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    DFI Lanparty UT nForce4 Ultra D (Bios Ver. 11/05)
    AMD Anthlon 64 3200+ Venice 265x10 3x/10x/1:1/ 1.40 V.Core Zalman 7700 Cu
    2x1GB Ballistix Tracer CL1116F.M8 Timings T1 2.8 VD OCCT Passed Right Mark Passed
    EvGa 6800GS 256 MB PCI-E x16 Artic Cooling Rev.5 510/1150
    Thermaltake 500W Pure Power TWV 12V/36A Modular/Thermaltake Tsunami Case (4 fans)
    WD 250GB SATA2 (Boot Disk)
    WD 80GB IDE (Storage)
    Creative Audigy 4
    Logitech G15 MX518 OS XP2

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    Xiamen China
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    Building PC's and Gaming
  1. Angry's edit: upon hearing from the other party involved, I have to say that we have no room for shady "he-said/she-said" bits around here. As I predicted in the original post the content was deleted. Your comments are based on the fact the other party is one of your moderators. I want you prove that I am "shady" publicly on this forum in my purchase of the hardware parts. And let the "infamous" soundx98 prove that in my purchase of same that I conducted myself in a "shady" manner.
  2. From the example below and after five months of trying to resolve the effects of smoke residue sellers should notify the buyer that the equipment was used in a smoking area. Angry's edit: upon hearing from the other party involved, I have to say that we have no room for shady "he-said/she-said" bits around here. The point should be that if you are a smoker, or your items are in a smoking environment, you should always alert the potential buyer of this, especially since smokers cannot usually smell the nasty smell themselves. that is the point
  3. The specifications are listed in my in my signature for the Expert. http://www.rigshowcase.com/img/257FAdnZ/7449.jpg
  4. The DFI Venus model was a limited edition (1000). http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/293
  5. 1- NF3 250 LP 2- Ultra D's 1- SLi Expert 1- Venus No. 349 I have three DFI rigs up and running(one at a time); SLi Expert; Ultra D and Venus; each has different graphics/memory/CPU's. Favorite Rig is the Sli Expert. And I really admire the Ultra D for its capabilities. My hardware addiction leads me to test various CPU and NB cooling solutions; memory comparisons and so forth. I have other motherboards; Abit. ASRock and Asus, but once you go DFI its hard (at least for me) to use another brand. When the dust has cleared in 2007 over the new Conroe and AMD offerings (and when DFI has a larger selection of LP's to choose from) I will make the move to more current hardware.
  6. paulmx

    Company of Heroes

    I had to remove all sound drivers from each rig using DCPro. I manually installed the original driver for each sound card (Audigy 2Z-Audigy SE and Audigy 4) using device manager then installed the updated drivers and control panels. Problem solved I can play COH at any OC setting. After searching the net I found that the sound driver problem was a common thread with this game. Strange "quirk" to be found in 3 different rigs. EAX is enabled in all games.
  7. I have been testing and running them in my Expert. 255x11/166/1.40/ http://www.rigshowcase.com/img/257FAdnZ/7449.jpg 270x10/166/1.40/ http://www.rigshowcase.com/img/257FAdnZ/7446.jpg I am quite amazed of the performance of this RAM and it OC's over the reviewers articles. Gaming performance is smooth. No problems at all.
  8. paulmx

