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  1. the temp is fine...avarage of 45C so its not a problem with heat as far as i know.
  2. im using onboard sound and i will go though and check all the connections.
  3. no, i am not overclocking it yet.
  4. i have a radeon 9700, p4 2.4, p4s8x. I have all the latest updates and I have win xp on my system. when i am playing a game, and sometimes not, the computer randomly restarts. when i send an error report to see what is happening it sometimes says it is a problem with "ATI", "ATI drivers", or "an unknown device driver". i have installed all the new drivers and nothing has changed. I also thought it may be the power supply and I changed it out for a new one and the problem went away for a bit and now it has come back. does anyone know what might be going on? -MadMax
  5. hey guys....haven't posted her in along time....anyways.....my freind is in need of help with his comp...he is being offerd a 9200 ati 128mb but he already has the 8500 128mb so should he take it or not because i have heard that the 9200 is very cheep and will not work well but on the other had the clock speed is faster on the 9200. here are the links to the ati descriptopns..... 9200 8500
  6. hey guys, my freinds pc is very gay. when ever he playes a game like battlefield 1942 he gets the blue screen of death and it sais "begining physical memory dump" and then it just sits there. his comp specs are. asus p4s8x 2700 ddr 512 ati 9700 wesern digital 120 gb 350w power supply please help!!!!
  7. MadMax

    Halo Video Problems!

    i had some thing of a problem like this. only when ever i tried playing it the game would just crash and give the blue screen of death saying physical memory dumnp and that i should upgrade my drivers for my video card. but they are up to date so microsoft must be on some thing, blaming my hardwar wfor there crap game.
  8. ok my mobo supports ddr, but i was wondering if i could install them both. the 266 and the 333.
  9. hey guys, ok, i have an asus p4b533 with lates bios and i have a single stick of 512 266mhtz ram in there. but next to my monitor i have a stick of corsair xms2700 512 333 mhtz. i am wondering if i could use it with the 266mhtz. and what will it do if i put it in there? i need this asap and respond only if you know what you are talking about. becouse this is vital components we are talking about here. thanxs
  10. well yeah i am not tight with the money but for 20 bucks it is a good deal. Im not gong for gaming anyways, this is for my video edditing comp. Pinicle does not like ati that much i think so i guess i will get the g2ti4200. Thanks guys.
  11. ok now i have a choice between the 9200 and the MSI Gforce4 ti 4200 128mb. So what one should i take.(still the 20 bucks.
  12. i have the ati 8500 le 128ddr and i have the oportunity to get an ati 9200 for 20 bucks its is work it and whitch one is Better.
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    sweet 16 baby lol
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    ok thanks guys. but what i don't understand is why people are so affraid of clones. did you know that human twins are more geneticly the same then dolly was to her clone. so we arent even that close so why is it allready banned. and another thing that really pisses the AAHHHHH out of me the why stem cell reserch was baned. that could save so meny people its not even funny. i feel like beeting the hell out of the guy who suggested the ban of stem cell reserch. God that mothe @#[email protected]
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