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  1. on that x800xl, you said you had it on water, does that have the factory air heatsink?? or is it a waterblock only design? I dont have a water setup on my rig. and how flexible are you on that price for it?
  2. Will you take 290.00 shipped on the 4000+? Thats all I have to play with until the end of next month.
  3. 20.00 shipped on the Swiftech. Paypal payable. Let me know.
  4. Want to sell those Ram sticks for 75.00 shipped?
  5. If bigred falls through on the 5700LE, let me know, I want to get it off of you. Thanks.
  6. ill take it for 65 shipped. Paypal payment! PM me if interested
  7. hey around where did you find that pc? I had a friend that had one identical, but that was years ago, lol. I dont get to talk to him anymore, but I was just wondering around what area did you get it??
  8. does it work? there was the same card (brand, model, blah blah) going on here and it turned out to be non working when the buyer got it, and it was then sold again on here. Im just making sure its not that card. does it come with all boxes and recepit? Ill offer you 125.00 shipped on it.
  9. Hey all, I am once again wondering about taking my 4000+ up another notch. I can get to 2.86 and run all day long, but temps are pretty high (mid 50's). It runs flawlessly. But, I am wondering to take the step to watercooling. My biggest fear is that something will break, and ruin my hardware. I would like to see if I can get to 2.95ish out of it. I was looking at the TT Bigwater, and The Corsair Watercooling kit for my 4000+. Are there any better kits that I can get? Im totally new to watercooling, but not scared to get it! I just want to make the right purchase. I am using an XP-90C right now with a tornado that makes my room sound like an airplane, and I want better temps and silence! haha. Can anyone help me here??
  10. I have 2 20 gig hard drives that I would sell you. 1 is a Maxtor 1 is a Seagate 40.00 shipped for both. I accept paypal.
  11. 25.00 shipped on that ASUS p4p800-e deluxe
  12. I have 2X256 MB PC3200 CL2 Corsair XMS Platinum Chips I was going to use in a folding rig. They run 7-2-2-2 all day long @ 200mhz.. Verry nice ram. $ 55.00 shipped for the pair, with priority mail service. They run that much EACH. Let me know if you are interested.
  13. 47.00 shipped right now! *as thats all I have in paypal!* Ill take it! Thanks, Rick.
  14. I have a 20 gig Maxtor ATA drive, $25.00 shipped priority mail.
  15. vista is still beta 1 form. just another rendition of longhorns alpha 5048 build. right now in beta build its only number 5112. just stick to xp, you arent really missing anything with this beta 1. the only thing that is kinda cool is the way the windows pop out at you when you open something.
  16. 100.00 shipped for the motherboard. Paypal can be sent right now. I need a new home for this 3800 venice!
  17. That is a sweet little setup, and its not actually weak at all. It will play most all games at VERY nice settings! the only thing i would drop my 2 cents on would be the mobo. I would spring a few bucks more and get an Asus or Abit board. They are maybe 20 bux more. Those semprons can be overclocked very well with good mobo and ram. Good luck with it! Let us know how it works out for you.
  18. 20.00 shipped for the mobo! paypal as usual! another deal??
  19. nice replies everyone. I think 939 would be a better option too, its just what people here in college are all talking about. They think that dual channel wont do anything in terms of gaming.
  20. Hey all. I am wondering something here. I was looking at a 3700+ 754 with a DFI NF3 Lanparty Mobo, and also a 3800+ with an MSI neo2, hence, needing AGP. Im not all that concerned about dual channel memory support. The 3800 is slower than the 754 3700+, so which would be better overall for a gaming rig? Pci-express is not an option at this time, so its stuck with AGP. And also, is overclocking the 3700 going to yeild better? being that its 2.4ghz stock?? This is for a friend in college, he has been having this debate with a few people, and I would just like to get some opinions.
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