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  1. Just wondering, as they have few differences aside from the obvious. Anyone know if its worth getting?
  2. very nice man! good job, high temps though huh?
  3. cool, im getting some! I hate the fact that no matter where I got them from before, they are just crap quality! Thanks again!
  4. I am wondering what THE BEST cables in a round IDE fashion to get. Im not worried about cost, but I am just getting tired of cheap ones and then they die out, or not even work!
  5. Im sorry about that, I must have just spaced putting it in the wrong section..
  6. im not selling alot of things im selling 3 things.
  7. Got it for gaming, but instead, got a bluetooth combo for a birthday gift. I no loneger need this. will come with base, power plug, all cables, mouse and the rechargable batteries. packaging not included. thrown out sorry. 25.00 shipped with USPS Insured Priority mail. paypal preferred.
  8. I have a maxtor 20 gig IDE drive here, that I was going to use for a folder. 25.00 shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
  9. Hey all, I am benching a new setup here. Its: DFI NF3 Lanparty UT 250GB Mobo Clawhammer 3700+ @ 2.53 ghz, 1MB cache BFG 6800 OC I ran the latest Sandra Lite 2005 with the new SR2 update. I am only getting 10547 in dhrystone, 3951 in sse2, and 5159 mflops. My old XP2500 setup ran almost that fast @ overclocked settings (2.2ghz)... What gives here? Shouldnt they be better?? And with a run on aquamark 3, with the bfg @ 16 pipes/380core/780mem., it only got about 57XXX, The XP setup got high 55XXX scores.. Shouldnt an A64 be a little better? Even though its 754???
  10. dont you have to wait 90 days??
  11. im not sure if ATI is covered, but I unlocked my 6800 with a program called RivaTuner.
  12. with the stock unit, it idles about 50 idle, and when in games, it gets to about 61-62.. I was just wondering if I got better cooling to get even more from it.
  13. Looking to overclock this puppy more and safely at that for my cousin. Stock frequencies on this is 350 core/ 700 memory. I took off the HSF unit, and took off all the crap white grease that was barely on it, and slapped some AS5 on them, and reseated the hsf. I got it to 380 core/780 memory. Above that, I start to get artifacts. I unlocked all 16 pipes and all 6 shaders, so all thats left is to get more out of it. What is a good aftermarket cooler that will allow me overclock even further!?
  14. I PMed you the email address to send the pics! And Thanks!
  15. This is what I have in one of my 64 rigs, and it overclocks like nobody's business. The only thing that Im not so happy with are the timings....
  16. too bad I cant get the fsb to 250.. I guess my XMS cant go that far.. I can get it rock stable @ 10X220 with 7-3-3-3 timings. With only 1.7 vcore. I can go as far as 225 and work pretty much OK, but it just freezes occasionally. Anything past 227 on FSB wont even turn on the computer, even @ 1.85V on both ram and cpu. I am forced to clear CMOS and try again. I think its the ram holding me back here....
  17. here is mine for my old athlon xp setup: Athlon XP 2500 @ 2.2 ghz 1.5 Gigs Corsair XMS PC3200 BFG 6800 O/C Edition @ 380/785 @ 16 pipes/6 shaders I dont think its too bad?
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