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  1. but how will that corsair do on overclock with tight timings? I have a few sticks of them, and they cant overclock too well, *pc3200*, unless its the junky asus board im on.
  2. sweet, it looks like its in budget, will that ram be good for overclocking?
  3. He has an ocz powerstream 520 watt psu. I think it should be enough, but would the X850 be better than the 800PE?
  4. Hello again all, as usual I turn to you, the experts on these such matters! My brother is going into college next month, and has allotted me 1100.00 to build him a strictly gaming rig. He has the OS and Monitor, as well as the surround speaker setup. He even has a case and power supply! lol, he has almost everything little, just needs the major stuff. He isnt scared of overclocking, and would even like to, so I was thinking a venice core A64, which I dont know, but he has his heart set on the DFI NF4 setup (lanparty). He told me that he wants no lag in games, and no stuttering. I was thinking about a Geforce 6800 GT in PCI-X form, but I also heard that ATI X800XL is better? I never dealt with either of those cards, just the 6800 O/C bfg, not the GT model. I want to use all the money that he has in his budget, and make it go into the system, but I dont know what components would give the overall "gaming" a meaning. I read alot about the TCCD ram, after posting on here with a question about it. I am thinking of getting 1 gig of some g.skill running in that DFI board for him. My main concern is the Hard Drive, what is the best for running games? I heard with SATA drives, that after a certain amount of OC, they start to corrupt and not work/post/ANYTHING. lol. I am just stumped.. If you had 1100 and just needed mobo, ram, cpu, vid. card, and hard drive, what would you get? Is IDE 133 obsolete already? or should I get 2 raptor 36 gig 10K drives?? Or SATA? Darn, Im lost here.
  5. how much for the a64 rig? mainly the mobo and cpu??
  6. 8 shipped on farcry! paypal immediate!
  7. yea my friend told me that he gave the guy 450 of it already, and the next 150 on payday, lol. I told him he was getting ripped. I just wanted to see what you all thought, as my buddy doesnt I guess know he concept of money.
  8. Hey, just a quick post to see if you guys/gals can decypher a friend of mines corny idea. Ok, he has currently an AMD XP 1600+, 512 MB PC2100, on a BIOSTAR board. lol.. Ok, his cousin wants to sell him his 1 year old setup that he has and told my buddy that he needs 600 bux for it.. I told my friend that its too much cash, that he can get something way better, but hey. Dudes setup he wants to sell my friend: AMD Athlon XP 3200+ TT Volcano 7+ HSF 3X256MB PC3200 Buffalo Value Ram Asus A78NX Mobo Generic 450 watt psu PNY Geforce 6800 AGP card LiteOn 16X DVD reader LiteOn 12X DVD burner windowed case NO HARD DRIVE... The guy wants 600 for it, and says its an "ultimate" gaming rig. The guy also said that he never had the need to overclock it, as its "one of the fastest on the market", I laughed at that one... but none the less, He said that my friend would have to put his own hard drive in, as the 300 gig he has in it, has too much of his own stuff on it, and will not sell it.. I was trying to convince my friend that he can have a sweet gaming rig for around that price. BUT, he has his heart set on it, I guess he liked the round IDE cables in it.. I mean, seriously, can 600 put you in something a little better than that type setup?? Did I just waste 600 ALONE on my new 7800 GTX, when I could have had that rig??? Please some insight!
  9. Since I have to wait until the 17th of july in order for it to be my 90 days here, then I can give you an ATI 64MB DDR 8X video card. I got it for free from a friends upgrade, and I never really messed with it. He said it worked fine, I never bothered to test it, I am just too lazy. edit: FREE! Since I got it for free, just pay shipping to get it to you!
  10. Hey all, I am looking to buy a good socket 939 chip. Anything that clocks really well. Im looking for maybe a venice/san diego, or if not, just something that does over 2.5 on an overclock. Post what you got and some prices without shipping, and I can paypal you immediately. I am looking to get something within 2 weeks. Thanks in advance.
  11. sweet! thanks for that, I am definitely going to do a 1:1 then, and just bump it up a little. I think that 2.3 is the MAX to get it somewhat stable. It can boot to 2.4 ghz, but it crashes shortly after. I have it now 1 to 1 @ 200, with the cpu set at 202, giving me 2.26 ghz, and it seems stable.. on to more testing for me right now..
  12. Yes you can use the lcd to view whatever you wish. You would just need to output monitoring software to it.
  13. Ok. Here is the situation. I have been playing around with an unlocked AMD XP 2500 barton 333. I can go to 2.2 @ 200 mhz, and the memory 1:1 @ 1.725 volts. Then, if I go to 2.3 ghz, it really isnt that stable, even with looser ram timings, and 1.85V on it.. BUT, if I put a 6:5 divider on the ram (166 mhz frequency instead of 200 with the 2.2 ghz setting), it works perfect, and fast, with no issues of stability. I cant physically tell the difference between the 2.2 or the 2.3 ghz. The only thing is the ram settings @ 200 freq. is 8-3-3-2.5 and at the 166 freq. is 6-3-3-2. So which would be a better setup to use.. I am running it @ 2.3 right now with no probs, but am I losing performance by having the divider @ 166 instead of 1:1 at 200? The specs of the rig: ASUS A78NX-E Deluxe AMD XP 2500 unlocked barton 1.5 Gigs Corsair XMS PC3200 Thanks in advance.
  14. sorry Nerm, I must have misread your post there. I looked at the Mushkin Redline, and it looks good with tight timings. Between the Mushkin and the Gskill, which would be a better one to get for pushing the max out of this setup?
  15. you wouldnt happen to have a link to that ocz vx ram, I did a search, and when it went to OCZ's website, it didnt mention TCCD ram on it, I dont want to get the wrong one. Also, do you think I should go with a 4800 or 4400 instead of 3200 ram??
  16. Hey all, I was just wondering on what ram to get for this type of setup: Amd A64 3200 venice or A64 3500 venice (still undecided!) DFI Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR Geforce 7800 GTX Antec 550 True Control PSU I dont know all about the TCCD ram.. Its a blank slate to me, and I was wondering what is the best to get. I heard that Samsung chips are good, but Im not sure. I want to overclock to the limit of whatever processor that I do in fact get. I dont want to be held back by ram, I want the cpu to max out, lol. What do you experts reccommend? This is my first A64 setup, and I dont want to make the wrong purchase. Thanks in advance. Would any of you know if the 3500 sandiego would clock better than the above 2 processors that I mentioned? Giving it has the 1Mb cache?? I read some reviews on it, and it seems they can hit 2.7 with ease on air...
  17. very nice find, thank you so much! Im downloading right now!
  18. Ill take the chip and HSF, shipped for 65.00 bux. I can paypal you right now 65.00 for it shipped.
  19. well, they are only 90 brand new shipped for a 2600 mobile. So 60% of new cost, since you did use it for months isnt that unreasonable. I wouldnt need the HSF either, so its just an offer on the chip itself.
  20. no, im on my laptop right now, lol. I would have just swapped if I had another pc around to see. But I am almost positive that its the PSU. I will know later today, when I get the new PSU. EDIT: Thanks for all the suggestions and help here! I just got the true control 550 antec, and the psu was the problem. I was able to overclock successfully another 100 mhz! lol. I dont think that I will outgrow this psu any time soon. Never again for generic power supplies. I just took it for granted the cheap cost of generic over the quality of name brand. To think, I could have ruined a 250.00 video card for the sake of a 30.00 psu, lol. Once again, thanks again for all the input!
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