bills, you'll start wanting a regular job, what if you don't get any computer work for two weeks, but you already spent money from the past few weeks on food, or a party, or computer parts or something. I am guaranteed a minimum amount of hours every week, therefore guaranteed a minimum amount on my check, which in turn guarantee's me money for expenses. Sorry, I get so pissed when people refuse to work somewhere that they feel lessens their status, as if they're too good for certain jobs. Its the same thing as saying the lower class is beneath you, when in reality their jobs are just as necessary as anything anyone else does, what if there was no one to cook you a hamburger or show you where something was in a retail store, since everyone is above such a lowly position.
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