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  1. XP Pro is usually 199.99 Vista Home Premium is 149.99 I guess its kinda strange for the old OS to be more expensive than the new one, but their basically using retail differences for their pricing...
  2. I have an iPod, and if I cared enough, it would sound great rockboxed with a custom line-out cable through the dock to an amp, like the Tomahawk or something. I own the iPod because of the accessories, I have a bedside radio that I can simply drop the iPod into and it charges and plays music. Sure maybe there are others, but there is no equivalent, but then again, that's probably because Apple owns most of the patents, like the touch wheel, etc. Please don't knock anyone who owns an Apple device or two as stuck up fanboy pricks. I think others would agree, everything (not just Apple stuff) fills its own niche, and really Apple products are not superior but simply another way to go about doing something. Convience is nice, ease of use, with the underlying ability to power-use something if I wanted to, but to simply have it work when I just want to use it. For example: Windows has a variety of software out for it, OSX while its growing, usually there won't be so many alternatives. Windows has the advantage, but, I would like to see a Windows laptop that can sit in standby for days without making anything but a small dent on the battery and still come back up to full boot in 5 seconds, hibernate takes forever, WHEN it works. The iPhone is unique, combining multi-touch with an easy interface, embedding some applications to the phone that you would usually have to go find for yourself, a la Google Maps. It is pretty cool, for all that it does, packed into so thin a package. I think its borderline idiotic to spend upwards of $1200 on a phone and a year contract, but then again, I don't have the money to spend. Maybe someone who does might see this a different way. Look at your brand new, top of the line PC, the lay man would look at you like you're crazy for spending thousands of dollars on your computer or laptop, but you think its normal, its your personal preference. Stop with the personal/general/generic/blanket insults on specific brands and users of these brands, one day you may change your mind, you could become that pretentious pompous person carrying around one of those overpriced and underfeatured devices. Look most people's turnaround from AMD to Intel, whenever we get old forum members coming back after being "out of it" for a few years, they always want an AMD processor, or assume Intel is still evil, even though most of us have changed our minds to who is most likely better. Intel is no longer evil, Apple is not evil either, it is simply an alternative.
  3. In CS:S, you can record "demos" which are much less a hit both on HD and system resources. Then you just play the demo and use fraps to record the parts you want. Just a thought, then the performance hit won't matter so much because all your doing is recording something already recorded. The demos don't hurt quality, their HAVOC engine based recordings, not actual videos so quality is still rendered based on your video settings for replaying the demo, then all you worry about is what FRAPS is downgrading it to.
  4. Hey me and a friend are going to be flying up to Youngstown, Ohio from like 8/4-8/12 or something. I guess we can go to Pittsburgh and maybe up to the lake, but I was wondering if any OCC'ers lived in Ohio, maybe had a few ideas of stuff to do. Maybe we could go grab lunch or something one day, I don't know. Suggestions about what's cool to do up there would be great though
  5. Religion is an attempt to fill voids of ignorance, if your not sure about how something happen, just give glory/blame God. Because we still haven't found 100% proof to prove the theory of evolution, fanatics still attribute this fairly logical process of change over time to a supreme deity. Read "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins. GREAT book. He really picks apart most Christians fantasies and even demolishes stereotypes of how non-Christians are "immoral" because they have no compass to guide them. And he clarifies evolution to not be some kind of spontaneous change from monkey to man, some kind of impossible event, but many possible events over a longer period of time.
  6. Realistically speaking, my goal is to have a relaxed deskjob with a bunch of like-minded people in a low pressure environment. Unrealistically, probably sports car driver, or maybe a basketball player.
  7. bestskinsever is what I use. www.bestskinsever.com, you put the skin on using a soapy water mix and it stays, I've had it on since December, when I bought my iPod, no problems yet, I like it.
