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  1. GolDfiNger


    pc, ps2, xbox. not sure about gamecube. be a man and get it for pc
  2. yeah, that was fun actually. The best was one of those human saw things got lodged under a sewar grate that fell on top of it, and it couldnt get out. It was sweet. Ive never seen anythiing like that in a game before, with that much realism
  3. How does the 9800pro compare to the x700 pro and x800 pro?
  4. Well i made a menu using the built in template in flash mx. It worke out well until i uploaded the page. When i preview the page in dreamweaver it shows up great, and when i open the .swf file it looks good and i see the menu. So i uploaded all my pages, the .swf .fla and .xml file to my server. The files are just named menu.swf etc. but now it does not show anything. where it is supposed to be it is just white. i can right click and change the quality of the flash elemnt and zoom in and out etc. but still nothing. http://www.tweedys2golf.netfirms.com/ that is the page, the menu is supposed to be on the left. any thoughts? im pretty new to flash
  5. thanks guys, but i have the latest version of reader installed but still nothing. the site is hosted on netfirms if you know that they may be the problem.
  6. Hi, is there any special coding i need to do to make my pdf files open up directly in the browser? as of now im just directly linking to them like i would link to a normal .htm file. i have acrobat reader on my pc so thats not the problem. any help is appreciated thank you
  7. GolDfiNger

    Call Of Duty

    did anybody else find the single player short? just started the russion missions after 2 days, i dont konw ive been playing a lot though, fun times. multiplayer is awesome though are there any good mods out yet? ive looked but didnt see any really that i heard of or anything.
  8. im playing with a ps2 controller, as is my friend. it works well i think. much better than the keyboard
  9. Hey guys, i was wondering if you can unlock an adobe reader document. Its locked to that i cannot copy and paste from it, which is all i really want to do. Any help is appreciated. Thank You
  10. im a huge dmband fan, i though the cd was good, not as good as his other, but good.
  11. yeah i got it for pc and ps2, i play the ps2 version more though becuase of ncaa and draft class importing as well. but i love it and think its awesome
  12. Wow, its been a while but i think you are maybe 75%, definately past the half way point. Im sure somebody else can give a more exact point. Max Payne 1 was definatley fun, while short, fun, and fun is what i look for in a game. If it was fun but took an hour to beat, id be very dissapointed. I was OK with it being short, but yes i would have rather it lasted longer.
  13. I know they will be delayed hopefully for the better though.
  14. Story here: HL2 Delayed Sounds like it was "stolen" stolen. For some reason when i heard stolen i thought, downloaded, or pyrited.
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