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  1. what is the dual core all about? i havent been keepign up on the technology, alls i do is model and render.
  2. I am planning to build a dual processor machine,a nd i need a case that will keep cool. Is there a particular case company that i should check out, or could i just modifyany case to accept more fans?
  3. thanx cybergrunt, not sure if i understand the whole virtual memory vs actual memory thing
  4. Quote Lots o' RAM seems to help too. Yes, but the 4 gig limit by windows XP doesnt help. I was thinking about the 10K sata now that u mention it, faster than the 7200 but not as expensive as 15k
  5. ok, sounds like ill opt for the opteron duallies if theres no mobo for the athlon. I understand that im gonna pay a good amount more for a dual setup compared to a single, but i need substantial performance. I render heavy geometry multi large textured architectural scenes. I am thinking that i want a dual 3 gig mobo with 4 gigs of memory (WindowsXP limit) EDIT I render using Maya's Mental Ray. I need a machine that is VERY much faster than my current 2.4Ghz 1Gig mem comp i have now. I set aside 4 thousand for this but i know i can do it for less if i build it myself. All these big name, and so called discount comp builders have the machine at around $5000 and they are making a killing. I mainly software render with very few hardware renders Is the heat issue with Xeons substantial? or is it something that can be addressed with a better case and more fans, or even liquid cooling? So Oralpain,are you saying that Amd's have more than one bus? not sure i follow u on that one Thanks for the info
  6. I am in the process of building a dual processor render machine, and heard that there is no use in getting more than 4 gigs if i run WinXP. Why is that if it is true?
  7. I am planning to build a rendermachine and was wondering if a raid with scsi will help the rendertimes at all? Will be using maya with Mental Ray Plan on building a dually .
  8. I am planning to build a dually to render heavy geometry architectural scenes, and was wondering what processors i should consider? I have heard xeons run a little hotter than say opterons or athlons? What are the things i need to think about before i buy the processors for this task? Thanx
  9. Looking to build a dually to render with maya, mental ray. I believe ill be giong with either opterons or athlons. I have heard xeons run a little hotter than either of these (?) Anyways, what boards should i look into and why? supermicro? any others? Thanks
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