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    Win XP Pro. + SP1
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    Abit NF-7 (nforce2 chipset)
    Gainward Gf4 64MB TV-OUT/DVI
    Hitachi CM721F 19'
    Logitech Z-5300 5.1 THX
  1. Hi again! Anyways, a person, a young person wanted a computer. So I built one and now i need a good lcd monitor. Why a 15'? Well, because good 17' seem to be quite pricey and i'm sure that a 15' will do, for a young person (12y) or for a person who doesn't use a pc for gaming. The rig has a Gf4ti4200... for now, but I doubt that it will be replaced by another videocard in the near future. So then, recommend me good 15' LCD monitor!
  2. Ok, my friend is considering buying a new system but he doesn't know any good s775 mobo, because he has sold his old computer and he is considering buying a new pc (very!) soon. I have looked around a bit and I have found the Asus Socket 775 P5ND2-SLI. It has got quite a good price and some good reviews. But I think that YOU guys now something better for the price...
  3. I thank you for the quick replies and I apologise for not using the infamous "search" button.
  4. Hi guys! I need a good cooler for my 6800Ultra (pci-e) and I've looked around and most people are recommending these two but I don't know which one is better? They both have their ups-and-downs. Maybe you could shine some light? Tell me what you think is better and why? Would be very greatful!
  5. The DFI ones are good, but they lack some features that MSI or Epox have, such as SATA II for example. It's really hard to pick out a good motherboard. edit. Ok, I have chosen to order EPOX S939 NF4 ULTRA (it's got SATA2!!! B:)). Most of the reviews I have read, this and the DFI Ultra board come to first place... and since i'm not a "crazy" overclocker and prefer more simplified BIOS settings, I chose the epox board.
  6. I'm checking out the MSI K8N Diamond (great sound!) and K8N Neo4 Platinum and some DFI boards.
  7. Thank you very much guys/gals! I'll check out those motherboards that you suggested (dfi, msi, asus) and please... if anybody else has good suggestions or wants to agree with someones suggestion, then please do that. BTW, why hasn't anyone suggested epox? I heard that epox mobos deal better with memory and are easier to use than dfi (in some way). Simple and logical.
  8. LOL. I don't remember what ram i bought... but it can go up to 4000+ and even higher.
  9. Hi guys, I have bought an amd64 3500+ venice, 2x512mb ram and an nvidia 6800ultra w/ nvsilencer 5. Now all I need is a good motherboard. I know that there have been topics like this before, but I really need your help and I'm too lazy to search (sry). The price is not important, what is important: -stability -features -overclocking cabalities -emm... i don't want it to be cramped.
  10. Oh... ok. Well i'll try it again in a couple of days.
  11. Well I tried that and they only glowed for a moment while the wires were connected and they started to burn (bad smell). ps. they still work; haven't burned out.... yet
  12. Right... now if i only could understand what you just did.
  13. I've tried to plug the LED connectors everywhere... it's no use.. there's something wrong with the wires, i think. dang, it's such a shame that they don't work .
  14. Hey. I got the same case as you and I also have the same problem as you with the front LEDs. I mean i plugged them in but they still don't shine... or am I doing something wrong?
  15. Hmm... that Tsunami case looks very nice! Maybe I should buy that one. ps. thank you all for all your help
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