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  1. Would you take 180.00 shipped on it? I only have that in my budget...
  2. hmm, quite a response for the ati! cool, I think I am definitely leaning toward the ati as of right now. If I can play Doom3 with nice frames, and no lag, since it is one of the most demanding games, I think Ill be happy. Im not really all that worried about getting an extra 5-10 FPS on Doom3, that I wont even notice. The only reason that Im still maybe leaning Nvidia, is the chance to upgrade to another one of those 6800's later, and run in SLI. But there is alot of debate if its really worth it, as it only splits the workload of a game 50/50, but in calculations, thats about 60% faster in games, but I could be wrong... Is 60% better for another 600.00?? I dont know..
  3. Hey all, I am in a debate with myself here. This is the setup thus far: DFI LANPARTY NF4 SLI- Mobo (939) Athlon 64 3800 VENICE 2 GIGS of Corsair XMS TWINX Pc3200 I am in need of a video card (pci-e) obviously. I am looking at these 2 cards: A.) ATI Radeon X850XT PE 256MB (Pci-E)-- $580.00 OR B.) BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra Overclocked 256MB(Pci-E)-- $599.00 I want to do this upgrade now, and the price isnt an option, heck, Im spending close to 600 either way, so it really doesnt matter at this point. I read reviews, but I never got a real comparison, that picks one or the other, they both seem so good. I didnt really get a solid review of the OC BFG though against the radeon. I will be playing ALL the latest games, not just doom 3 or HL2. Give me some advice here please! Thanks in Advance.
  4. Ill offer you 50.00 shipped for the barton. Paypal immediate. Let me know.
  5. 2.6 on stock volts with water........ What will it go on a dfi lanparty nf4 SLI-DR with an xp-120? I need a processor pretty much immediately! BTW, what is the stock frequency of it? 2.4ghz?? Im very interested, please let me know!
  6. Its a 939 right? If so, can I offer you 100.00 shipped on it? As I am running too dang tight on funds right now, and Im in need of getting a 64 processor. I can paypal you immediately. Let me know please ASAP. I am debating spending the 100.00 in paypal for something else! Thanks, Rick.
  7. 250.00 shipped for the monitor! Paypal Immediate!
  8. I am peicing together my new rig, and I have decided to get the DFI Lanparty SLI NF4 Board. I read a multitude of reviews, and this is the overclockers choice. I am looking into getting the Athlon 64 3200+ Venice Core CPU. I read a reviewhere, stating that it hits 2.8 ghz. Is this true? I couldnt find any other reviews on it as of yet. I was wondering would it really hit this in the real world? or is it a ploy? Would that mobo be the best to make it reach the 2.8 ghz? Also, what kind of ram do you all think I should get for this rig, as I have heard about TCCD ram? One last thing would be the PSU, I am looking at getting an OCZ 500 watt. You think that would be the best for the OC? I dont want to get the wrong components here. I only want to buy parts for this new rig onece, and I trust you all for all your help and knowledge? Thanks in advance.
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  10. offer: 10.00 shipped on the 6.4 gig hard drive! Paypal IMMEDIATE:) Please let me know.
  11. I have been doing alot of reading about this. I am constantly seeing people overclocking 2500 bartons to 3200+ speeds and BEYOND with stability. And Im not really seeing too much on the side of overclocking 2600's. Im NOT talking about mobile processors though. Just the plane jane 333 Barton XP chips. Is any of this true? Please give me some insight here. Im tempted to get a 2500 to experiment with. Thanks In Advance!
  12. I need a hard drive no larger than 20 gigs,but nothing smaller than 2. Something cheap, that runs! Please post what you got and what you want for it with shipping included. I can paypal immediately, and have a few references from dealings here already. Please let me know. Thanks in advance! I know a few of you have some laying around not being used!
  13. cool, I just ordered an xfx Geforce 6800GT. Im sure he will be able to play all the new games out. Thanks for the help guys.
  14. Hey all, Im about to be getting components for my nephews computer soon, he is going to be playing alot of games. He even went to his local gamestore, and bought Doom3 and the expansion pack, and doesnt even have a computer, LOL. I am slapping a 2800+ XP Barton, 512MB PC 3200 Kingston HyperX ram, all on a DFI Board. I am curious though, as the main component here is the gfx card. I budgeted 300.00 for a video card for him, and am stuck between teh X800XL (ATI MADE) or the Geforce 6800GT (XFX). I have read reviews on both, and they rival each other in EVERY game reviewed. I cant make a rock solid decision here. Thats where you come in! Give me some 2 cent--ers! Thanks! Oh yea, almost forgot, they are both the 256MB DDR3 versions.
  15. then what is the best psu for that application??? I plan on SLI.
  16. 40.00 shipped, I can paypal you immediately. Please let me know ASAP, as I might have another deal pending.
  17. Im looking at this power supply for my new setup (peicing together before buying it all): DFI LANParty NF4 SLI-DR Motherboard AMD Athlon 64 3200 Winchester (939) 1.5 Gig Corsair XMS PC3200 1 (for now) XFX Geforce 6800 GT- PCI-E Video Card Western Digital 250 Gig SATA Hard Drive 3 case fans (1 120MM, 2 90MM) 3 Drives (1 DVDRw, 1 DVD, 1 CDRW) 1 Hard Drive Cooler (2 fans on it) I was reading up on here, and it seems the OCZ is really a nice unit. I just dont want to spend the cash if its not going to be good for OVERCLOCKING! (I read that the A64 3200 Winnies can go to 2670mhz stable, so thats why I chose the 3200. And also, for gaming and benchmarks. I didnt officially buy any of this, I am just waiting to see if its all the right setup, then the credit card is getting swiped! lol, thanks for all of your input on this in advance! If there are any other reccomendations or modifications I should do before buying this setup, please let me know. I dont want to buy a computer just to have it get outdated badly!
  18. Ill deal with him, he seems very well respected here. I would trust the sale! By the way! I want the 700 and mobo for 25.00 shipped. I will paypal you right now. Let me know! Thanks
  19. I also joined there, and have 1 completed referral. we cant refer each other huh?? lol
  20. Then YOU pay full price for used parts. There are other places that I can get prices about half of which pricewatch offers. Which in fact is where you are SUPPOSED to base pricing? remember NUB?? (hint!: read the forums, and base price on pricewatch! plus take the fact its USED...or I guess not, I guess you buy your parts at retail, or used for that matter.. rock on lilkey!
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