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    Bf2 On Lindows

    Alright fellow geeks....I have a question. I just got the free download of Linspire that they offered a week or so ago. My question is this. Can I load and play BF2 on it? system specs are XP 64 3400 1 gig ddr dual channel 160 gig sata Nvidia 6600 gt anything else you need to know post here and ill answer. Window$ Blow$ with all their product activation and updates and security issues all the time....juat looking at alternatives. Thanks in advance.
  2. On my Bonneville its the door unlock button twice on the keychain remote.
  3. Anything with a GM 3800 (front wheel drive) and less than 150k miles will be a good start. Tough reliable engine. Decent mileage. Will go 200K plus if ya take care of it. Bonnevilles are sportier. Olds ride better. Buicks well, their buicks. I've owned 5 cars with these 3800 engines and they never quit. One had 250K on it before I overdrove it and got a rod knock.
  4. Sounds like power steering pump OR rack and pinion..... Im guessing its gushing fluid by now? Yeah, either one is more than 100 bucks....unless its the pump and you buy a used one....the rack and pinion is ALOT of work and probably could be gotten for around 100 bucks..... My suggestion....get some more light in there so you can see exactly what it is then report back. Good luck.
  5. Supertech


    Ida guessed 293 GM or 305 GM....... Revs are kinda quick tho....never woulda guessed V6.
  6. Not sure what they had but they were plenty pi$$ed, pulling up next to me at the light filipping me the bird and such....one guy even hung his a$$ out the window....LOL
  7. " I drive a 93 bmw, with 120k Miles and it runs like a beauty " (I used to beat those with an 88 Oldsmobile with the 3.8 transverse mount in it.) Im a die hard GM fan. Had problems with all 6 fords that Ive owned. Foreign cars are too expensive parts wise for my taste. I currently own a 94 Pontiac Bonneville SSEi (3.8 Supercharged) that will beat almost anything out there will all the comforts of home in it and a whopping 190,000 miles. Runs awesome. Also have a 94 Chev Silverado, Z71, 4x4, extended cab. 240,000 Miles, looks and runs like new. Bottom line. Tank care of your chevy and it will take care of you. PS: Its great to race someone who spent $30,000 on their car and I only spent $8000. AND WIN! Man do they get pi$$y.
  8. okay......that would be why my last post was deleted.... crap....thx
  9. Check it out here.....not sure what I did wrong last time but my post was deleted.... http://cipmax.com/junk/ If this one gets deleted can a mod or admin at least let me know why?
  10. All this free crap going around with referral links....anyone ever got anything? If so from where? Im curious because Im at credit 195 of 210 for the Sony Viao Laptop @ ezlaptop.com and tho Ive read some stuff about them....its all been stuff prior "new management"..... Rant on!
  11. Sounds sweet dude....congrats on the new baby....
  12. ^^^^^ Methinks is on crack ^^^^^
  13. Sorry shoulda specified....6600 GT.....575 core and 1100 mem bus....just used the extended properties Its an MSI card which also has D.O.T. (dynamic overclocking) so I can set it to run at the speeds I want or it'll just overlclock itself when it needs to. On a side note, my motherboard is MSI also and has the same DOT feature.....pretty sweet really. (stock on the card is 400 / 900 respectively.)
  14. Enlightn me on this "Unlocking the pipes......" Is it possible on a 6600? Also, why can I run my 6600 @ 575 and 1100 respectively whilst these 6800 cards run at 350 and 7or 800?
  15. Go Daddy crap..... mydomain.com 7.50 free e-mail forwarding, free web forwarding, all the bells and whistles.... Go Daddy charges for that stuff last time I checked.....I could be wrong tho....
  16. I shoulda gave him vampire face......and teeth.....THAT woulda been cool! LOL
  17. It was said a couple posts back......confidence without the arrogance.... Also its said, the way to a womans heart is to make her laugh....the way to a mans heart is through his stomach.... Above all, relax, be yourself, if the relationship goes ANYWHERE, you'll have to deal with each others personalities, cuz once youre in the old folks home together the LOOKS are pretty much gone..... Beauty comes from the INSIDE, Do you like looking at her more than listening to her talk? My wife is a talker, at first it attracts, the chattyness with everyone, the confidence she has, but sometimes its like Jesus, Shut the crap up once in awhile.....LOL
  18. Windows is a pig.....after a format a certain amount is always missing due to its file allocation system, also, a 200 gig is never a 200 gig, its usually rounded up at the manufacturer, also, even new drives contain a certain amount of bad sectors, these are locked out at the manufacturer. Hope I helped, yeah it sucks, My 160's only show up as 156 or something like that...so thats normal....
  19. http://cipmax.com/bronoring.jpg Done...better.
  20. Painful Deceptions....the movie...watch it. In a nutshell, the movie explains scientifically from beginning to end, (yeah I thought it was more liberalist propoganda too, til I watched it from beginning to end because it comes full circle) the movie explains scientifically, how 9-11 was a SET UP to have APPROVAL from Congress and the American people, to go to WAR with Iraq. FOR THIER OIL. I am not anti american, I support our troops, I am against terrorism, I am glad Saddam is out of power, BUT the fact remains the MEANS used to get there were WRONG and someone isnt telling the true story of 9-11. If you find and watch this movie you too will understand. My point about the oil is that we dont need it. Use nuclear power.
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