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  1. Is that price shipped?? If it is, I will most likely take it. Let me know. I prefer to use Paypal as a payment.
  2. nah boarder, your wrong. you can buy, as I have with 3 different people on here already. You just cant sell until 90 days which in my case is the beginning of july. so i really do appreciate your cautiousness, but Im up to par already. rock on!
  3. cool, thanks for all the help. Im just going to get the antec for a good price. Im praying thats the prob! lol.... Ill keep it posted.
  4. I wish I did, I dont have any others laying around. I am taking a guess, thats what it is. I have a friend that works at best buy, and he recomended me an antec "true power" 550 watt psu, and garuntees me thats what it is thats wrong. At retail cost of 159.99, I would just get an OCZ, but he told me that his cost on it would be 97.89, is that worth it? I never dealt with antec brand before....
  5. hey, all I was just having a leisurly game of NFSU2, and all of a sudden, the computer turns off, i mean, everything in the case went off and the neon on my case fan, went out. completely black. Im thinking it is the PSU, its just a generic 430 watt job, running 2 hard drives, 2 92mm case fans, 1X 120mm case fan, 2 ide cd drives, an overclocked 2500 barton @ 1.75V, and a Geforce 6800 O/C BFG. I think it may have just died out. I have never dealt with a dead psu, but I cleared the CMOS, and unplugged the psu, and then reconnected it all, and NOTHING. It only has one of the green lights on the mobo lit up, it wont turn on the computer. Please guide me here, Im lost! thanks in advance!
  6. aww, i thought they were cathodes, my bad, sorry! good luck with the sell. R
  7. hey, I have the same motherboard in one of my rigs with a non mobile unlocked barton 2500, and I have the same issue. you just cant go past the 208 without it locking up or freezing or just plain crashing. I have tried 4 different types of ram including ddr433, and it wouldnt work @ 217 which is stock settings. I have also wondered about the uber bios, but I dont really think that will help any, as this is a known issue on it. As far as the ram goes, thats not the issue, neither is the psu. I can get my 2500 to 2500 mhz in the bios screen, but it wont go past. If you find something else out or find out how to get it past the 208, drop me a pm, and let me know, as I have been having this issue for a few months now. Thanks.
  8. 12.00 shipped on them. paypal immediate. lmk
  9. I think it looks really dang good! my first lapping was a disaster, causing more gouges and knicks than anything, lol. nice job!
  10. 40.00 shipped on the vid card... paypal immediate. let me know asap, as I may have another deal on another board.. thanks.
  11. Hey all, I have an issue that im dealing with here. I have an athlon xp 2500 (stock 1.8ghz) running at 3200+ speeds ( 400 fsb @ 2.2ghz), perfectly stable. Its run along with 1.5 gigs of Corsair XMS PC3200, and a BFG Geforce 6800 O/C @ 380/770.. Here is my ?. I have been pondering going to an a64 setup for a month now straight. I even thought about going to P4 ( 3.4 650), but I rid that idea. I am thinking about getting a 3800 venice, and a dfi nf4 board, and just transfer the ram and vid card to it. Will I see any difference in gaming? I can play all the latest games with ease, and the rig doesnt give me any hesitations whatsoever. I just dont know if I should justify spending close to 500.00 bux for a matter of 200 mhz of speed on the core cpu.. Can you all give me some insight here? Im ripping hair out at the moment..
  12. hey all, I just was messing around with my BFG 6800 O/C card, and got it from 350 core/700 memory (stock) to a comfortable (for me) 370 core/775 memory... Here is the question I have.. I used rivatuner, and unlocked all 16 pipes and vertex shader stuff, then later on I went back into riva tuner to see the clock settings, and it states 525 core, 1050 memory.. what is that?? is this just a glitch in rivatuner? or could it be that unlocking the 6800, rivatuner thinks its a GT model?
  13. Hey all, I was experimenting around with an unlocked barton xp 2500+, and got it to around 2.41 ghz with 1.85V (ps i suspect is the prob here, as cpu-z states it flutters from 1.824-1.85), its just a generic brand 430 watt job..... and I was wondering about the OCZ powersupply.. I can get it to post @ 2520 MHZ in the bios, but I cant get past that.. It wont go to windows, or it just blue screens out. I loosened all ram timings (corsair XMS). I was wondering if the 100 bux would help any to squeeze all of the power out of the little xp chip as I can. Or do you think it would be a lost cause? I have read a few reviews on this power suppy, and they recieved very good results, but I was wondering if I can get some real world peoples opinions here, as I dont know the makers of the reviews that I read, and I dont know if they are just saying that to sell the product. Thanks in advance for all of your help!
  14. with a budget water cooled setup, you can get to 2.7 rock stable, I just did.. keeping temps very nice.....
  15. yea the PSU is a generic brand, 430 watt. I watch in the bios, for the cpu voltage, and if it is set in the bios @ say 1.75, it fluctuates from 1.74 to 1.69 and so on. Could it be the PSU and ram? You think the cpu can go further with better power and ram?
