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  1. Im gonna be building a new system soon and im gonna go with the dfi sli-dr and i want to 2GB of ram. woudl it be better of me to get: 2GB of (2x1GB) or 2-3-2-5 2 of the 1GB (1x512MB)? 2-2-2-5
  2. hi, i just got a new viewsonic 19" and i was wondering what would be the best amount of time for power saving (ie turn off monitor after 5 min, 10min etc)
  3. Does anyone know when the r520 is actually suppose to release? ive seen several dates but never really any solid info
  4. i agree, im hoping that when the 7800 arrives at more online stores it will lower the price of the 6800 b/c unlike the people that would buy this card im still running on my 64mb geforce 3
  5. Ok, so ive been saving for a while to build a new pc that i planed to build in december 04, but i decided to wait for DFI to release their board, but it seem everytime i wait 1 month for something i new i end up wait like 6 :angry2: . so my question is should i go with dual g70s or is the r520 gonna be worth the wait (i hear mid fall) ?
  6. Im going to college in the fall and was thinking of getting a new notebook, but i dont know if can get a thin (anything less than 1.4") one that i could statisfy my gaming needs (HL2, etc). Is there any notebooks that could do this or should i just build a PC? or maybe if im lucky get decent notebook and still build PC?
  7. Which one of two is better, ive seen the sony xbrtie in person and the color is amazing, but im not sure if the viewsonic will have as crisp color. http://www.viewsonic.com/products/desktopd.../xseries/vx910/ Sony LCD
  8. im looking for a new LCD and was wonder if 12ms is too slow for gaming (hl2, bf2 aoe3) im specifically looking at this one: 19" HS-Series Digital DisplayspacerSDM-HS95P/S any suggestions for a better one?
  9. im looking for a 19" LCD and was wondering about contrasts. they come from 500:1 to like 800:1. Does a higher contrast really make that much a difference? oh and could anyone explain the sony "xbrite"
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