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  1. Have never messed with intel since my old p2 233 w/mmx! Currently running build below, was going to upgrade it a bit but 939 procs + ddr mem prices are retarded might as well throw together a new machine since i have money. Here's the scoop, i've been out of the loop on hardware for quite a while, not to mention my lack of intel skills. Planned on starting a build that could be upgraded a little later when ddr3 / quad prices go down. Looking for motherboard that is capable of running ddr3 in the future, overclock a bit, 2xpci-e 16x slots, able to do quad or extreme. Going to start it at E8400 Wolfdale duo(most likely), 2x1gb dominator ddr2, 8600gts 512mb. Not sure how much i want to spend, would like to keep it sub $200 but if theres one over and its worth it....i'd probably pick it up. Also had another small question about this new build.. I am unsure of the power requirements of all this new stuff. Currently got the psu listed below, should that suffice for a build such as this for starters?
  2. Squeezing a bit more out of my 939 on a budget. Opt 144 or 4000+ Clawhammer both relatively same price. Just wasn't sure after overclocking the opti how well it will perform. One main thing I'm worried about is I really want to avoid a reformat. I've heard going from just a a64 single to dual/opt is hit or miss, not sure on an opt single core though..... and have seen the instruction post (i forget who wrote it). Bumping up to 2x1gb and an 8600gt-ish card. Just wondering if dropping $60 on a mediocre 939 processor will be a noticable difference than my processor seen below Otherwise I may just forum/ebay an x2 or something, however used processors scare me.
  3. Beefing up my old 939 on a budget. Was shopping around for a 512 8600gt or a 256 8600gts (ddr3 of course) when I noticed this card It is an 8600gt 512 ddr3 with 800mhz core clock, 1600mhz memory ??? Isn't this unusual for a 8600gt series? I have only started my research a few days ago but highest core clock's i saw were like ~620ish oc'd out of the box. This a typo or true? ECS's website is terrible and I'm skittish on this brand to begin with.
  4. I have a pc-65b case...it's got a 120mm front intake
  5. hey trance, we were talking in the irc room. I popped my 2nd stick in with no problems today. I ran one 512 stick, formated/installed xp, did chipset drivers and all that jazz. Woke up, popped the 2nd stick in and it booted right up. Doubt any of my method is why it worked (I didn't even try doing two sticks until today), think it's just luck of the draw or ram problems...don't know
  6. I'm thinking about getting the 400XPR myself. I saw the jigsaw and mini-saw attachments and it looked like a winner. I've read the quality went down a bit as far as the plastic and design with them though...
  7. O_o So, what voltage is considered 'high voltage'?? Above 2.8?
  8. Just got ultra-d board and stuck a 512mb OCZ EL pc3200 in the top yellow slot...booted up all fine and in the process of installing xp now. I read that it's not supposed to work in the top yellow, but supposed to put it in the top orange. Strange, comp seems to be doing fine. So...I should put my 2x512 kit in the two orange slots instead of the two yellows for dual channel?
  9. check most any of the popular hardware review sites, most of them got their 512 gtx up in the past day or two. http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=2607
  10. How high of an overclock should I be able to obtain....These are the system specs, all of which are sitting on my floor except for the motherboard (comes tuesday). DFI NF4 Ultra-D 2x512 OCZ Enhanced Latency pc3200 (2-3-2-6) a64 3000+ Venice OCZ Powerstream 520w Sli-edition I'm curious because I have a friend who has the similar rig, he is only able to get to 2.5ghz to boot, but has to clock it down a bit in order to be stable. Should we be getting higher? Will the memory keep me down?
  11. yea this totally sucks, I ordered this mobo this morning and checked it later and saw the deal. Its free shipping too. sigh....
  12. Good to know the powerstream is still on top! Sidenote: finally a thread that is kinda sorta about the expert board and it's not deleted! Reviews shortly?
  13. just know that you have to mod the board in order to do SLI, which in turn will void your warrenty.
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