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    Rn Battle

    Romnation.net Webmaster just released Beta 1 for RN Battle. RN Battle is a text game that's something similar to starcraft, or thats what i think, hehehe. Based on this, RN Battle is to starcraft as Forum is to Chat. Its slower cause you cant be there all day, but you can attack, ally with others, create structures, etc.. So if you wanna try it out, follow the link : RN Battle Sorry if this is considered spam of any kind, but the game is cool and im kinda trying to make everyone check it out
  2. Im having the same problem, only that i cant fix it now and the code 10 wont go away
  3. hmm....how many should i get? i think there's one on the back and one on the cpu LOL
  4. Yeah, i agree, and sometimes cheaper
  5. i'll try that, right now im still having problems with the gf4, but its working most of the time now . how many should i get if it works (or should i get any fans )?
  6. im back found some more info in the bios the fsb can only be changed to any of these: 66/100 100/100 133/100 133/133 right now is set at 100/100 multiplier can be set from x3 to x12 the hardware monitors shows hmm... this : cpu temp at 41-42
  7. yep, thanks gtg for now, im sure i'll be back tomorrow to ask for more help heheh
  8. i already knew that...no wait hmm...yeah, i already knew that the only thing that i dont know is how to make the voltage setting
  9. nop, looking for something that looks like the voltage and can be moved , or something like that. what should i be looking for?
  10. hmm...the closest thing i see to that is some monitor thing that shows the temp and voltage, or something like that , is there any other way? anyway, i'll keep trying btw, thanks for those fast responses
  11. lol then how do i up the vcore voltage ?
  12. thats easy, just get that new divx decoder card and install it on some old computer or something like that. that should work
  13. will that up the vcore voltage ?
  14. hates being newb how do i do that ?
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