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  1. WWW stands for World Wide Web.... if you didnt know that, and apparenty you didn't based on question #7 WTF are you doing in a networking class?????
  2. I have a WRT54G Router. As some people know, this router uses a variation of Linux. The firware is open source, and I was wondering if anyone had heard of a good replacement. I have Satori, and I think its OK... but I would like to see what other people use in their Linksys WRT54G routers.
  3. *&*&%#*(&@^$#%(*&$)(*^&^*#(*&@(^*@()*%)(&*$^@()$&*@(*@&$ dang censors..... Moth-)(*W#$)(@#)($*er
  5. you could eat it.... you know, hot day... you want to chill... eat dry ice... make sure your friend has 911 handy though.
  6. That's sick.... lol If it was real, I'd watch!
  7. I was just sitting here one day, wondering, what software do people use on their computers? I'm kind of getting tired of just using my stuff, so I wanted to see what everyone else uses, and if its better than what I already use. I'm getting DSL soon, so I'll be able to download it all too. I'll start: Web: Mozilla Firefox Outlook '03 Trillian (though I'm download GAIM. It's massive, 6MB ) WP, etc. Microsoft Office '03 (Of course this is legal, my dad bought it... ) Macromedia MX 2004 Media - Music, Video, CD Image and Burning stuff Winamp iTunes Alcohol 120% Nero 6.3 Your turn...
  8. winamp... cause it does exactly what its supposed to do, and, unlike wmp, you can customize it w/o putting it in a crappy tiny mode i might try itunes again... its a pain in the as... butt to re-encode my music though.... i used to use WMP, so a lot of stuff is in wma...
  9. i dont know very much about linux, but i was running mandrake 7.1 on an AST Pentium 133 with 32mb of ram, oh and it had a 1.5gb hd, before i took it apart and forgot to put it back together... yours should even be able to handle a GUI... not just command line....
  10. Perhaps, with $30, you could build your own mobo... id sell you a complete 300mhz computer, but my parents would get pissed off.... keep saving, try for around 100, the worst part will be shipping for the case
  11. chkdsk didn't seem to run right, it finished too fast (2 sec) even though i gave it the correct parrameters... i will try acronis disk director. unfortunantly, I wont be able to get it until earliest tomorrow, becasue i have dial-up. Thanks
  12. ok, thanks, i'll go ahead and run it and probably update this post later today
  13. you are a sad sad person...
  14. The error says: "Error 27. Cannot lock drive." "Entire progress 100%" "Error 27. Cannot lock drive." And I attached a picture of it. And PM doesnt show the verify HD screen I'm not sure of the exact name of it, but every once in a while, if something screws up, windows will run ChkDsk or something....
  15. I'll go and try running it again and right down the error...
  16. BILL GATES wait, you say he's not dead... I'll fix that, then I'll bring him back to life and kill him again! Or Moses, ya, Moses works too
  17. Though what he did is illegal, it's a sad world when no one gets caught with illegal drugs, infact that's been toned down... now everyone only cares about people with pirated software, and media. Tell your friend he should be lucky that he's not in a different country and going to prison... america has the best prisons around the world. If he was in a Muslim country, they might chop his hands off so he can't steal... Besides, why ruin the EPIII when you can pay $2 more and see it in high quality surround sound and such? Oh, and YES i would turn him in if I could (if the price was right)
  18. Because it reboots my computer, I have no access the processes. When it reboots, it appears to load windows, then, before the login screen, a blue screen appears (like it would show to verify my hard drive) and it's titled Partition Magic and it says drive is locked; press anykey to reboot. It always tells me it has too reboot because I'm trying to resize my windows drive. Which could be a possibility as to why the drive is always found itself "locked" but souldn't PM's boot loader start after the computer POSTs? Any idea why it loads after Windows does? It's like it tells windows to run PM before the login screen shows and after the Windows loader... There's 16GB left, and I just want a 10GB partition. I could clear off more, its just dvd ripping has been a bear, but that's a different topic, and I'm trying to figure that out myself. I bought it off of Newegg
  19. ummmm im just wondering, did she have an eye patch, a unibrow, and was she balding? j/k if you dont know what i'm talking about: http://forums.overclockersclub.com/Girl_Pr...msl-t51133.html
  20. Recently, I've had an urge to resize my 80gb hard drive so I can put a 2nd partition on it and install Windows XP64. The best way that I know of is to open up PartitionMagic and just shrink down the current partion by a few gigs and then format the newly created space. All goes well until I reboot and PM begins to resize. When it trys to begin, i get the message that says something like "CANNOT CONTINUE, DRIVE IS LOCKED" I've done some searching on google and found a few answers, but I dont like them, they all involve having ot fdisk or somthing drastic like that. Another solution was to boot in DOS and try the command "Unlock C:" but I am unsure if the program NTFS DOS is able to carry over commands such as that. I really don't want to reformat, so I thought you guys might have a better solution then the so-called experts out on the internet. Last time, before I last reformated, I was able to use PM easily when resizing partitions and combining and splitting and everything else, so I dont know why it's not working. Some quick facts about the drive in case anyone wonders: 80GB Western Digital Caviar 7200rpm ATA100 obviously set as Master of IDE0 Thanks in advance
  21. once, i had a problem where there was no phone number to call to activate windows, so i had to take a wild guess at how to call them. 1st try i got it, 1-800-MICROSOFT i know, too many letters, but just try it, might work. **BEWARE** they have a really gay navigation system **BEWARE**
  22. yup, youre right, xbox 360 takes to long to say too. i dont like consoles... the only good games that were made for consoles were Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog
  23. nan0click

    Lan Party

    another tip, if you dont want to buy routers and youre friends have some, you can sacrifice a port off of each and run a crossover between the two. I have a Linksys 4-port and my friend had a D-Link 4-port and we had five people, so we just ran a crossover between the routers. We did this and played Farcry with no lag. Also, if its just 5-8 people, just get a few extension cords and a lot of strip plugs.... those are the greatest invention...
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