  8. ROFL you drive a mini-van. My friend was a soccer-mom for a while because of his car, not it looks like he's a woman going through a mid-life crisis in a Toyota Corrola
  9. Can we keep the thread open? First, this is the internet, WacoKid can say whatever he wants, and Kash and Sdy can say whatever they want. Regardless, founded or unfounded, what does it really matter in the long run. WacoKid is simply saying the phone sucks, but he presents his opinion as fact, something like the sky is blue or whatever, basically if you cant see things the way I do, something is wrong with you. Sdy and Kash (two of my favorite forum members) are making it known they have different opinions from what WacoKid presents and are irritated that it is being implied that an "opinion" could be wrong, thus are turning this argument back towards anyone who disagrees by stating they have unfounded claims, and then continue to present what they think is the right opinion as fact, albeit much more subtly. This is fine with me, its a debate, that's how debates work. On to what I think: I would never buy the iPhone. It doesn't suck, its simply not for me. I balk at the thought of dropping $600 on anything at once, not to mention the monthly bills. Its also a smart style phone. The reason style is inserted between "smart" and "phone" is because the iPhone is not a smart phone. Smart phones are geared toward business users, the target demographic for the iPhone is somewhere around 18-30 year olds. Almost everyone hates the price, those who don't, I envy you and hope I will be in your position in a few years. A much more important problem I have with it is it has been reported the headphone jack does not support any headphone plug unless the housing is fairly skinny. I have a pair of Ultimate Ears that I would want to use on it, why should my headphones have any problem fitting into my MP3 player. Why did the recess the jack? Now I have to buy an adapter for the headphone jack just to use 3rd party headphones (most don't fit, I know some do). Apple makes money by using their headphones, and if you decide to upgrade, because anything other than iBuds is an upgrade, they still make a couple bucks because you have to buy an adapter. Also, this phone which has been pushed as its designed for simplicity, but also for power users (an idea behind OSX which I love), it lacks some basic features that you see in almost any new, or advanced phone. The key one is 3G. EDGE is already outdated, I use it on my W810i, I don't like it very much, but hey, it works. When I get a new phone, it must have 3G, period, I will not make an exception to this rule, yes I am a fanboi of fast internet. Where is the A2DP? Most of the newer bluetooth phones have A2DP on them. A phone designed to work as a fully featured iPod should have A2DP built in. Its a simple feature today, and even though I wouldn't really use it, its still something that should be an option. I will be honest, I am sort of a poor, semi-apathetic audiophile. I like decent sound. The 5.5G iPod sucks for audio coming out the headphone jack. There is noise, interference (ever noticed a hissing sound? Try some isolating headphones if you haven't). Music is muffled, slightly distorted, etc. Needless to say, this is going to be a general problem with portable MP3 players, same as laptops, you sacrifice portability for quality. Really though, should something touted as a great MP3 player and a great phone be mixed together, I can't imagine the quality on an iPhone since I've never even seen one, so I'll withhold judgment on sound quality, but my hopes are definitely not high. I will agree about the tactile feedback. I really want my phone to have buttons. Call me a simplistic, small brained monkey or something, but I like the thought that I don't have to be distracted from what I'm doing to dial, text or whatever. I have visual focus problems, my eyes focus seemingly slowly when looking near-to-far, and I unconsciously blur out everything but what I'm specifically looking at. That's a personal problem, different strokes for different folks. Multi-touch is cool, I've loved the two finger scrolling and right clicking on my friend's Macbook since the first day I tried it. Is this really practical though, since it takes two hands to use two fingers (I don't know for sure, and correct me if I'm wrong)? Someone said something about Google Maps on their iPhone, sorry but dude, big deal, I've used Google Maps a bunch on my W810i, sure its not as integrated with the phone as it is on the iPhone, but it works just fine. The short of this, I do not want one, I think they are cool, and I am happy for the people that like them. I simply accept they exist, there is no hate for the iPhone, but really there isn't much love or any feelings of "OMG THIS IS SO COOL!" But maybe that's because I haven't used it yet. ***Final Note*** I think most of my stuff has qualifiers in it so you can't tell my I was wrong because I left room for error in almost every sentence!!!
  10. Anything I rip from a CD is FLAC, then if I need to, I can convert it down, but with newer music it doesn't matter anyway, everything is so "loud" that it clips and garbles even on the CD
  11. You can also buy enclosures and a hard drive and its still pretty cheap, I have a Vantec Nexstar (or something) enclosure, mine is only USB but they do make them with NAS support.
  12. Wow, with effects like that, I am surprised my computer could even handle watching the video without cutting itself for being so inferior
  13. Looks cool... Totally off topic, but has anyone ever noticed how people look down if you save you live with your mom, but give respect if your mother lives with you? Its like being on totally opposite ends of life, and props for taking care of your mom, my granddad lived with us for a year and a half until we couldn't take care of him anymore, now he's in a nursing home. Its hard work to take care of a parent, be married, and still find the time for personal projects, my mom almost never was able to go out and have a social life because she had to keep an eye on her father in law.
  14. I make it a blanket rule never to ship to any countries famous for scamming. Regardless whether the seller is legit or not, its better to be safe than sorry. Heck, I am wary of shipping out side ContUS just because I don't want my "bridges burnt". I have no problem shipping to people I know say forum admins who might be unlucky enough to live in Canada but other than that, I don't take risks, its better to lose a few bucks by selling to a trustworthy buyer than it is to make a few bucks more and lose it all a day or two later.
