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  1. First of all it's been literally probably 5 years, maybe 6 or 7 since I've been on the forums, and at least 3 since I've touched a modified computer. My overclocked Socket 462 from back in the day still runs great thanks to you guys Here's my problem: I was putting some music on my fiance's laptop last night, and the screen seemed loose. I turned it off and flipped it over, and the screws in the bottom were all about 1/4 to 1/2 turn loose, and about 10 were missing. I tightened the screws, and that made the screen more stable, but there are still an alarming number of empty spots. It's a 3 year old Gateway NV52, not under warranty anymore. I haven't the slightest clue where to get these things anymore. I know the ebay part listed at 30 bucks is a little on the high side, inasmuchas I need 10 screws, and as a mechanically inclined person, I know that 3 bucks a screw isn't a great deal. Anyone have any direction on this? I just bought some similar screws for a scale model RC I have and paid 3 dollars for 20, but they aren't the same screw. I have an older ASUS laptop (Windows 98 older), and a few old DOS and 3.1 laptops at my parents' house, but these seem to use different screws. If anyone knows where I can get screws for this, let me know. ...And I will be back more often in a few months, when I am building the 6 core rig I have been wanting to do!
  2. Ahhh. Thanx. I think I can track it down now. I found one in the case gallery, but with the wrong label. I'll do some research. BTW this is my first intel computer! EDIT: It is definitely a RaidMax variation.
  3. I just got a new computer, and its perfect except for one thing: It's missing the left case side(where the window should be). I found a pic that looks exactly like it in a diff. color, and I want to know if anyone recognizes what manufacturer it is. Here's the link to the pic I found: http://www.otovaganza.com/car-modification...ied-pc-case.png Mine is blue and has diff. switches, but is essentially the same case. My friend has a black version of the same thing, and his case side fits my compy. If anyone recognizes this case's manufacturer, please let me know. Thanx.
  4. I am looking at buying a chip of used DDR 512mb for my dad's PC. What is a good price? I don't use DDR, I'm still old skool
  5. I had a Crossover running, but it didn't...ummm....well, I guess I hooked it up wrong I have now relocated MOST of it for a party on Saturday...Highly portable, b/c it fits right in a car trunk too....Yeah, it's wired into my VW now, and THAT wiring job is something I might have pix of, if my camera agrees to it.
  6. I have to say, Relient K and Rise against ROCK, but someone got me hooked on Lostprophets recently...I'm listening to "Ride"...
  7. The thing I don't get is why the heatsink cooled it fine all last summer...Can you fry thermal paste off a heatsink? I never thought of using rubber bands....Thanx for the idea!...I do have a friend who DUCT TAPED a fan into his PC...
  8. Well, 2 things background. 1) I'm bored 1.5) my compy speakers suck 2) I'm broke So, I decided to build a new one. After several hors of searching my uncle's scrap yard for car speakers, pulling some tweeters from my grandpa's dead TV, and buying a $2 sub at goodwill, I was ready to build. 1)drill 6 speaker mounts in a board(remove all dead furry animals from board 1st) 2)cut 6 speaker holes in that same board 3)wire it all together, set sub+tweeters in front 4)position against wall 5)use many adapters to attach to compy thru old guitar amp booster 6)crank up and shake floor! and THAT is how we build sound systems out here! Well, I had fun at least 8)
  9. HI! I'm back, with a blown vid card(i think). Well, here's my story. It's really hot out here, and I left my compy running in a game for a few hours while I went elsewhere. I went back to find my Geforce4 GFX card badly overheated. Now, when I start a game it takes only a few minutes to start acting up. I could run a game 24/7 in the winter, and 4-5 hours straight in the summer at 250mhz over! Now it won't last 10 minutes without overheat @stock speeds! what did I do? I'm too broke to buy a new one...
  10. Hey guys! I'm back. I haven't been on in nearly a year! I've got some problems fixed since I was on here regularly(except while I fixed my problems, my compy's problems grew ) So I'm back, I see most of the regular users from a while ago are still on. Yeah, I'm still running my Athlon T-bird 1400(at almost 2 gigs). I decided to come back when I killed my Geforce 4 vid card. So yeah, I'm just stopping by the members' lounge to say hi! * Dtaylor cringes and waits for somoene to yell that this post is in the wrong place* LOL some things never change
  11. You said something about not being able to open the throttle all the way and having it die. There could be particles of something in your gas that were slowly clogging the carb...That happened to me with a 2 cycle. Oops, just read Bigred's post, and he's saying the same thing I am basically. U are lucky your engine will start at all with no wiring. My bike's an Elite 50 And it has so much electric stuff that It would shut itself off if it was wired wrong.
  12. Hey, I can reason with that, roadkill! And now I see why my Dad doesn't let me put my PC online (it's in my room, whhere I do Homework LOL)
  13. Well, to start out, I needed to crank everything up to try to fix NFSHP2. Someone suggested I try that(he thought AF and AA were off). Then, I tried limiting my system's power to play NFS Porsche(that was recommended by the same person).
  14. Has anyone bought that p3 proccy yet? or the mobo? What socket(on both)?
  15. All these new upgrades to the site are making for slow loading But on topic, we COULD use new smilies when there is time to put them in. I think that we soud get AIM style smilies
  16. Like, it looks GREAT, but are you asking about performance of the system? I LOVE the case+painting, but if you're asking about performance, then I am not sure.
  17. It didn't fix my problem, but it's helped anyway. Thanx again for all the help. Oh, BTW, cool custom member title sovek...
  18. LOL lego, you have a point. Down with apple! LOL.
  19. When I had my Rio Cali, I could go into the player as a drive and it worked perfectly.
  20. If you know someone like me, who's cheap(and lives nearby) you could give it to them, and chances are, they'll try to repair it. Or Ebay...Not Kidding...people can sell ANYTHING there, so If I were you I'd try it...some repair place somewhere might want it, or can fix it.
  21. Thank you for the clarification, raven65. I was referring to Guzzidom's sarcastic post..... BTW, What I meant by my last post was I didn't have too much Homework During the loading times, I got maybe 5 numbers into my calculator each time...LOL. Then again, I am running it in 160mb of RAM...Not kidding.
  22. The site isn't geared toward kids, this poll is. And FYI, MANY gamers are younger and still in college/grade school. But ON TOPIC, last night I did my Homework during The loading times of underground 2...Not kidding. It started out as " I forgot my calculator, I'll use my PC's calc program." Someone(myself) had put the machine in hibernate mode running underground 2, however, and I couldn't resist playing (used my palm pilot's calc.) BTW, firestorm, Nice sig. I AM Using firefox on a mac(only at school) and I see where your sig came from
  23. STE: I can't do that anymore....I have a math teacher that makes sure of it.
  24. Our videogames are all non-gory, peace-promoting games("Nice city") hmmm....
  25. What do you do when you are SUPPOSED to be doing homework? I have LOUD music, handheld games, candy bars, the works.
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