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  1. That zalman CNPS9500 is better than the xp90c hands down. (without the exception of an airplane engine in the room *tornado*). I ran both on my 4000+ and overclocked to 2.8ghz my temps never go above 40 at full load. The xp90c with a 115 cfm tornado on it was about 38 degrees at full load, but you cant hear anything but BZZZZZZZZZZ through the room. I would sacrifice 2 degrees for peice of mind and quiet.. Edit> The zalman is good, i would go for that one, for a measely 2 degrees, you can get your ears back.
  2. To fix your cooling issues, get a Zalman CNPS-9500Cu. I have that on my sandy 4000 @ 2.8 @ 40 degrees MAX during load. I havent gotten to 3 ghz yet, I think the ram is holding me back. Good luck with that. Edit> They have dropped down in price, and can be had for around 60 bux.
  3. I would like a Gmail invite! Always wanted to use it!
  4. I bought a new slim PS2 from best buy 2 months ago, still have all the box and instructions. I have 2 controllers with it, and a Sony 8MB black memory card. No GT4, but I have forza motorsports if interested. I have about 30 more games, but no, you dont get 30, lol. I can make a list, and we can make a deal on it for your retail boxed CPU, and both sets of that ram. If interested, I can get that list together, and you can choose a few from it. Thanks. -Edit> Sorry for mentioning Forza Motorsports, my bad, its for my Xbox, lol...
  5. Ill buy the cpu from you for 50.00 shipped. If interested, let me know. You would make more parting it anyway. Thanks. Paypal immediately if interested.
  6. Im still on the lookout for an XP Chip!
  7. This is going to be shipped in the US right'?
  8. How much overclocking can that venice take stable? It would be going into a DFI SLI-DR. How high on air did you take it? Just out of curiosity, how far can that "magic" 1800 go? I've heard about unlocked T-breds, but never got to use one. Thanks.
  9. Payment just sent on that 2500! Thanks again bro!
  10. I got my hands on a cheap mobo today, so you wont have to sweat testing or anything on that NF7S. But I sent you an email! check it!
  11. nah gotta get 25 for em both. it does include shipping with confirmation.
  12. Cleaning out some stuff, and I have 2 20 gig hard drives that need new homes. I used them for extra storage on my old computer, but now i dont have a need for em. (A) Seagate 20 Gig, 5400 Rpm, ATA 100 (B) Maxtor 20 Gig, 5400 Rpm, ATA 100 25.00 shipped for both. Priority Mail with confirmation included. Great for folders!
  13. cool thanks, I forgot about refurbs! I went and got an ECS for 25.00 and shipping, cool!
  14. Hey all, Im building a dedicated folder box, and I need a motherboard, that supports 266 fsb and pc2100 ram. I just need something basic. Anyone have one cheap laying around??
  15. Payment Sent on that 6600GT! Looking forward to using it!
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