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  1. Ok, I posted this a second ago, and its not showing up. I guess I will just repost. Here is my situation. I recently got my new opty, and I got some G.skill DDR600 off the egg. *2 X 512* and I want to get 2 gigs total. I was wondering if it should effect my overclock at all running 4 of these sticks?? It runs @ 300mhz with ease, but I was just concerned, I dont want to spend the cash if it wont work right... Here is a screen @ 3.0ghz on my new opty I want the 2 gigs for games, but just a little weary. Thanks in advance.
  2. I am in the game! I got my opty, and here is what I got! Here is my screen shot at 3.0ghz! I will be getting higher, but I just feel comfy here for right now
  3. For one of my folding boxes, I have an XP chip with a Volcano 7+ on it, and I lost the fan adjuster, so its running at FULL speed all the time, and sounds like an airplane. I was wondering how you make it slower? I remember doing this to my delta fans, but I dont remember the process. Thanks
  4. I would like to get some DDR550 or DDR600, and it has to be at least 1 gig. If anyone has any, please let me know, as I have paypal waiting. Thanks.
  5. dont worry buddy, my CABYE 0540 FPMW is coming, I will be in the 3ghz with you guys! I just hope to stay in the top 3 people!
  6. Well, I just bought the processor, he is shipping it out tomorrow. I will need your assistance hardnrg, i think you should teach me how to get mine to about where yours is!
  7. Yes i agree with you. Im probably going to get this one. I found out its almost impossible to get the CABNE 0528, unless you had a good $500.00 in your pocket. And even then, you might not get one. I guess I will live with this one. The CABYE 0540 FPMW is still a good overclocker from what I have read all over DFI street. And not to mention the godlike results you are getting hardnrg . I think you should teach me what you know when I get my CABYE in!
  8. Well the guy I am going to look into buying it from told me this: "Its stable at 3.0 ghz 1.47 - 1.50 volt on air. On water, it will do 3.15. It takes 1.6 volts. Your setup sounds similar to mine. I'm now running the DFI Ultra D on my primary box on water cooling. The darn board still hits a wall at 315 FSB and the chip will go into windows at 3.2, but the board is unstable and gives me SuperPi errors at that speed. It may have the potential to go higher on water. I just got to figure-out what the issue is with the board. There are very few people out there with boards stable at >315 FSB so I'm not getting any good answers to my questions on any of the overclocker forums." Here is a pic he hosted of the chip: Click here So 300 is a bit steep? but is it worth it? EDIT: had to do a link, the pic was too big and made me scroll around to read what I typed.
  9. no, I guess I got a dud. I can only get 2867 mhz... I need more.
  10. I just want to break the 3ghz barrier. Then just sell off my sandy 4K for cheap, lol. I want that 3.0ghz, haha.
  11. Hey all, I have the opportunity to get an Opteron 146 CABYE 0540. The guy selling it claims its 3.0 ghz ROCK STABLE @ 1.47V. I was just wondering if this is pretty much possible.. I dont want to drop 300.00 bux to find out its a bad stepping. Should I go with a 148 instead? It will be replacing my 4000+ sandy in my current rig, so the parts im using is in my sig.. I just dont know too much about this stepping and or week. I did some research and it seems that those CABYE 0540 chips hit at minimum 2.9, but thats where im almost at with my 4000. I just want to break the 3 ghz barrier, and this guy selling it offers no refunds. Some thoughts and info would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hey everyone! I will be leaving town tonight, and wanted to just say merry christmas to everyone on here! This place is the greatest, and thought I would just say so! Be safe and dont do anything I wouldnt..
  13. Will you take 275.00 shipped on it? I found this page with it for 324.99 shipped, brand new, retail. I was just thinking price adjust due to oem, used. Paypal immediate. thanks.
  14. Wow, that would be great, if you would/could pick one of them out for me, ill give you 25 bux for your time! *and the cost of the chip and shipping of course* Let me know, thanks.
  15. I hope that I posted this in the correct place.. Anyway, I am looking for the CABNE 0528 stepping opteron 148, and I cant find any e-tailers that can actually pick one out. Everywhere I call, I get the "we sell so many, we dont pick any by hand" routine. Does anyone know where or how to get one with this stepping??? any retailers? I know they are harder to find due to not making them anymore, but Im so lost... I heard they are by far the best in overclocking, as I am on the lookout for one. Anyone have any real life experiences with this particular chip?? Any help would be appreciated greatly, thanks!
  16. You can delete this, I just got one.
  17. yes those are what I am looking for!! where can i get some??
  18. I have a few chips here, that I dont want to collect dust and other stuff. I was wondering if anyone had a few laying around that I can buy cheap. I just couldnt find anything online about them. You know, those plastic cases that open up and sandwich the chip in the middle? Let me know if anyone has any that they dont need, and how much you might want for em. Thanks.
  19. I will take both Athlon XP chips right now for 40.00 shipped. I can paypal you right now. Im also thinking about that motherboard, how much for that thrown in too? Edit> I didnt fully read the post, where it says the processors work, lol. I asked you in a PM if they worked.. haha. Payment Sent! Thanks again!
  20. things came up, sorry, I have to retract my offer.
  21. Hey all, I got a new toy to tinker with, and it was a deal that I couldnt pass up. Its an AMD Sempron 754 2800+ (1.6ghz), with an ECS mobo. I dropped the HT to 3X, and got it to 250, giving me 750X2 (1500 mhz) in HT, and 2.0 ghz on the processor. The mobo capps out @ 250, so with the help of clockgen, I got it to 270 fsb (giving me 2.2 ghz) but it wasnt stable, I think its the cheap ram... I then noticed that I can run it @ 250 cpu X 4X HT, giving me 1000mhz Hypertransport. Now I know 754's use 800 HT< but I was wondering if it can hurt the chip running it at 1000? I never messed with 754 before, so any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  22. might help to tell people where you live if its only pickup, no shipping
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