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  1. Does anyone know where i can buy the sticky sticker paper? please let me know
  2. hmmm .... make my own? how pleaze tell me!!!!!
  3. thanx but i didnt know what to look for and didnt find anything i liked anybody have any suggestions, oh by the way the sticker is gonna go on the panel being the LCD screen.
  4. hehe ye i believe you yet i can t seem to find any cool looking stickers if anyone knows where i can buy some pleaze let me know
  5. ye i was thinking more of computer companies like intel AMD Nvidia etc... even cool stuff like the playboy bunny will do
  6. um thanx guys im not going to put it into a different case yet i really like the stickers idea they do make things look cooler. 1 thing though where can i buy cool stickers though
  7. Hey guys I was wondering if anybody had any ideas about ways to mod a laptop. Please let me know Thank you Zshopa
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