  16. Hey all, Here is the situation. I got an athlon xp 2500 to tinker with, and got it to 2.2 ghz without touching any voltage, or anything, just on stock defaults. Running the ram 1:1 @ 200 mhz. It is Corsair XMS PC3200 (2X256MB). It is running in dual channel on a DFI Lanparty NF2 Ultra B. I then go to 209 mhz on, and it posts @ 2.3 ghz with 1.7V, and runs in windows fine for a little while, then it will just freeze up. I tried punching up the CPU voltage to 1.8, and loosened the timings of the ram from 6-3-3-3-2 to 8-3-3-3-3, and 9-4-4-3.0. I also raised the voltage to 2.7-2.8, each do the same freezing problem. Im just wondering if the ram is just squatting out, and the cpu can go farther. I was messing around with it cuz I got a little antsy, so I pushed it to 219 mhz on the ram, and it posted the bios @ 2.4 ghz, but I would get a blue screen of death afterwards. I never got it posted to windows. Im wondering if I should buy some DDR550 or DDR500 to see. But I dont want to waste the cash on a gig of OCZ or something just on a wonder if it would make the cpu go faster.. What do you guys/gals think???
  17. well, I did some more tinkering with it, and got it to 380 core/ 770 memory stable. I ran 3dmark03 again and got 10680. Is 11K possible??? lol
  18. will reseating the stock hsf unit (has 2 fans on it) with Arctic Silver 5 make any difference? will that void a warranty with BFG?
  19. I just tried to do 780 on the ram, and got artifacts on 3dmark03... does that mean I have reached the max??
  20. Hey again.. I just recently got a 6800 BFG O/C AGP Card, brand new, (so I know its never been tampered with as far as overclocking). This is the situation.. I Ran coolbits on it and did the auto-detect setting, (stock the card sits at 350 core and 700 memory), so I figured that auto-detect would come up with something better than 371 core and 735 ram. I toned down the settings on the core, just in case that the stock cooling wasnt enough, and left the ram as it was.. Success. Next I got my hands on RivaTuner, and unlocked the extra pipes on the card, now its running at 16 pipes. Which boosted 800 points in 3d mark03 alone. My question is this: Is there a better cooling solution so I can overclock higher?? I fiddled with it a little, and got it at 355 core/750 memory right now, but the 2.2 ram on it should theoretically go to 909 mhz... I was thinking about taking off the stock hsf unit, and putting on some Artic Silver 5 and reseating it, but will that actually be able to pull off better values?? The case side is off the computer now, and there are 2 90mm fans blowing from the face of the computer now, so I dont think air circulation is a problem.. What do you peeps think about the AS5 on it? Also, does putting that stuff on there void a warranty from BFG?? As it is Lifetime and all... ========================= Here are some of the 3dmark03 scores that I achieved: 9094- 6800 o/c stock @ 12 pipes 9853- 6800 o/c stock @ 16 pipes 10209- 6800 o/c @ 365/735 @ 16 pipes 10087- 6800 o/c @ 355/750 @ 16 pipes ============================= The rig is as follows: (In case specs are needed) AMD Athlon XP 2500 @ 2.2ghz 400 FSB 768MB Corsair XMS PC3200 DFI NF2 Ultra B Lanparty Board BFG 6800 OC AGP Vid. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Im basically looking for the most bang out of this card without hurting it..
  21. do you have any pics? they will help it sell. I might be interested in it when I get back home (California). Im currently visiting relatives on the east coast.
  22. how well does that 2500 overclock?? I might have someone interested in getting that from you.
  23. Ok, since you are using a socket a setup with pc2700 ram, you should stay away from the 64 setup. (at least for now)... The 64 setups run very nice with ddr 400 (pc3200). You will end up bottlenecking the new setup if you are going to go to a 64 and keep that ram... For the most bang for the buck I would just get a mobile athlon 2600+. Make sure its a MOBILE.. As it is factory UNLOCKED.. Which in lamens terms means you can pump it to 2500mhz with ease, just by changing the clock multiplier in the mobo... That will utilize the ram you have better than changing motherboard, processor, and ram to get the most out of it... Not to mention that you will be in the hole at least 400.00 to get all those items I have listed. I would just get that processor and get a nice Thermaltake Volcano 7+ HSF or something of the sort, and overclock.. Plus those processors are floating around for 100.00 shipped. Stock speeds will destroy the 2100 you have, and OVERCLOCKED are the equivalent of a 4000+ processor!!! So.. if you are looking to save money and get a TON more performance than the current setup, get the mobile 2600 and overclock it.. Done deal... I hope I didnt ramble on too much.
  24. First off, run a memory divider @ 1:1. Then up vcore to 1.55, (good cooling please....no stock HSF). Then push the fsb settings up to the max that the ram can handle (maybe push up the Vdimm voltage to the ram, cuz you didnt specify what type of ram it is. Remember to run at 1T HTT. That should show some oc results for you.
  25. is this still available?? I am interested, ill offer you 60.00 shipped for it.
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