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  1. Wow, 18 pages in the "Food" forum... Enough said *Goes out to a local steak house*
  2. My only thing is I don't think once can be born ., events early in life can make you more attracted to the same . I guess, but it simply doesn't make sense to be born ., when you have the ability to procreate with the opposite gender. I have no problem with people who are ., hell, my boss is. Does their orientation really affect me? Not at all. Let them make their own choices, who am I to impose what I think on someone else? Post wasn't really funny though, sounds kind of bitter if you ask me... But I truly don't care if you are ., straight, or something totally off the wall. [Answered and snipped.]
  3. *Goes and gets some popcorn and a comfy chair*
  4. Rofl'ing at the not so subtle innuendos...
  5. It was funny, but a lot of it seemed to be "shock factor" as cdoggown mentioned. Still hilarious IMHO
  6. Why is Bush an idiot? I always hear him called that, but the statement ends there, there is never an explanation... Is it because he talks funny? Are all people raised in the south idiots? He stutters a lot? You wouldn't be nervous when everything you said was rebroadcasted to your whole nation if not the whole world, if every step you took was tracked by the news media... Maybe its because he invaded Iraq on bad intelligence, yes, because the president was fed incriminating misinformation, and he decided to act on it, with the American people's best interest on his mind, he is definitly and idiot. Al Gore would have done a much better job, destroying our economy to protect this environmental problem, yes, we are facing impending doom. Maybe John Kerry would have been better, after all, he never lied, and had a consistent voting recrod, never voting for something before he votes against it. Yes, a man who earned a purple heart in Vietnam by throwing a grenade in the water and being hit by his own shrapnel would be a much better choice. What's up with all these conspiracy movies anyway, they're a mix of bad science and the urge to prove unreasonable opinions right. As much as you hate Bush and hate your government that was chosen by the people en masse, is it really that bad? You complain there isn't enough money in the budget when taxes are lowered and complain when you have to pay more taxes to fill the budgets for the programs you want, does this make any sense? People have died for your safety and continue to die for America to remain its own independent nation. Do you really think some other countries would think twice before invading us if our government and armed forces were weak? /rant Oh and, the "you" in the post addresses no one specifically.
  7. This thread has inspired me to make an effort to use Opera, perhaps one day I will see it as a realistic alternative instead of a novelty browser as I have usually seen it. It is snappy, but seems to render pages slower than FF, but I will try to get used to it, and the speed dial thingy is cool.
  8. Look at the Cannon Powershot SD1000, I have never used one myself, but that seems to be the camera most often suggested to people looking for a point and shoot camera... Google some reviews for it, it usually fairs pretty well for simple picture taking.
  9. The heat of a lightsaber cauterizes(sp) the wound as the cut is made because the skin is so close to bone to skin, it fuses the wound together. Unless Jack's arm is made of pure blood, with nothing to seal shut, there would be no blood and guts
  10. If the public opinion polls are even close to right, I hope we don't get stuck in yet another fight for the War on Terror before Bush's term is up. I like the guy and everything, and I think we're doing the right thing, but this would come across as a lot worse than simply trashing the White House and pulling the W keys off of keyboards. If we get stuck on yet another front now, Republican (aka Conservative in laymen eyes) support will drop faster than some kind of unique analogy (you fill it in). Wait until we get another Rebublican in, than take the Middle East by storm. At least that's what I would do if I was supreme advisor for planning plans for the GOP. OffT: Why is it that many insist we should've joined WWII sooner because of the concentration camps we knew about, yet when asked about rape rooms and genocide, people still say we should have never gone to Iraq? Killing Jews is just as bad as killing Arabs in my eyes, we're all humans. Ok someone pick this unreasonable statement apart Or you could just leave me to my delusioned views which all make sense in my head
  11. At the top silver bar, it says I have -3 New Messages, but I still have the same old PM's in my box, how do I get -3 New Messages? Its not really a big deal, but thought you guys would like to know...
  12. Your wage is going to heavily depend on the cost of living in your area. For Cali, probably around $9 for entry level Geek Squad work. What is minimum wage in CA, in Texas its $5.25 or something like that, I started at $7 at Office depot if that gives you any kind of ball park figures...
  13. You have Telnet or SSH (as was previously mentioned) to even gain control of the router, from there I have no idea what the command would be. If you have a different kind of firmware, you could actually set a script on the router to run every few days to reboot itself, or maybe every night when you're asleep. Maybe someone better versed in Linux would know how to do this. This may only work on the WRT54G series and other routers that run Linux, D-Link may not work. Perhaps you can access it by typing in your gateway IP address. Also you could enable remote access and type your WAN IP from another connection to access it that way too. Just a couple of ideas, good luck.
  14. Its not ignorance, its not negative. All I am saying is that the situation is very similar to a child who has been raised for their whole life in a Christian setting, going to Christian private schools, then one day starting at a public high school. It is a shock, the kid is going to be uncomfortable. Its not that he hates them for being different, its a new experience, kind of like starting a job where you know none of your coworkers, it takes time to get to know them, but you have to make the effort to blend. That's all I am saying, If you are an atheist, and you walk into a southern baptist church, if you are christian and you walk into some kind of Pagan worshiping, you feel out of place. Its not intolerance, just a mild discomfort. Anyway, it appears HE is going to have to make an effort here. Oh, what about a soccer ball, a football, a base ball, maybe a tennis ball and a pair of rackets, you don't need anything special to play catch... God forbid a volley ball even, no nets or hoops required, just hit it back and forth. Let him drive your car a bit down dirt roads or out somewhere where there is no traffic.
