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    3.0E P4 Prescott cooled by Tt Big Typhoon
    Geil 512x2 DDR Ram PC 3200
    ASUS P4P800SE
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  1. Yes, you are right, I've had my 3.0 Prescott to 3990Mhz and it still won't outperform a heavily overclocked AMD, not that that kind of performance is necassary for anything I do, heck I have no reason to overclock, just do it for fun. Thats why next time I'm going AMD, lol.
  2. I need some help picking out a board for a 3200 venice chip. The pc will not be used for gaming, just a fast computer for internet, word processing, and entertainment stuff. Basically I'm just looking for a stable, reliable board. Oh yea, overclocks will be minimal if at all. And I'd like to keep price under$135 or so. Thanks Dan
  3. I really, really wanted to read a post about you burning something. Next time, go crazy..... Just kidding of course, my friend has one of those 60gb Ipods and they are sweeeet.
  4. So, AMD 3200+ Venice is the best bang for the buck and a good, fast, chip? Now onto motherboards. Soltek SL-K890Pro-939?
  5. ~$950 for case, psu, cpu, ram, mobo, video, sound, hard drive, os, and cd/dvd drive. Just got off the phone with him. Thanks
  6. I really can't give more details on what he wants because he doesn't know. I don't have a mobo picked out yet, this is a build. He wants a fast computer with lots of storage for his music and something he can watch movies on. That's basically all he can tell me because he is inept when it comes to computers. He told me "I just want it to be fast,". So this is what I'm working with. I have a 3.0E in my pc and it seems very fast at everything I do including gaming, but I kind of want 64bit for him so it will be up to date and what not.. Let me know what you guys think... Dan
  7. I'm building a pc for a friend. He wants something fast he told me, and that's about his only concern this is a hard decision to make. Minimal gaming will be done, but lots of DVD and CD rips and copies and what not. He's basically wanting something up to date and very fast that he can have all of his media on. I was thinking maybe the venice 3200 or something along those lines??? I don't know you guys help me out, and give a few all over the price range too. Thanks Dan
  8. First off, this is on Windows 98. Trying to hook a computer to the internet using People PC's dialup service. When setting up, pops up and says screen resolution must be at least 800x600 for setup to work. Ok, so go in to display settings, and try to move the bar over to 800x600, (It's at 480x640 now) and the bar doesn't move. The monitor is very small, so i figured it may not work on other settings, so I put a 17 inch monitor on, let it recognize it, and still doesnt work. Next, I put a different video card in to see if that would do anything. Installed drivers, etc. and nothing. So, I don't know how to change the screen resolution. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dan
  9. My 3.0E chip runs stable at 3.87 Ghz on a P4P800SE. But I would still rather have the AMD.
  10. My 3.0 Pressy O/Cs stable to 3.87Ghz with 2x512 Geil value RAM on a P4P800SE, all air cooled. Stock RAM timings and no dividers. You should be able to get pretty high. Dan
  11. You are right. My buddy doesn't even know what overclock means. I myself have a 3.0E P4 Processor running at 3.8 but I don't know much about AMDs. I've just realized that they are better processors in my opinion. Maybe I'll sell him my setup and go AMD myself....... Thanks guys
  12. I think I'm going to save some money and go this route: Motherboard Processor RAM I have that RAM in my PC and absolutely love it and the price is excellent. What do you guys think?
  13. Thanks for the reply. I already have a video card, this one. I was planning on using it because nothing special at all is needed. Is that enough RAM? Thanks for all your help
  14. I'm building a rig for a friend and I need some help. Probably going to go with a 64bit proccessor and run XP64 Bit edition. Basically, I'm looking for a motherboard with decent onboard audio, and no onboard video. I also need some help with the proccessor. I haven't even decided between AMD and Intel. Probably just going to use a PCI video card I have, as nothing fancy is needed. Motherboard audio should be able to support these speakers. If not I guess I'll throw in a sound card. So what I'm asking for is a good 64bit mobo/cpu/ram for around $500. Thanks everyone Dan
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