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    COMPUSA ATX Mid Tower Black, 450w
    ABIT VT7 Motherboard Socket 478, Dual Channel RAM
    Intel Celeron D 2.1 ghz (soon to be OC'd)
    BFG Tech Nvidia Geforce FX 5500 AGP 4x/8x
    20gb Seagate IDE Hard Drive (primary)
    40gb Seagate IDE Hard Drive
    896mb RAM
    48x/24x CD/RW Drive
    Standard CDROM Drive
    Standard Floppy Drive
    Cost: $500 (i'm 17 and jobless)

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  1. Just in case i havent explained my situation thoroughly (been posting on several threads about this, might have left something out in this one) theres 2 computers here Computer A: Emachines T1115 and all the original hardware it came with Restore CD for the T1115 (oh snap, it says this cd will only work with an emachines pc only, i never read that before......) yeah you can call me a n00b now if you want haha anyway, what i WAS trying to do, was take the hard drive out of Computer A, put in my empty seagate 40gb (intended to use in computer B (computer B is my new custom build thats not working)) use the emachines restore CD to put windows on it, then throw the hard drive back over to my new computer and try it out. Now that i know i cant do that, i feel much better about having spend $500 and its not working. What i'm gonna try to do now is put the seagate 40gb in the emachines, install linux (because for some reason the the cd drives arent working in my new comp) then swap it into my new computer, and see if that works. Then i can at least use my system if that works. Then i gotta try to find a windows install cd somewhere............. I'll keep this thread updated p.s. - for all you n00bs out there that (if its possible) are more n00bish than how i feel at the moment, PLEASE NOTE that Emachines T1115 Windows install disks binds the OS to the T1115 hardware, and i'm sure many other brand name computers w/ windows reformat/restore disk do the same thing.
  2. yeah, the windows installed on my hard drive was used in an emachines computer using the emachines windows reformat/restore disk. I took out the 56k modem, ethernet card, and left only one 512 ram stick in DIMM 1, i havent unplugged the cd drives yet, i'll try that in a little bit and see what happens i'll lookup a bootable OS cd, i have dang small linux live, i should try that, however i set the boot order as: 1.floppy 2.cdrom 3.hard drive, and tried to get into my redhat install cd's and those didnt boot either, i'll post back when i come up with anything new. This is my first time building a computer, but i consider my self very computer adept. So far i really appreciate everyone trying to help me! Thanks guys! (/girls?)
  3. I have an old emachines T1115, and it came with a restore cd to reformat and reinstall windows. It only works in that computer though, so what i did was swap out the hard drive for another one, reformatted, swapped back, and though i was all cool for installing windows on the other hard drive, but i never actually got to test if it works in another computer until today when i finally got my last part for my newly built computer. I get to where it should be loading windows and it bluescreens on me every time. I wonder if the install cd puts something on the HD that binds it to the emachines T1115's hardware.... has anyone else ever heard or experienced anything like that before?
  4. eventually i wanna just save up a good $1500 and get myself a nice rig for college, but for now i think i'm just gonna pitch up with my mom to get a pre-built system or something. I'm thinking this http://www.compusa.com/products/product_in...6317&pfp=BROWSE $800, still has space for a ram upgrade (i can use my 512 stick) and an available AGP slot (good for if i want to get a video card later on. Its cheap too, i figure we both pitch up $400, we should be able to get it or something better by the time we're ready thanks for all your input though, i'm new to forums in general, never really understood them, but i think i'm gonna try to post here @ OCC a lot more Edit: you're probably right, i'm not used to being around really high end machines so the x700 probably does look FANTASTIC to me and my friend. If it runs smooth without any chug, it looks great to me
  5. LOL seems nobody can beleive what i said about the x700 pro, but i swear i watched, and played on his computer when he was running it at max settings. He has a basic HP computer he bought from compusa i think, then he bought an extra gig of ram (totalling 1500 some) but he only has a 2.4 ghz cpu. Idk what it is but it really is running quite well for him. Also i tried the failsafe defaults and that didnt do anything either. The version of XP installed isnt what i'd call a typical installation. My old Emachines T1115 came with a xp restore cd, that i just swap hard drives in and out of to install windows on them. Maybe that could be a reason why it isnt working, like installs windows that will only work when it detects the emachines hardware..... who knows emachines is . anyway I need a job EDIT: the "celly d" was (if so) only a waste of $64.50 off newegg. I guess i should mention i'm only 17 and i dont have a job, so my budget on my computer is REALLY TIGHT. I spend under $500 on this thing. Anyway i still dont know what the hell to do to get it working.....