  15. Since you're just carrying an LCD, just put the PC under one arm the LCD under another and wear a back pack. When I first took my computer over to friends houses I made the mistake of packing EVERYTHING I thought I would need. Turns out you can get by a lot lighter since its going to be playing games and stuff, leave your peripherals at home, forget the cables for your phone/mp3 player, USB hubs, etc. Chances are if you're taking up more than 5 USB ports, you've got too much. Oh you don't even need a mic since there are real people around you. The Light packing list: Tower Monitor 2 power cables Power strip Mouse Keyboard LAN Cable DVI/VGA cable Controller (maybe) Mousepad CD Binder Headphones That should be really all you NEED, and remember its a lot more fun when you dont spend an hour simply plugging everything in. Packing light is the key to getting in and out fast at a LAN party, less to have stolen as well. Oh and case weight doesn't really matter too much, since once you have it set under your arm and angled out a little bit, it isn't going anywhere, and you don't have to be strong to hold it up since its resting on your hip, and I have a 19in widescreen flat panel with a nice, heavy stand, really easy to hold where the stand connects on the back of the monitor, this way you're holding both the monitor and the stand without putting excess pressure on the screen. I look like a circus coming in sometimes, but having whittled transport down to an art is worth it.
  16. Those are marking the bullet holes... Where was that, thought I heard Plano on the radio in the video... That's just north of Dallas, Plano is a NICE city, Dallas is like an armpit in the meteroplex.
  17. Foobar2k is great, and my choice for Windows music players, but I like being able to put music on my Ipod and just run it through the line out on the bottom (special dock connector) and into my computer, that uses 0 system resources I don't mind the lack of built in library too much, I keep all my stuff sorted by file structure, at lot easier IMHO
  18. Its a binaural recording, those are always cool Look up a sound called "binaural paper"
  19. You're situation is very similar to mine, except I am still on AGP. It is very hard to figure out what to do when you're on an AGP board with DDR1, meaning you have to upgrade the motherboard, processor, video card, and RAM (to DDR2) just so one upgrade is compatible with the rest. It is a tough decision, but I would suggest, since you have PCI-E to get a newer video card now, then upgrade to a C2D system a little bit later. Intel really does have the best processors out there right now, even the cheaper ones like has been mentioned before can be easily overclocked well beyond their stock speeds. Just my .02
  20. Meh, CC sent me an email telling me "no" basically so I'm stuck at OD, but its OK, a lot of new stuff to learn, but I actually like having to do heavy lifting and stuff, its gonna build muscle really quick, pulling chairs down from top stock. Customers are worse than fast food people, they need constant attention, can't find something if it stares them in the face, but it could be worse. Pay is going to be much nicer here than working at Braums too lol. We are going to get a good Market Basket percentage for the quarter so I will even get a bonus even though I haven't worked the full quarter. I took some basic quizzes and then they threw me in feet first, which I guess is a good way to learn, I'll catch on fast, and the other guy I worked with today SUCKS so I know I'll look good working next to him easy .
  21. Check all the caps on the motherboard, make sure there's no physical damage to it. Is there a computer store you can go buy a cheap board from, test it and then take it back?
  22. This is the wrong website to post this on... Look for reviews of the different brands, read their history... Buy the Sharper Image one or whatever, its expensive, really expensive so it has to be good, I don't know. How do I overclock my computer is a much better question to ask on these forums rather than what kind of dehumidifier do I get. And then bumping it every few hours. The members lounge is not that active, its not going to fall to the second page in a couple of hours...
  23. Well, I found a lot of files, but now I have no where to put them! I'll try and borrow a friend's HD today see if anything that's been suggested will work, thanks Nerm and NRG.
  24. nan0click

    Stay Away Pt 3

    I just dropped back to XP from Vista, while I wasn't having problems, I needed performance for now rather than freshness, but Vista worked perfectly for me. Maybe if you didn't hate it so much going in to it... I mean, you can make a little mistake, blame it on Vista and it can snowball into the issues you're having, while someone else could really want to like Vista, fix the little stuff and never have an issue with the big stuff. XP is the same way, you just never think about it, with in a week after a fresh install there are hundreds of tweaks I've done, its simply a reflex now, I couldn't even list what I do to customize since its spontaneous, but one thing would be the file view settings, but there is much more I change. I think this sums it up best, a comment made when XP was released, "If you are building a new system, then by all means, install Windows XP. If you think that Windows XP is going to revolutionize the way you use a computer and surf the web, wake up and save your money. "
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