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  1. ok all, I just spent quite some time messing around in the BIOS of my mobo. Here is about all the overclock I can see/achieve, unless Im doing something wrong..... CPU External Freq. (mhz)- 182mhz Mem. Frequency- 66% Resulting Frequency 121mhz- (when it starts up it says this and says DUAL CHANNEL MODE) Memory Timings SDRAM Active Precharge Delay--- 5 SDRAM RAS to CAS --- 2 RAS TO PRECHARGE --- 2 LATENCY --- 2.5 CPU Vcore- 1.700V Is there anything I should do to make it any faster? It runs @ 2.10 GHZ rock solid, but if I can get it to 2.15 it crashes programs/games.. Please help me on this! I see most people can get alot more out of them.. Do I need to get better ram?? Will this achieve 2.5 ghz?? Please let me know..
  2. I read it all, but it doesnt help with any of the questions that I had asked. The unlocking kit wont work on the barton.
  3. I have read a few of the guides here, and it says about p4 users and barton owners are in other words sh)t out of luck... I have heard of other rumors stating that it can be done with modding the motherboard slot?? Does anyone know if this is true or not?? I have a 2600+ and i only overclocked the ram to 178 FSB, (I cant go any further I guess)!?! I dont know, if I go above, it doesnt post, and I have to reflash the cmos back to defaults. Will increasing voltage to the cpu or anything help with this or is it the rams limit?? The ram is Buffalo PC3200 (3X 256 MB DIMMS) with thermaltake ram-sinks on them. The motherboard is an ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe with the Barton 2600+ in it. Can anyone help me with making it faster?? I use CPU-Z 128 on stock settings, and its 1.92 ghz, with the 178 FSB settings, its 2.05ghz. How can I make it faster? I have heard that I can go as fast as a 3200+ (2.2ghz) just by overclocking? Thanks in advance, I frequent the site very often, and it seems like a great place to meet some fellow computer heads!!
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