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  1. Thats right, I have this card just chilling since I upgraded to my new rig. Im just now getting ready to part out the old setup, but yea, enough talking, here it is: BFG Geforce FX 5700 Stock: 425/550 I had removed the stock heatsink/fan unit on it, cleaned it all up, slapped some AS5 on it, and a new Thermaltake Crystal Orb cooler on the core, it made a big difference! It currently runs rock solid with no issues @ 465/610 all day long. It plays Doom 3 and HL2 with medium settings @ 1280X960 with no problems at all. I just have to consolidate all of my items that I wont be using. 65.00 shipped firm. I will ship USPS priority mail with confirmation and insurance. Thanks! SOLD! You can delete this
  2. Take 165.00 shipped on the Video Card? It works right? Not killed, burned up or anything?? I can paypal immediate.
  3. Ill sell you a Geforce FX 5700, stock is 425/550, overclocked it runs @ 465/610 all day long for 64.00 shipped with USPS Priority Mail. It has a Thermaltake Crystal Orb cooler on the cpu core for alot better temps. I have been reading your debate here, and I feel for you, lol. This will walk all over most FX's (minus 5700/5900 ULTRA Models), and better than 9600 PRO's. It plays HL2 at medium Settings, and most newer games like doom 3 good. Let me know if interested.
  4. I would love to overclock his setup, but thats going further in cost, and I dont feel like really going there, lol. He is using some cheap BIOSTAR motherboard, which oc's zero. And the cooler he has is stock, haha. I just wanted to get him something that would play games alot better than CS:S @ 15 fps, lol. I think with the ATI, he should get at least 50-60 fps on CS:S. I would hope so anyway.
  5. Im not really worried about the extra 40 bux. Im just wondering if it would bottleneck due to the system he has. Would it be noticable to just get the ATI, or is his system out of date to even notice a difference in cards.
  6. Hey all, I have a question for you guru's. Its my nephews birthday coming up, and he wants a few things, one of which is a new video card to replace his 9600 PRO. He complains to me alot of the time not being able to turn on the "eye candy" on alot of games, and sometimes being forced into using 800X600 to play some of todays later games. ie. GUN, Q4. I opted to be the nice uncle that I am to get him one as a surprise. I am so rusty at this point on AGP setups, its not even funny. I am tainted with the SLI bug, lol. I only want to drop around 200.00 total for him. I mean its for his birthday AND christmas gift in one, so yea.. I read a few reviews on each of the cards, The eVGA Geforce 6600GT, and the Sapphire ATI X800GTO. Both seem like decent cards that should fly through some of todays games with ease. I did notice though, that the 6600GT is about 40 bux cheaper. Is it worth it to upgrade to the ATI, or will his current system bottleneck it?? The specs are: ---AMD Athlon XP 3200+ (2.2 ghz) *and yes its stock. lol Corsair XMS 3200 (3X256MB) Radeon 9600 PRO Western Digital 120 gig IDE 133 hard drive I think I want to get him the 6600gt for the speeds, but I heard the gto was on the R480 core, so its a masked x850xt with cut pipes.. Which???
  7. I would go with ATI. They run better than the FX series... just my humble opinion.
  8. Ill give you 60.00 shipped on the video card. Paypal immediately. Let me know. Thanks.
  9. 30.00 shipped on that package!
  10. how far does that overclocked cpu get on air?
  11. I got a maxtor 20 gig lying around here. 25 shipped.
  12. Would you consider trading for 2X256 (dual channel) Corsair XMS PC3200 With Platinum Heatspreaders?
  13. want to part with one of those hard drives (200 gig)? Paypal immediately.
  14. Take 30.00 Shipped for it? Paypal immediately?
  15. Will you take 110 shipped on one of those raptors?? Since you will give up both for 220? I can paypal you immediately. I just dont have anymore for paypal. Im not trying to lowball or anything. If you would consider 110 shipped, let me know. Thanks!
  16. Just go into bios, set the multiplier to 11.5 @ 200 fsb (2300 mhz) and set ram voltage to 2.7, set the vcore to 1.825, and DONE< overclocked.
  17. I have a BFG 128MB DDR FX5700 O/C AGP card here, I was using it in my old setup. It clocks to 465 core/ 615 memory with ease, stock is 425/550. Make me an offer on it, I never registered it with BFG, so It would have a lifetime warranty with it. I paid 150 for it months back, and the cheapest online I found in equivalent was 103, not the LE or lesser model that are online for 85. So, make an offer, and maybe we can work something out on it. It plays Doom3 at medium settings / 1024X768 all day long with ease. It can handle cs 1.6 with no sweat at all, I even played CS:S on it for a while, when I was bored, but only got 46-49 fps on it..
  18. First offer: 50.00 shipped on the 2600 xp-m. Paypal immediately. Let me know.
  19. ok cool, I just got the Zalman CNPS 9500Cu. It was retail at frys for 79.99, with my buddy (assistant manager) getting it for me "as a gift" it was 49.85 out the door, so I couldnt refuse. I heard it was a good heatsink, and would blow away the stock unit in terms of temps. I also opted for the zalman, due to the noise issue. I have a tornado on my xp90c on my overclocked 4000+ rig, and its 57db!! Its like an airplane is in the room, I want something that cools as good (or as close to it), but not as dang loud. Thanks for the input all. I just figured for the price and performance over stock, hey, its worth it.
  20. Hey all, I am doing another 4000+ rig, but this one wont be overclocked at all, if any. It will be just for gaming and normal use. I dont want to use the stocker that came with the cpu. But i dont think that I want to spend all the cash on the xp90c if I dont have to. I have a friend that works at Fry's that can get the zalman for around 35 bucks with a discount. I never used this heatsink, and was wondering if it would be a good upgrade from stock. Or if I should just get the xp90c? Some knowledge would be appreciated on this. Thanks in advance.
  21. Looking for some good ram to stuff in my other A64 4000+ Rig. I would like only 1 gig and up please. Either 2X512 or 2X1Gig, or 1Gig Chips. Can paypal immediately. If you have anything, let me know how much you would want shipped on it. Thanks in advance.
  22. 170.00 shipped and ill take it right now.
  23. Ill just straight up buy that video card you have for 150.00 shipped.
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