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  1. thanks, I will try to bench it out and see, I was just wondering if the bus speed would do that much better than just having it at 400 bus :shrugs: what were your settings in the bios to hit 2.5??
  2. Ok all, Since I got my new A64 Rig, I decided to "donate" if you will, my older Athlon XP setup to my cousin.. We are working with: AMD Unlocked Athlon XP 2500 (stock 1.8ghz) Asus A87NX-E Deluxe Mobo 1 gig chip of Corsair XMS PC3200 BFG Geforce 6800 OC Edition AGP. My cousin is off to college soon, and he is into games. I had these items laying around, so I just felt like being "family oriented". LOL. Anyway, back to topic! I can get it to 2.35 ghz with a higher multiplier (11.5) with horrible ram timings and 1.8V @200 FSB for 400 bus speed OR I can lower the mulitiplier to 10X and bump the FSB to 225, (maxed out either ram or mobo) and get to 2250 mhz @ 450 Bus.. *I can get it running fine in windows @ 1.725 volts.. Which would be a better overclock?? As far as speed for gaming and whatnot would be concerned... Thanks In Advance!
  3. yes i did, ill copy and paste it from sent to you again! How much you want for the 2800? let me know either here or on PM. I just sent you that PM again!
  4. well at least that makes me feel better! lol
  5. hey all, im looking for a cheap athlon xp chip, doesnt have to be unlocked, or mobile. Just your average, outdated xp chip, 2000+ and up only. Maybe a 2500 or 2400? I feel bad for my father, he let my younger brother use it, and my brother thought he could overclock like his "older bro" does, and he just told me he upped the voltage to 1.9 in bios, on stock cooling on my dads 2500, and he told me as he was playing a game, it just shut off. I tested it all out, and he burned the chip up. He has since been grounded, and cant touch computers for a LONG time... He is only 14, and doesnt work, or get allowance at my fathers house, I figured I would ask on here for something cheap, as I feel bad for my dad, and want to replace it for him.. Please let me know. I would like to get one asap.
  6. Hey all, after reading a few reviews on these, I see that people are getting 2.7-2.8 AVERAGE on these venice chips?? Is this normal?? My 4000+ is just hitting 2.86 overclocked. Should I have not spent almost 500 on that and 190 on the venice?? The only thing mine has over it, 1mb cache.. Anyone have experience with them? Can they really hit 2.8 on good air??
  7. Best bang for the buck?? get a BFG 6800, (non GT) which comes with 12 pipes and 5 shaders. THEN, download rivatuner, and UNLOCK 4 more pipes and 1 shader, giving you 16 pipes and 6 shaders, the same as a 6800 GT model. The only difference is the ram type (ddr3) and clock speeds. You can then use coolbits, and easily get another 25-30 mhz on core overclock and 50-80 mhz on memory clock with the stock cooling unit on the 6800 without any heat problems. So, save yourself some cash and get a card that ALMOST but not quite gets to the performance of the 6800GT, which will walk all over that little x800. I actually might be selling my BFG 6800 O/C edition AGP, which is 350core/700mem stock, with an unlock of pipes and overclocking a little, with the help of taking off the stock hsf unit, and taking off the stock thermal goo that they use, in replacement with some Arctic Silver 5 compound, reseating the HSF, I am able to get 375core/775mem without even a hiccup of heat or distortion of graphics. I hope that sort of helped you in a decision, as when you tweak the card just a little bit, not even close to hurting it, you gain MASSIVE performance boosts.
  8. ill take the p4 combo for 175.00 shipped. paypal right now. how far did you overclock it?
  9. Hey all, I just got done with building my second a64 rig, its another dfi-nf4 sli-dr mobo, same as the one in my sig, with a 3500+, and 6800GT pci-x. My ? is, I have a month old Antec TrueControl 550W PSU, and I was reading around on some sites, that I might not need to get an adapter for 20-24 pin, that if I have a quality PSU, I can just connect it as the 20 and leave the top 4 open. I just didnt know. When I built the one in my sig, I just went for the OCZ powerstream 600 and was done with it. I just dont want to ruin this PSU.
  10. I had a similar issue with my DFI, just download the newest bios, or sometimes, you can contact them, and get a beta bios. Sounds like a bios problem.. Just try it out.
  11. you have to request a refund, there wont be an option that says refund..
  12. I have 332.00 in paypal right now, so I guess that would have to be my price with shipping included.
  13. The 6800 u is AGP?? I am interested in it, but how negotiable is the price? should I PM you an offer?? I am looking to get a vid card of its caliber within a week, so I would need to know asap. Thanks again!
  14. Hey all, I just got a new Samsung SyncMaster 930B monitor, and it has the regular analog connection, and a DVI connection. I also have a BFG Geforce 6800 OC AGP card, which has both of those connections as well. I have a basic question, and please dont take it too noobish, but I want to run it with a DVI cable, which Samsung was so kind NOT to give me with the 400.00 monitor. Will any DVI cable do? or is there a special one? I was looking at this here, and its 27.00 and then there is this one for 50 bux, the only thing that looks different is the one for 50 bux says that its "guaranteed to work with all digital flat panels/liquid crystal displays". so will the cheaper one work? they both look like 24 pins?! Help me please!
  15. nice new rig man, gj on gettng that bad butt video card. how much did you pay for that card and where did you get it? I am looking into getting that same card. you will have to let me know how it fends for you.. thanks!
  16. still sounds like a corrupted sound driver, probably a corrupted windows installation..
  17. corrupted windows installation....
  18. on that post about the Corsair XMS PC3200 that you had posted I should get. Does the TwinX really matter? As I have 1.5 Gigs of Corsair XMS PC3200 That looks identical to those, down to the stickers, its 2X256MB and 1X1024MB chips, I would use those in his system, but thought they werent great for overclocking in my Asus Board with an XP [email protected] ghz.. I cant go beyond 200 mhz freq with out the computer freezing...
  19. lol, 424 on that x850xtpe card, still a good deal compared to the geforce 7800 gtx which reigns in at 599, lol.
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