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  1. you do have the current reciept for it? if you do, I might be interested in buying.
  2. MOTHERBOARD SOLD TO ME! please send me a pm with the paypal address you would like payment sent to. Thanks! I sent you a PM!!!
  3. I dont know, under 100 shipped, but I dont know how much! lol, how much you want for it?
  4. ok no prob, just making you an offer.
  5. yea thats true, just wondering if anyone may have had one laying around collecting dust. lol
  6. 140.00 shipped, paypal immediate, I need a mobo and cpu within the week, so if you have to sell immediate, let me know as I need one ASAP. Thanks for your time.
  7. Looking for a ps2, nothing other than the power cord and system really needed, but let me know if you have anything laying around. I can paypal immediate. Thanks for your time.
  8. If all offers above me fall through, please let me know, I can paypal immediately.
  9. nvm, I decided to go 939
  10. hey, looking at that picture, is the leftmost screw scraping into the ram?? Does it come in contact with it??
  11. Hello all, My mind is messing with me so much lately on what to do with my current computer situation. Here are the specs: Asus A78NX-E DELUXE Motherboard with an_AMD 2600 + Barton, 333 FSB. 768MB DDR Ram, I have 2 Sticks of PC3500 Geil Platinum (from Drew on boards here), and 1 Stick of Buffalo, all have Copper Ramsinks on them.. (dont think you guys really needed to know that, but eh?). It has 2 120 GIG Hard Drives, and A Geforce FX 5700 (128 MB) 8x AGP. I overclocked the FSB settings with a 1:1 Divider, and got only to 2.2 ghz STABLE. I cant go any higher, Ive tried now for days. Thats about all I can push out of it. The system runs really good, but lags in games sometimes, its not as smooth or fast as I would like. I was wondering if I should just build a new computer pretty much from scratch? Or is it worth saving by putting more ram and a newer video card in it? I keep pulling my hair out! Please help me out. I was wondering if I took out the buffalo 256MB chip, and put in a 1 GIG generic PC3500 Module in and get a Geforce 6600GT, if it would make games soar? What should I do????? PS> Thanks for listening to me babble there, but I had to get the point across!!
  12. Geil Is much better IMHO, I got great results for overclocking with it, faster timings with overclocking, and TONS of stability.
  13. 80.00 shipped on both of them, I dont really have a need for them, but my best friends birthday is coming up and his system is really janky. If interested, please let me know, I can paypal immediately.
  14. 180 shipped on it! PAYPAL IMMEDIATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Hey all, I just bought some better ram from another member on this board, and I am now in need of getting a better video card in my rig. I currently have a Geforce FX 5700, but am looking to upgrade to AT LEAST the quality of a Geforce 6600 or Radeon 9600. Anyone have any for sale?? Please post what you got, and prices please! Thanks again!
  16. Thanks for the replies all, I just bought drews pc3500 he had posted. That should suffice for right now, to see how my overclocking needs go. I thank you all again!
  17. dude, 120 is too high for a used card. They are 120 brand new on pricewatch. Ill offer you 65.00 shipped on it, if not, Im going to get a 6600GT in a few days. please let me know, as I need to get a video card ASAP.
  18. Drew, I sent you a PM. Im interested on the RAM. Please read it and let me know ASAP~!
  19. Hey all, as some of you may know, I am looking into ditching the PC3200 buffalo ram that I have in my current setup now, and stepping it up to faster memory for more overclocking potential. Its an Asus A7n8x-e Deluxe, and running an xp 2600+. The most I can get stable from the current ram, with any timings is 187 FSB, and a 1.80V Core. So Im wondering if I get say a 1 gig chip of PC3700 like samsung or micron, if I will go way beyond the 200 FSB area?? I have read that you can use faster ram, but I dont want to get the 3700 and then find out that I would have needed 3500, etc. The 3700 is around $140.00 for a 1 gig chip of it. Any info would be great. Thanks again everyone!
  20. what are you looking for shipped on them? I live in Pennsylvania?
  21. oh really? my bad, i never knew that. If thats true, I wont sell here, Im truly sorry if I broke the rules here . I honestly never knew.
  22. I dont think i can sell here until im a member for a longer period of time, sorry.
  23. Hey all, I just found out that the bottleneck in my overclock experience was using pc3200, when I really need pc3500 to achieve a better overclock. Its for an Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe. I have 3 sticks of 256MB Buffalo in there now, and would want to upgrade to 2 512 chips. Please let me know if any of you have any lying around!
  24. ok, just did more research on the overclocking thing, and made more progress. I played with voltage, and fsb settings with 100% mem. freq. and got the following! I only got to 193 FSB, I dont know if it will go beyond that, as it didnt load at 200,199,198.. I didnt try 197,96,95,94 yet.. Running 1.80V I have achieved 2220mhz on my 2600+ Barton!! Thanks for all of your help guys/gals. I think I'll stick to this for now, seems stable. Thanks for helping a newbie "see the way" if you will . Will getting better ram, like Corsair XMS (2X512MB) Instead of the (3X256MB) Buffalo help me go even faster?? Also, Im using a Thermaltake Volcano 7+, all copper, running at FULL speed fan right now, is there a better aircooler to use??
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