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  1. 75.00 Shipped on the ram! 160.00 Shipped on the video card! Paypal available right now!
  2. People I have dealt with! Positive: drewkivela- bought 512 MB of ddr ram. worked great, fast shipment! coolzero101- bought ram and 20 gig hard drive! invadertrax- sold him a Geforce 6800 OC and 1 gig of Corsair Ram! henbenley- bought a 20 gig hard drive from! chavalcito- bought a thermaltake 480 watt psu!
  3. Ill offer you 2X256MB Geil Ultra Platinum PC3500 Ram, and 45.00 Cash Shipped for the ram. Paypal Immediate! Let me know.
  4. I have a BFG Geforce FX5700, not an LE model, its a 128MB, just download COOLBITS, go into your nvidia control panel, find the option that says clock settings, and then accept the disclaimer, and go to the performance 3d tab, and click auto-detect. NOW! Even though most of the cards will accept the clock ratings of "auto detect", when playing in a game you most likely will get artifacts, so to fix this, tone down the auto detects overclock by about 3-5 mhz on core and memory. I had mine stock at 425/550 to 452/615 with no problems at all. GOOD LUCK!
  5. $15.00 shipped for the Gameboy Advance. They are only 30.00 brand new at walmart. Unless its the SP model, but it doesnt say. I live in NE PA, so shipping would be really cheap as I live so close.
  6. WOW! Thanks alot guys! I really learned alot about that, I will definitely go with the 939 setup. Thats some great info! I am probably going to go with that DFI Lanparty mobo, as I read a few reviews on the net, and It was good for overclocking! Once again, thanks for all of your help! I would have probably made a wrong decision on this.
  7. I am just wondering on what type of A64 processor to get. I see on pricewatch, or at least it looks it to me, that the 754 has a 1600 FSB, and the 939 doesnt really list. I want to put together a really good overclocking system, and I dont know of which to go. I am thinking as far as the mobo, I heard the best was the MSI NEO4 PLAT/SLI? I want to get one of those with dual 6800's in SLI. I just dont know the difference in performance of the 754 vs 939.. Which do I choose????
  8. uh thanks for your 2 cents bro, but you cant SELL for 90 DAYS (thats 3 MONTHS!), I have bought a few things from here already. Thanks.. rock on!
  9. Nvm, sorry for the inconvenience, I decided to go 939.
  10. lol that was a good one.
  11. I have recently convinced myself to build a new computer, and I am going A64 without a doubt. *(Sorry Intel, You dont get my money this time)*. Anyway, I just recently joined the folding team (yesterday), and have a AMD k6-450mhz running 24/7 with folding. I then decided to "donate" if you will my current machine to folding 24/7 as well. I have all the advanced settings enabled, and its constantly using 100% CPU. Anyway, here are the specs: Asus A78NX-E Deluxe MOBO AMD Athlon XP 2600+ @ 2.1GHZ (stock for mine was 1.9 GHZ) 768MB Ultra Platinum Geil PC3500 Geforce FX 5700 @470/645 2X 120 GIG HD The basics, I think. 2 non-stop 24/7 computers, just to help out. I am thinking of joining the SETI team as well, but I heard that it uses way more resources, and I dont want to bog the computer down.
  12. OFFER: $150.00 Shipped for the monitor! $115.00 Shipped for the Video Card! $ 50.00 Shipped for the CPU! $ 30.00 Shipped for the Power Supply! I can PAYPAL you IMMEDIATELY, please let me know. PM ME to let me know, as I probably will forget to check this thread.
  13. Whats the lowest cash price (or should I say paypal) for it?? Let me know. Its time that the 5700 Finds a new home.
  14. I have an ATI card, that a friend of mine gave me for free when he put a Geforce 6 series in his computer. I havent even put it in my computer to see what it was, but from the back of the card its a Radeon, DDR 64MB, AGP. It says Copyright 2000. ATI Technologies on it. I have a Geforce 6600 GT in my computer now, and anything like this is a major downgrade to me, so I was too lazy to even waste time installing it to see what it was. You are welcome to have it for free if you would like, just pay the shipping. I have no use for it. oh yea, edited this in: it has S-Video Out, Comp IN, Comp OUT, and a standard VGA plug on it.
  15. The cpu is now running at 1.75V, I dont have any Temp monitors ATM on it, but its been fine, playing games and Prime95 for 2 hours now. I was testing it at the 1.85V, but it would just crash games and all. Ill try the 5:4 divider right now and see if it helps.
  16. Hey again all, I need some expert help here. I am playing with overclocking my athlon xp 2600 Barton. I took out the 3 sticks of Buffalo Generic 256 DDR400 modules, as they didnt overclock that well at all. I then put in 2 sticks of Geil Platinum PC3500 256 MB Chips. (recently bought from drew on this board). I then started tweaking with the settings in the BIOS, and got it to run at 217 Mem. Frequency. Boosting my AthlonXP from 1.91 to 2.08ghz @ 1.75V. I tried going up in voltage to 1.85V (Which is max for my Asus A78NX-E Deluxe Board) and bumped it to 220 mhz, and it wont post. Does anyone know how I can get more out of it? I had put a divider on it at one point before all this (100%)(1:1) and only got to 190fsb stable. I see all these people being able to go past 3200+ speeds. I dont know what Im doing wrong, but after setting the memory to "by SPD" instead of "100%(1:1)" or "AUTO". I can run Prime95 at the 217 Mem. Freq. and its stable. I just want more. Im planning on just using the Geil RAM, as I dont think the buffalo can work as well. Please help me out here!
  17. ok I was just browsing around the net, and found THIS! lol, you should all get a good laugh at the prices here! CLICK HERE I especially like the 2700XP Processor Price! I just thought everyone would want a good laugh!
  18. FreePSPSHere is my link if anyone wants to refer.
  19. yea 5 referalls for a PSP. I dont know where to find all 5! LOL
  20. what does the referals actually mean? you have to have someone sign up with a credit card and then cancel?? I mean, To get a free 20.1 LCD monitor, you need 15 referrals. how does it all work? Im thinking about signing up for it. But I dont understand it all completely.. Can someone help me?
  21. Hey all, I am looking to buy an Athlon64 Setup, mainly a mobo and cpu. If it has a good HSF, list it with it. I dont currently need any RAM for it, I have alot of PC3200/PC3500 around. Please list or PM me whatever you have. I can PAYPAL immediately. Anyone have anything laying around?? Thanks in advance.
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