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  1. i have got some major pc problems that have me completely stumped. i have got a computer that keeps frezzing, know its not a program freezing because i close all the progs running and when it freezes it just coms to a complete stop. usuall always when i am burning a cd, or playing a video or mp3 file. i have removed all the exspansion cards and still it continues the pc, i have practically bareboned it and now i am stumped. it has integrated audio but an external video card. the problem started very shortly after i installed a new network cad, but this dosent sound like something a network would cause plus i have uninstalled the NIC completely and removed it and i still have this problem i am possibly thinking it may have been or be a display problem with the video card but all processor usage comes to a sop so that eliminates that idea. the only thing left that it could possible seem to be is something wrong with the motherboard and one of its integrated parts, or the processor. It is NOT software the machine has been refomatted and reinstalled several times and i still have the same problem PLEASE HELP!