  15. Is he coping with you and your uhh slightly different beliefs OK? Perhaps staying with someone who believes nearly opposite of what he believes makes him uncomfortable because he's never been around it before. I mean no offense to either of you, it can make someone who is so used to being around only people that have the same views as they do uncomfortable, not the stereotypical Islamic hatred that caused 9/11 or anything like that, just an out-of-place feeling. Either way, he should suck it up, it was his choice coming over here, and he needs to be the one making an effort to make the best of it. You're bending over backwards to accomadate him, it would be nice if he tried some too. Take him to the city, show him our wonderful American society at its finest Go to the mall, play some basketball 1 on 1, who cares if he's better, it will make him feel good.
  16. They look more like canal phones than IEM's...
  17. My parents lived in Taiwan when Lockheed was General Dynamics, the Taiwanese have a lot of F16's now
  18. Any video that is going to take a side will always show the other side as extremely unreasonable and irrational. It took a bunch of idiots out protesting, "sheep" as someone said earlier, and asked them a logical question they weren't prepared to answer, none thought ahead. I have many personal thoughts and beliefs on society today, some are defined, reasonable stances, but some, and I'll be the first to admit, seem very illogical, possibly stupid, and I work on defining and classifying those beliefs, developing rational arguments to back myself up, I quit on Christianity out of bitterness, but now I am no longer bitter, I have logically looked at it and have decided the facts are not in a deity's favor. It was hard breaking away from something that defined my life for so long, but it was as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Now I decide where I stand morally on issues like this on my own, without feeling obligated to choose based on a two thousand year book. I think abortion is OK within reason. It shouldn't be abused, but it shouldn't be illegal either. 1st trimester for choice abortions is fine, and 2nd and 3rd are great for medical reasons. Adoption is also a valid option, but unfortuantly, people get so "goo-goo eyed" at their baby when its born, any thought of giving it away becomes nonexistent. The option must be made clear to single women, and CPS should be involved in making sure the mother is capable to raise a child in whatever condition she is living/working in. She must be financially stable, etc. or the baby can be adopted to a family unable to have children, or something. This way, the kid wins, the mother is going to be thrust into poverty because she now feeds two mouths, or be shamed for having kid(s) at such a young age. Totally irrational when I look back, but I'll figure something out and justify it to myself, after all, I'm the only judge that relay counts when judging myself online
  19. Going out to he street races in Fort Worth is a rush! Well... We don't really have a designated spot to do it, so we get chased around the city finding somewhere secluded to race, but its still fun
  20. I actually liked the taste of Diet Mountain Dew once, it was surprisingly close to the real flavor even though everyone else says its nasty, I don't know, I liked it. Diet Dr. Pepper is nasty, so is Diet Coke, and Diet anything else. Coke Zero is bearable, so is anything else made with Splenda. We have a lot of Splenda at home because my dad is diebetic, but he still likes a lot of sweetener in his coffee.
  21. Anytime you even wonder whether or not you should notify the authorities, its better safe than sorry.
  22. Not according to the Christians Seriously, you see two people, "What religion are you?" "Catholic, you?" "Christian." "I see..." Me, "Atheist." Them: "HOW CAN YOU NOT BELIEVE IN GOD!!!!!!" Who cares what the "church" says, what's your interpretation of the bible? If you don't know, and you really care about being sacreligious, look it up, don't let someone else tell you what's right and wrong, since your Christian, get it from the horses mouth, *sarcasm* surely a God who gives a mans daughters to a lusting mob of men, one Who kills firstborn children in Egypt won't mind you dressing up as an Anime character, Christmas trees are just as Pagan as Halloween, but you have one of those don't you?
  23. I know it won't be new as in brand new, but it would be "new" for me. And trucks aren't just for hauling tons of crap, smaller ones are pretty cool. And as long as the car doesn't get crappy gas mileage, under 20mpg, I'm fine, I make enough money to pay for gas. I'm a good driver (personal opinion), and feel pretty safe when I drive even in what I have now, simply because I pay attention to what's going on around me, and always drive defensively. I was looking at something a little more sporty than a Crown Vic, probably something more of a coup design, V6, V8 doesn't matter a lot, but bigger engine is always better. I know to shop around, but seeing something like an 05 Mustang for $3,000 would definitly set some alarm bells off, so possibly a suggestion for what can be bought on average in the $5-7k price range is mostly what I was looking for.
  24. I am looking at purchasing a "new" car in a few months, maybe for about $5000-7000. I don't mind paying insurance for something sporty, in fact, I would like something that has a lot of parts for it so I can give it a little bit of kick. I guess a small truck would be OK, but I want to be able to get 20MPG. I want a standard transmission in it for sure. I was looking at some late 90's Mustangs, Firebirds, or maybe even a Civic or something. This car would be something that I wouldn't mind purchasing stock since I need to learn about them anyway, I would rather do work on it myself. Right now I'm rolling in a stock 1995 Ford Taurus GL Sedan, so anything would be better It's worth about a grand, maybe $1500, and I would sell it to help pay off the new car. The question is, can you guys suggest something that would be inside the price range, maybe a specific year, for me to look at, maybe some places to buy parts for it and possibly some model specific forums to read through to better understand the car, yes, I know Google is great, but maybe you guys know some better forums than what's simply at the top of the list. Thanks And no, mommy and daddy aren't buying this for me, this will be on my own.
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