  6. My setup right now - Intel Celeron D Socket 478 2.1 ghz Seagate 40gb (windows xp installed) Abit VT7 Motherboard (VIA PT880 chipset) BFG Nvidia GeForce FX 5500 AGP 2 Generic CD Drives Ok i boot up my system, and i can get to the bios and change settings and everything, but i'm having a problem booting into xp. When i turn on my system, i get as far as where xp should be booting up (loading bar with the XP logo) and it bluescreens every time. If i power of, and restart and let it go, it will get to where it says, windows was not properly shut down blah blah blah.... select safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode command promt, then the other one is start windows normall, no matter what, it bluescreens. i tried my linux install CD and it wont boot to that either. I tried, in the BIOS, setting it to not stop for any error, then after the windows not properly shut down screen, it says windows could not be started because ntoskernel.dll is missing or corrupt so yeah, i dont know what to do about this, i've tried almost everything i could think of
  7. its my first time building anyway, i'm not to worry though, i feel i've done okay for myself since i dont have a job, my whole rig all together was under $500. As for the Ati x700 i was talking about, i've actually seen myself firsthand, him running Half Life 2, Guild Wars, Unreal Tournament 2k4, Tribes Vengeance, and Doom 3 all on the highest setttings without any problems. The box for the card says works best for half life 2, but from what i've seen its more than that. I trust all your judgements though, and are much appreciated. But now i have another problem with my motherboard, i probably shouldnt post about it here, but i got my new processor (celeron D 2.1 ghz) and i put it all in and its working just fine, except for one thing, i get to where it should be booting into windows (xp loading bar and logo should appear), and it bluescreens everytime. XP is installed on the hard drive, and it runs just fine in my other computer. My motherboard is an Abit VT7 by the way. I've heard mixed things about the vt7, that its extremely unstable, then i heard very reliable and stable, so ahhh whaterver..... thanks for the info about the 5500, but for around $200 or so can i get the video card you mentioned before? Or will the 5500 be at least good enough to play World Of Warcraft? (if i ever get my . pc working that is) Thanks.
  8. Alright so i got my new computer parts a while ago, and i thought i could re-use an old celeron processor, cant its old and shot, anyway, i got a BFG Nvidia Geforce Fx 5500 for $150 (its cost at the time of purchase) and i'm wondering if its any good. ALSO, if anyone knows, my friend just got an Ati Radeon x700 PRO (agp 4x/8x) And its really . good, it runs half life 2 at max perfectly, doom 3 at highest very well, guild wars perfectly, everquset 2 on high settings very well, and lots of other games very well. If anyone can tell me what my card would be compared to his, i'd be very thankful, and you would have my boomstick
  9. Asus Vento Everyone's probably seen this already, but I came across this a couple days ago and i think its badass! Maybe its just me. I'm looking for some cool cases, anyone want to post some of their favorites?
  10. Just wondering if anyone could find or write me up a small php script that will check a directory for image files, and automatically put thumnails of each image on the page, doesnt have to be real fancy, i can make it look better later, but i'm just wondering if someone was willing to help me out because my php knowledge = 0. Thanks!
  11. I was thinking of putting together a linux server myself actually. Was either going to have it on an xbox or just build a cheap linux box that i can upgrade later. I've tried Red Hat 9. but thats about it. I like it so far but i hear it can be hell sometimes. I'm just tired of having my site on a free service w/ google adsense. My problem is that i have verizon dsl (no router yet) and they block port 80, which sucks. I guess this doesnt really have to do with linux but i'll just get to the point. What distro should i get for my server? Oh yeah here's my site if anyone want to take a look at it. http://xinux.125mb.com
  12. i thought of an interesting idea about using 2 monitors, i think it would be cool to to hook up 2 monitors, and have a USB mouse and keyboard hooked up so you can operate on your desktop on one screen while gaming on the other. This idea is certainly a long-shot, but what if it were possible? Sure your comp would lag a bit, but you could gaming and chat on aim on the other screen.
  13. I bought an ABIT VT7 motherboard, i like what i seen of it, havent got to run on it yet because i still need some parts, however, i can save some money and use this old 1.7ghz celeron cpu in an old computer, but i'm not sure if the Vt7 supports it, they are both socket 478, everyting goes together, but i heard somewhere the VT7 only supports northwood. Then i checked the ABIT site and they say they support the "latest Intel
  14. lemme know how that goes, i'm interested in SUSE as well
  15. Personally i think something like this is sweet. A bit pricey though, $130 last i checked. Looks like an alienware case! I'm sure an experienced case modder could do all sorts of nifty trick outs on it.
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