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  1. let's try not posting all in caps. Feel free to edit your message again, and post this time w/o all caps. Thanks.
  2. is it worth upgrading my mobo or should i just get better ram?
  3. my score was 1559 on my fx5200 non ultra is this good? AMD Athlon XP 2100+ 1.7 GHz fx5200 non ultra Memory 256 MB ECS K7S5A Version 1.0 Windows XP
  4. xp2100+ k7s5a 256mb ram geforcefx 5200
  5. how high should my fx 5200 score in 3dmark 2001
  6. can i clock it up to the 5200 ultra's stats, if not how high
  7. it rocked, i had to sneak my friend in because they wouldn't let him in if jis mother didn't stay for the movie
  8. my parents gave me there old 85 lincoln town car. it runs but it needs a little work. the power steerinf leaks( have you ever driven a 10 ton car with out it?) the oil needs to be changed, and a lot of other things. ps, my mothers the worst slob ive ever seen.
  9. i was letting my dog in the house just a little while ago and i went to close the storm door and my finger was still there. the one side of my finger is mangled by the flat part of the door, the other side is missing a huge chunk from the frame of the door
  10. sorry i took it the wrong way i thought u were warning me
  11. the radiator i have has a 3/8 od, why should i watch out for it
  12. i have a radiator, so what waterblock and pump and other stuff should i buy
  13. i got my mower going fast enough to float off the ground about an inch
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