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    Antec Super lanboy
    -2x Antec 120mm blue fans
    -Front bezel modified for fan controller and cathode on/off switch
    -Temperatures and fans monitored by Cooler Master Musketeer
    -Miscellaneous/Power cables arranged & sleeved
    -Round IDE cables attached to WD2000 and floppy drive
    -Blue CCFL added for effect

    DFI Lanparty Nforce II Ultra B
    -MOSFETs & Bare chipsets cooled via OCZ Copper heatsinks
    -North bridge cooled via Zalman ZM-NB47J heatsink
    -Arctic Silver 5 applied to North bridge
    -South Bridge cooled via OCZ Aluminum heatsink
    -MB monitored via 4 Diagnostic LEDs

    AMD Athlon XP 2500+
    -Arctic Silver 5 applied to CPU die
    -Gigabyte 3D cooler Pro HSF
    -Fan speed control via front bezel 1200RPM-4800RPM
    -Overclocked to 2100 GHz 400MHz FSB

    1024 MB PC3200 OCZ Platinum Dual Channel Enhanced Latency RAM
    -Cooled via Platinum heat spreaders

    eVGA e-Geforce 6600 GT 128MB AGP
    -Arctic Silver 5 applied to HSI and GPU
    -GPU Cooled via Zalman VF700-CU FHS
    -RAM cooled via Zalman VGA Ram heatsinks(modified to fit FHS)

    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum

    2x Western Digital WD360 Raptor 10000RPM 36GB SATA HDs on RAID 0(Main)

    Western Digital WD2000 200GB HD(Storage)

    Antec Trueblue 480w PSU


    LG Flatron L1720P
    -Ergotron Neo-flex arm
    -Antec Exterior Neon light

    Saitek Gaming keyboard

    Logitech MX1000

    Avermedia TVbox 9

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    Travelling, Swimming, Cooking, Gaming, Modding.
  1. modboy84

    Gw Or Wow

    I play both GW and WoW. GW has it's own perks. We've already mentioned one being it's free. 2 It's absolutely beautiful. for a game to have a good replay value and sweet visuals, to me is a catch. The first time I played GW I was expecting something more. At first GW is fun. As you get to about level 10-15 with your character is starts to slow down quite a bit. Then WoW is a given. First of all it's made by a reliable company that we all know and trust. I'll be honest. I have only been playing the 2 games for a week so i'm just going on first impressions. I really like them both to be honest. WoW is more addictive though and has quite a few more things to do.
  2. modboy84

    Just Got Guild Wars

    i was just just playing it. i created a guild just because i could. yeah i wouldn't mind playing with people from occ.
  3. modboy84

    Just Got Guild Wars

    I play it. it's pretty sweet. my char. is now a W/R10... how far are you?
  4. modboy84

    Jen and Phil a long time ago.

    lol thanks. try convincing her that she is! she somehow sees herself as someone totally different in a negative way.
  5. modboy84


    I'm not very photogenic
  6. modboy84

    How Would I Oc A Amd Xp 3200+

    I think it's 11x200. I Overclocked my 2500 to 3200 and the BIOS recognized it as a 3200 when using that multiplier.
  7. modboy84

    3rd Party Drivers For Sb Audigy 2 Zs Platinum

    I'll give these drivers a try if they work i'll be back praising you! ... do they allow digital surround to an external receiver?
  8. modboy84

    Save Games In Nfsu2

  9. modboy84

    Save Games In Nfsu2

    Does anyone know where i can locate the savegames for Need for speed underground 2? i need to transfer from my laptop to my desktop.
  10. modboy84

    How Old Are You?

    I'm 21, it doesn't make a difference though. I live in Canada. I would have thought the average age would be alot higher.
  11. I have been scouring the net for a site that holds any drivers for the sound blaster audigy 2 zs platinum that will enable me to get surround thru the digital output on the card. I have surround sound but i just can't get games to work off of the digital output. does anyone know if you can get some 3rd party drivers that will enable me to do this?
  12. modboy84

    3rd Party Firmware For Wrt54gs

    well I just use the word hack loosely. i mean 3rd party sounds nicer. but yes. i think there are firmware upgrades that actually enhance the performance of QoS and range 'apparently'. that's why i'm wondering. yes i have heard of linksysinfo are they any good? reliable?
  13. Now where is a good REALIABLE site at which I can find a good hacked firmware for the Linksys WRT54GS Router?
  14. modboy84

    Modboy84's Pics