    Company of Heroes

    It appears all 3 are stable from all the benchmarking . But I have been playing all weekend on the settings I posted without any problems at all. However I have lost interest in the game because of the "Three Stooges" AI one Sherman tank and five Rangers take almost a minute to eleminate one German Officer (artillery spotter) who keeps bouncing around shooting with a Luger and even dived under the tank LOL.
  9. Expert HR-05-SLI. Venus Vantec Copper Ultra D HR-05-SLI. Choice was made based on the length of the graphics card. Vantec copper fits between the SLi config. On the Ultra D I moved the card to the lower slot.
  10. The two free- virus software listed in the title is what I am using for my game rigs. I have tested them in the work environment as well with excellent results. Best
  11. DFI Lanparty Expert SLi FEAR maximum Expert FEAR minimum Expert
  12. The most interesting thing that we discovered opening this power supply is that Zalman ZM600-HP and OCZ GameXstream 700 W are internally the same power supply, manufactured by FSP, using exactly the same components. Both use a 120-mm fan on their bottom, have high-efficiency, have active PFC using three MOSFET transistors (while the usual is using only two) and carry a three-year warranty. There are some differences, though. OCZ GameXstream 700 W does not provide a modular cabling system, while Zalman ZM600-HP does. Also the model from OCZ has a voltage regulator integrated circuit used as protection on its output, circuit not found on Zalman’s. And Zalman’s unit has a heatsink with heat-pipe on its secondary, while OCZ uses a L-shaped heatsink connected to the power supply housing, using it to dissipate the heat produced by the secondary rectifiers. While the gauge of all main wires is the same on both power supplies (18 AWG), on OCZ GameXstream the +12 V (yellow) wires on the motherboard cables are 16 AWG, which can explain the higher current capability found on OCZ’s model. While all components on both power supplies are exactly the same, the main rectifying bridges used on Zalman’s is one step above the ones used on OCZ’s (GBU606 vs. GBU605). While both components are basically the same, the bridges used on Zalman’s can handle a higher voltage. Why OCZ model is labeled 700 W and Zalman’s is labeled 600 W is still a mystery to us, as they use the same circuit. The difference is on the +12 V outputs, and this difference could be explained by the use of thicker +12 V wires on GameXstream 700 W motherboard connectors. source http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/402/8 David Hammock suggested I write a review on this product. I am not an expert in this area and this will just be a "users" opinion and I trust I can do so without any controversy. Zalman has joined the ranks of Mushkin and Corsair in a growing market of company expansion into products related to their existing customer base. Their PSU offering is made OEM for them by FSP in mainland China. I obtained the PSU through a friend of mine who went to the factory and picked one up for me, I paid about $140.00 US tax inlcuded(I have seen $159.00 on the net). They appeared in the US market this month. The packaging is simple enough and comes with all the modular plugs required for any system and I found that they connected firmly into place. The main power connectors, PCIE express are not modular and 2-4 power cables can be combined to form an12V CPU. Five velcro wire straps are included. I was impressed by the overall quality of the PSU and matte finish of the case. The cooling radiator which can seen from the back is quite an innovation on their part and results in a very quiet PSU, the single fan is almost impossible to hear and the LED accent lighting is above the fan instead of the usual location in the fan construction itself. This provides a low accent light and is not as prominent and the other LED fans FSP places in the other PSU's they make. Notably they did not inlcude a "Ring Core" to prevent electromagnetic pulses leaking from the power supply to appliances that are being attached to the same power source such as an AC wall plug. http://www.rigshowcase.com/img/257FAdnZ/7454.jpg http://www.rigshowcase.com/img/257FAdnZ/7451.jpg http://www.rigshowcase.com/img/257FAdnZ/7455.jpg From the images attached many of you can appreciate the quality of parts used. [ATTACH]5372[/ATTACH] Since I have not mastered the use of a PSU tester at this time my results are based using Everest 3.50, Speed Fan and OCCT. I used my signature rig DFI SLi Expert as test platform. I ran an OCCT "Torture Test" 255FSBx11 1.40V with the 2GB Geil Value Ram 2.8V. During the test I browsed the web, kept Everest open and started a DVD burn file with Nero. The 12V+ rippled .07 or .57% during the 30 minute test. The +5v rippled .02. I experienced no problems at all. For real world testing I played BF2 and Company of Heroes with the same ripple results. No BSOD's or any other problems occurred during use. Overall I fully satisfied with this PSU and Zalman has scored again with a great product. I look forward to when David or JohnnyGuru publish their results on the same unit. If requested I can link my initial build images. Okay David! I assume I followed the forum rules in this post and used the appropriate method to insert the links. Moderators feel free to edit.
  13. It was not until I searched "non prest mode" that I found results that provided clues to the problem. From my experience with Galaxy cards that have dual bios and actually display the bios on start up. I then wrote to Asus about the Bios of the card and although they will not recommend flashing they suggested but would not confirm that their bios has problems with Nvidia current Nvidia drivers, perhaps this is unique in my situation and as I stated it was the first production skew and might have never reached the US and thus no posts on this situation. I did not provide the information before because I really did not know the cause. I read that HP and Dell have this but the users write it off as being normal. Regardless the rig works great and the 7600 GT's are great gamers. In Sli I can play anything with maximum settings, but the 7900 GS and 7900 GT KO have better rendering, of course because of the pipe difference. The 7600's will benchmark higher in Future Mark 06 than a single 7900, but then that is expected. Thanks for your interest in this.
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